Chapter 7

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"Tenshi!" I called, trying to push unsuccessfuly through the crowd. I reached out at random people, asking if they had seen a blind four-year old wondering around. Most gave me strange looks, but very seldom did someone point farther down the street. I groaned when another old woman stuggled out of my grip, claiming she didn't know what I was talking about. I was the worst mother on the planet! I just had to go after Shisui instead of just letting my anger go and staying with Tenshi. I sat down, my fingers digging into my long black hair as I tried to keep my panic down, I only hoped that no one stole her.

Someone touched my shoulder, I jerked back surprised to see a kindly old grandfatherly man smiling down at me, his eyes hidden beneath smile wrinkles, "I couldn't help but notice you were looking for a blind four year old..." He started. I shot to my feet, "Do you know where she is?!" The man chuckled as if I was an excited young girl begging for something. In a way I was, but I really didn't care. He jerked his thumb to a resturant across the street, "You'll find the tyke in there. She's quite a lovely little girl, you should be proud." "Thank you!" I said before darting into the building he pointed out.

I snagged a waitress, "Excuse me, but do you know if a blind four year old came in here?" The woman took one look at my scarred face and turned pale. "I-I... uhh..." I narrowed my eyes, of course the one person I grabbed had to be one of the people still scared of me. She pointed a shaking finger back out of the resturant, "Th-They just left." I groaned and thanked her before running back out in the street. I swear if I ever found Tenshi again I was going to tie her to a pole and never let her leave my sight again!

Glancing around I saw only strangers. Hissing cursed under my breath I asked if any of them had seen Tenshi. One man selling wooden dolls nodded, "Little girl about knee high, black hair? Yeah, they went that way." He said pointing back the way I came. I nearly screamed in fustration, if this was Shisui's doing I was going to strangle him! Following the flow of people, I begged for information from sellers and vendors, they all said they had seen Tenshi heading for Konoha gates. If she got outside I knew I would never see her again. Using my acrobatic skill, I managed to climb to the roofs, keeping an eye on the river of people for a little black haired girl.

When I reached the gate I asked the shinobi in charge if they had seen Tenshi, they only looked at me confused. Without saying thank you I spun and began making my way back up the street, maybe I would run into her sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. I came to an intersection of two main highways and thought I saw a glimpse of black hair flicking around the corner. "Tenshi!" I called, but no one answered. Growling I shoved my way through the crowd until I came to the street. Nothing but more people, I felt close to tears. Grabbing the nearest person I asked, "Did a little blind girl come this way?" The woman looked confused, "No blonde girl passed me." I pressed my fingers to my forehead, trying to keep my temper down, "No, blind! She can't see?" "Then why is she walking without help?" The woman asked even more confused. I turned away, "Oh forget it!" I snapped over my shoulder and stalked down the street, calling my daughter's name.

The sun was setting, I had been wondering around Konoha for hours, trying to find my lost daughter. Almost everyone now silently pointed the way, news had spread that I was searching for Tenshi. So why did someone just bring her to me? "I think I saw her going that way. I'm not sure, but I distictly remember a man and little girl walking that way. The man might have had dark hair though, or maybe it was the girl. Coulda been both, I guess." An old woman babbled, standing in her doorway, a toddler clinging to her leg. I was guessing he was her grandson. I nodded silently and started towards the hill where the fireworks would be. I didn't know why Tenshi would want to go there, she was blind she couldn't see them.

Just before I reached the knoll someone called, "Tora." I turned to see Itachi leaning against a stall, watching me through the crowd. I turned to ask him if he had seen Tenshi when a small voice rose up, "Mama's here?" My eyes rivited to a small dark haired girl clinging a doll to her chest, looking in the general direction of Itachi. "TENSHI!" I screamed and ran for her, scooping my daughter up in my arms and holding her tight against me.

A tiny hand, slightly damp, ran down my face, stubby fingers gently touching my scars, "Mama." Tenshi sighed, pressing her face into my shoulder. I hugged her even tighter as I sent a look of gratitiude towards Itachi, whose small smile made my heart suddenly and inexpiclably jump. Tenshi pulled away and showed my her doll. I blinked, that was a very expensive doll, even I couldn't afford it. I frowned at her, "Where did you get that?" Tenshi, oblivious to my glare smiled and hugged the thing closer, "Itachi-nii-san gave it too me." She leaned in closer to whipser in my ear, "I was scared, Mama, but he found me and stayed with me to help me find you."

I turned to Itachi, suddenly realizing all that he did for me. Slowly I put Tenshi down, my eyes still on the Uchiha in front of me. When Tenshi was safely on the ground I lept forward and hugged Itachi, surprising both of us, as well as the whole village probably. "Thank you." I whispered in his ear, burying my face in his warm neck. When I realized what I was doing, I jerked away. Itachi's expression of pure surprise was priceless, but I was too embarressed to laugh at him. Scooping Tenshi back up I said a quick good-bye and hurried away, almost at a run.


"YOU ONLY HUGGED HIM?!" Ruri shrieked when I told her the next day. I glared, my face still on fire. Mitsuko giggled, "From the looks of it, she probably would have fainted if she kissed him." Sakura and Ino, who were due for a shift, laughed at my outraged and very red face. I had thought Sakura would have come to my rescue, since she was kind of dating Sasuke. It wasn't official, but everyone knew they would end up together sooner of later. "You've got to remember, Tora isn't one to go around kissing people." Ino snickered, earning a deadly glare from me.

I stood before the conversation got out of hand, "Back to work before I report you." I snapped and dragged Mitsuko out of the break room. As the door shut I could hear the three girls singing rather loudly, "Tora and Itachi sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." Mitsuko giggled at my expression, "They're just teasing, Tora-sensei." I sighed, I hated that she called me 'sensei', but I couldn't get her to stop. I tried to lie, "I'm not angry." The girl smiled, "I haven't known you long, but I can tell when you're mad. You get this look in your eyes, like you really are a Tiger Demon." She gasped when she realized what she had said, "I- I'm sorry, Tora-san. P-please forgive me, I didn't know what I was saying."

I looked at her young face and, for some reason, laughed, "Don't worry about it Mitsuko, after living with a name like that for thirteen years, I've learned to ignore it. Come on, I need help today in room 209." Mitsuko grimanced, the occupant of 209 was one of the worst tempered patients in the hospital. I didn't blame her, she had shattered her left leg and hipbone two weeks ago, her old age already made her joints hurt and now she had to deal with that pain as well.

"Well it's about time you got here! Come to see if I was dead yet? Or are you just going to torture me some more with those needles of yours?" Amai snapped as we came in. Mitsuko hid behind me, suddenly shy. I just smiled at the old woman, "Good morning, Amai-sama. Is your hip any better?" The old crone scowled at me, "I bet they teach you to say that stuff. You come in, make small talk, then leave again. Never let a poor old woman like me to be alone in her pain." That was a problem with Amai, she was always contridicting herself. I bowed, "I am sorry, Amai-sama. If there is anything I could do to make you more comfortable, just let me know. However, now it is time for your pain medicine." She crossed her arms, eyeing Mitsuko pressing into my back, "Girl come here." She ordered, completly ignoring me.

Mitsuko tried crawl under my skin to escape her, but Amai wouldn't have it, "NOW girl!" Mitsuko jumped and scurried out from behind me, eyes on the floor. "Eyes up, girl. Let me have a look at you." When my young friend did, Amai almost smiled, "Well aren't you a pretty little darling. Much prettier than that Demon beside you." I only smiled, Mitsuko, however, glared at the woman, "That was uncalled for!" She blurted, then covered her mouth, violet eyes wide. Amai cackled, "So the shy girl has a backbone? And I thought you were just another brainless, spineless sap like those other girls."

I cleared my throat, bringing their attention back to me, "Now, now. There will be no name calling. Here Amai," I placed two pills in her palm, "These are for you. Is there anything you need?" Amai huffed, "Yeah, for you and the girl to leave my sight. Maybe you should jump off a cliff while you're at it." Mitsuko gasped a little, but I only smiled and motioned her out, "Of course, Amai-sama. I will be back at sundown, unless you prefer another nurse to take care of you. Someone will be in shortly to keep you occupied until dinner."

Letting out my breath I shut the door behind me, Mitsuko looked positivly livid, "How you stay so nice and calm I don't know! I wouldn't be able to stand there and let her insult me like that!" I laughed and ushered Mitsuko back down the hall, "I had three years of practice. You have to know how to react around a patient. Amai is in pain and there's nothing we can do about it, it is better to make her feel bad by getting on to her for insulting us, or better to just let her steam off?" Mitsuko crossed her arms, "I'll never learn." I smiled, "Don't worry, Mitsuko, I had to learn the hard way. I had no one to teach me." Mitsuko didn't argue with that.


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