Wyrda- Father of Dragons (Inheritance Cycle book 5)

Chapter 2: Du Skulblaka Ramr

Two months had passed since the Talita had begun its journey to the new homeland of the Dragons. Eragon was being pushed to his limits as he strived to learn everything he could from the eldunarya about important subjects of history and sciences that should broaden his knowledge and his education further and would make his task of teaching the future riders easier. The eldunarya insisted that he learned more about magical subjects that were taught only to the lead riders. Each morning he trained with Blodgharm in sword fighting and after they were done fighting, he trained at dueling with his mind with Yasmira while Fael taught him some uses of magic especially in the field of water and fire, where Eragon was especially talented. When he was done training, he would fly with Saphira for some hours exploring the land for potential destinations for the new homeland of the dragons. So far they had not found any suitable, safe place for the new Dragon city, as no location provided the necessary space and protection that were needed. Finally at the end of the day, exhausted, he would slip to his waking dreams.

Eragon was beginning to feel like the journey would never end and that they would eventually have to go back as the farther away they went the harder it would be for new dragons to reach them. He wondered again for the hundredth time wether they would ever find a place to settle and call home.

"Are you ready Shadeslayer?" Blodgharm asked bringing Eragon back from his reverie.

He had taken up position opposite from Eragon and he was waiting for Eragon to prepare himself for the duel. Eragon unsheathed Brisingr and raised his blade. He remembered Glaedr's advice and tried to understand Blodgharm and how he would attack. Before he could decide how to proceed, Blodgharm lunged forward with a vicious slice to Eragon's leg and Eragon had to step backwards in order to avoid an injury. He quickly counter attacked with a blow of his own to Blodgharms right side but he managed to block it with his sword, a loud noise emanating from the contact between the two blades. Eragon feinted toward Blodgharm's left arm but in mid stroke he changed directions and he hit Blodgharm on the shoulder lightly. Blodgharm then battered Eragon with a series of vicious blows that would have killed human in an instant but Eragon managed to block most of them although Blodgharm managed to hit him on the hip, the injury making it difficult and painful for him to move his right leg.

They fought for a long time trying to gain an advantage over each other and their swords became heavier until at last Blodgharm managed to hit Eragon on the right hand making Eragon drop his blade with a shout of pain. Eragon then leapt forward avoiding a blow and caught the sword with his left hand which was less tired and not injured and he attacked Blodgharm on his leg, the change of hands confusing Blogharm. Eragon then advanced to lift his sword at Blodgharms chest and neck.

A smile appeared on Eragon's face as it was one of the few times that he had managed to win Blodgharm. Usually their duels ended with Eragon losing or with a draw. A pain on is right arm reminded him of the injury and Eragon would have sworn it was broken. The other elves watching the duel applauded Eragon and congratulated him for his win.

"Well done Shadeslayer. I am sorry for injuring your arm. I will heal it for you" Blodgharm said and with a few words in the ancient language Eragon felt the pain disappear.

"Thank you Blodgharm." Eragon replied and turned his attention to Saphira as she landed near them. A sense of happiness and eagerness washed over him.

"What is it?" Eragon asked impatiently.

"Little one. If you and Blodgharm are done trying to chop yourselves to bits I must tell you that I believe that we have finally found what we sought. I found the perfect place for the new rider city." Saphira said excitedly and showed him a series of images.

The images showed a small valley between the two tall mountains that lied ahead of the Talita as the river passed between them, creating a small fortress which was guarded by the West and East by the mountains. In the north, Eragon could see from Saphira's memory that in the distance the river connected to a vast sea. A big smile appeared on Eragon's face as he quickly told everyone about Saphira's discovery. A loud cheer sounded by everyone on board as with renewed energy they strived to arrive at the mountains pass. Eragon climbed on his saddle and Saphira took off as they gained altitude and explored the area where the dragon city would be built. It was an enchanting view, from the top of Saphira's back as Eragon saw the fertile land, the trees that grew near the river and the enchanting view of the tall mountains, with their snow covered peaks. But most impressive of all was the large beach and the view of the calm sea, spreading until the eye could see. Eragon searched with Saphira for potential threats but he could see no one or nothing that would prevent them from settling in the area. Saphira roared her happiness to the air, the first dragon roar that would be heard in the area for the years to come, Eragon thought with a smile.

By the start of the next day, the Talita had finally travelled through the mountain pass and was in the area of the new city. The elves stopped the ship and landed in an area making camp as Eragon, Saphira and Blodgharm, Yasmira and Fael along with five more elves backtracked near the mountain pass. It was clear to the elves that if potential danger would arise, it would either travel from the north, through the sea or the south, through the pass as the mountains were too tall to pass with a vast army. As a result, it was necessary for the elves to build strong defenses in this position. The elves discussed about different possibilities, but eventually they decided to build a strong tall outpost tower that would warn of an approaching army and that could defend the dragon city in case of an attack as a first layer of defense.

After the elves took this decision, along with Eragon, they created the spells needed for the creation of the tower. Eragon proposed to help in the construction with the help of the eldunarya. The elves happily accepted, and Eragon was instructed of the spells that would be used so that he would make no mistakes that would lead to the collapse of the tower or even a fatal injury. When he was confident that he could repeat them without mistakes, he started singing in the ancient language along with the elves. The melody that was produced was heavenly according to Eragon, as the ground started shaking at first and then slowly, the rocks leapt up in the surface and the walls of the tower were slowly formed. The amount of energy needed for the spell was enormous. The stones of the tower were slowly formed into shape and then put one on top of the other, one layer of stone separated from the other with a line of mortar. The tower was grey in color and it slowly grew taller and taller. The walls were thick so that they could withstand a lot of damage and finally as the day wore on, windows and murder holes were added to the tower, as well as stairs and different levels. Finally, the tower was done and Eragon sighed with relief as he and the elves relaxed. A few of them lied on the floor exhausted. Eragon felt tired too but that did not prevent him from admiring his and the elves work as the tower now looked impressive and strong. The color of the tower had changed to bright wight, and there was a massive gate leading inside the tower, so that a dragon could fit.

Eragon wanted to rest but he needed to talk to Blodgharm about the other buildings he had planned after consulting Saphira. After a lot of thought, and with the help of the elves and the eldunarya, he decided on the list of buildings that he would need to build. The elves, with the help of Eragon created a map of where each building was to be built. This was hard work as sometimes the land was not suitable for building and so the plans of the city needed to change., but eventually the map was done and Eragon felt a relief. First in the list, was a library, where the riders could store their knowledge over the years and a meeting hall for the riders, where they could meet for important decisions regarding the order and the city. As the days passed, the elves created many buildings, among which houses, where the elves and the riders would stay and the leaders of the various races could stay if they visited.

Eragon was standing on a hill overlooking the new Dragon city, admiring the new library and houses that had been built in the space of a few days, when suddenly Blodgharm asked him.

"Shadeslayer, do you have a name for the dragon city? As Lead rider, we think it is appropriate that you decide the name." Blodgharm said and Yasmira and Fael and the other elves looked at Eragon expectantly.

Eragon stayed silent for a while as he thought of different name possibilities and consulted Saphira on the matter. He knew that the name had to be perfect, and that there would be no second chances. For a long time he stayed silent, until a name formed in his mind. Saphira nodded her head, and released a small growl and Eragon said the name of the dragon city.

"I think it should be named Du Skulblaka Ramr" (Strength-Stronghold of Dragons). He looked to the elves for their reactions and they nodded in approval, a smile appearing on their faces. It was a good name he thought. It would be a long time until the city was built but the dragons had finally settled in their "stronghold".

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