Chapter 6

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"Mama, can we go now?" Tenshi asked for the hundredth time today, tugging on my fishnet leggings. I sighed and patted her absently on her head, "I'm sorry, Tenshi. I still have work to do. Sometime later." I would make Reiko take her to the Sakura Festival, but he was gone on a mission. She pouted, "But you said that two hours ago!" She whined and I sighed, wondering why she was being so terrible. Usually she was a sweetheart. I looked down at her, "Tenshi, I already told you. This is more important then the festival. We'll go this evening."

My daughter sat down where she was and crossed her arms, grumbling incoherent things under her breath. I rolled my eyes, she was too much like Reiko. I sat back and let out a breath, it was close to noon, I had been up since five trying to finish the hospital paperwork. Tenshi had woken up sometime after that, and had been pestering me since then.

The door banged open, "Hey! What are you still doing here?! Do you plan to waste away in this stuffy little house?" Shisui shouted. Tenshi squealed and ran towards the door, disappearing from my sight, "Shisui-oji! Make Otou-san take me to the Festival!" I shouted, "Tenshi, stop ordering people around and behave, or we're not going at all!" Shisui expertly carried my daughter back into the room, "Sorry, sweetheart, but I'm not upsetting your mother, she's scary." I rolled my eyes and he laughed, "Come on, Kitty, everyone's already at the Festival. Is it so hard to actually stop working on your day off?"

I scowled at him, "I have things to do, you know that." It was Shisui's turn to roll his eyes, "No, you're just a workaholic. Ever since you took over the Recovery Unit at the hospital it's been work, work, work. You don't even do acrobats anymore!" Tenshi scrunched her face in confusion, "What's 'Robats?" Shisui hugged her closer, "It's bending your body artfully to show off your flexablity." Tenshi tilted her head, "That's stupid." My best friend laughed, "Yeah, it is." I sighed, if there was one person who spoiled Tenshi more than Reiko did, it was Shisui.

I sat up, an idea suddening occuring to me, "Hey Shisui, why don't you take Tenshi to the-" My friend scowled at me, something so rare that I acutally stopped talking, "No, All of us think you're getting to be a little unhealthy. So they sent me to pry you out of this hole and have a good time." I frowned and ticked off my fingers, "The last time I had 'fun', you left me stranded at the Fire Festival, I accidently broke someone's arm, and sprained my ankle. I. Am. Not. Going." Shisui retaliated, "You found Itachi, so you weren't alone most of the time, the person broke his own stupid arm, he shouldn't have climbed onto the stage while you were performing, and that happens to everyone at least once. You. Are. Going. End of story."

We glared at each other for a good minute until Hana came in, "Geez Shisui, Ino said that if you couldn't convince her just throw her over your shoulder and carry her there. Stop arguing." I stared at my friend's girlfriend then back at Shisui, who was grinning evilly. "You know I completely forgot about that. Hana grab Tenshi."


"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I shouted at Shisui, running after him as he dodged through the crowd, laughing his head off. "Oh come on, Kitty, did you say you were feeling a little hot?" He asked as he darted around a couple looking very bewildered. I growled, "That wasn't an invitation to dump a bucket of ice over me." He grinned, "I'm getting back at you for pouring that water on me at the Fire Festival." I seethed, "That was Itachi!" Shisui gave me a look, "Like I'm really going to retaliate against him! First of all, he's the head of my clan now; second it's Itachi. Need I say more?"

"Yeah, 'I'm sorry' would be nice!" I retorted, Shisui only laughed again and rounded around a corner out of my sight. A girlish scream soon followed. Sighing I walked around the corner to see Shisui on the ground, wincing in pain, while a girl sprawled in the mud and her companion looked on bewildered. "Shisui!" The girl snapped, shooting upright, mud clinging to her blonde hair. I nearly laughed. My friend grimanced and said, "Well if it isn't the Slut of the Century. Hey Yakkaina."

The woman turned red in the face and scrambled to her feet, towering of the still sitting Uchiha, "Now look here, Shisui, I-" I couldn't help but finished for her, "Was stupid enough to cheat on Itachi-sama? Even better, be so obvious that you were caught by him?" Yakkaina spun on me, "You stay out of this, I wasn't talking to you." I shrugged and looked away, I didn't care about her. She was a plague on the Uchiha clan, not my problem.

Shisui finally stood and looked her companion up and down, "You better watch her, she's known for being a backstabbing bi... well, that's a too nice of a word to describe her." Yakkaina looked like she was about to explode, "Shisui! I demand you to take that back." Shisui, uncommonly angry, got up in her face and snarled, "You are in no postision to order me around, slut." Before Yakkaina could say anything, Shisui added, "You were the one stupid enough to cheat on my cousin, it's your own fault he dumped you like a sack of dirt. You're no longer protected by Itachi, so don't think for one second that I won't kick your ass into next week if you so much as take a superior tone with me, got it bitch?" For a moment, even I was scared of Shisui. I had never seen him so angry, not even when Itachi told him about the scandel in the first place.

I had to break this up before it turned even more ugly than it already was, I grabbed Shisui's arm, "While it's been fun trashing you, Yakkaina, I have to find my daughter. Hopefully we'll never meet again!" I said in false cheer as I pulled Shisui back out on the street. After Itachi's ex-girlfriend was of sight, Shisui finally relaxed. He caught me looking at him and chuckled a little sheepishly, "Sorry, she just gets on my nerves." I made a face, "I can see that." I said sarcastically. To say she got on his nerves was to say that Naruto was as quiet as Hinata.

Hana, who was in charge of Tenshi until I finished killing her boyfriend ran up to us, eyes wide with panic. I looked around her, but I couldn't find my blind daughter anywhere. Cautiously I turned to the older woman, who was talking frantically to Shisui as he tried to calm her down. "Hana... where's Tenshi?" I asked cautiously. The Inuzuka woman nearly burst into tears, "I'm so sorry, Tora, one minute she was holding my hand talking my ear off, the next..." She turned her face into Shisui's chest as her shoulders shook with silent sobs. Suddenly I couldn't breath. My blind four year old daughter was lost in one of the largest festivals Konoha hosted. Shisui took over when he saw I wasn't able to, "Hana and I will go look this way. You head that way, just in case." He said, pointing down the road towards the food stands. I didn't say anything, I took off running.

~POV change~

After Tora disappeared, Hana pulled back, grinning widly, "Think it will work?" Shisui smirked, "Tora would thank her own father if he was the one that 'found' Tenshi wondering around the festival. Of course it will work." Hana rubbed her hands together, her smile taking on a more evil turn, "Good. It's time that girl has a man in her life." They both laughed, yes it was definatly time.


Evil, I know, but I just couldn't help it!

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