Wyrda- Father of Dragons (Inheritance Cycle book 5)

Chapter 6: Hate

King Orrin was sitting inside his room in the castle of Belatona. He was wearing his golden crown, passed down from generation to generation on top of his dark brown hair. He wore warm rich red clothes to protect him from the cold. He had left Aberon a few weeks earlier, and arrived the day before. He had his hand on his chin as he was thinking, and lightly scratched a scar he had gained on his cheek during the war with Galbatorix. As king of Surda, he was a guest for the Olympic games that would start in the following day. After many years of careful preparation and planning, Eragon's idea was finally going to become a reality. Among other things, a new giant stadium that could fit almost sixty thousand people had been built inside the city, as well as a great road leading to the stadium. Also, in preparation for the Olympic games and the many people that would attend the event, many houses had been rebuilt and decorated preparing for the celebration. The most anticipated event was the opening ceremony of the games, where the representatives of the Humans, Urgals, Elves and Dwarves would march inside the stadium.

King Orrin had attended many meetings with High Queen Nasuada to prepare for the event. He had just finished with one such tedious meeting and he felt a great hatred for Nasuada. Not only was he not treated as an equal to her position in the meetings, as Nasuada ordered him to do certain things for the preparation of the Games, such as making sure that all the guests would arrive safely and arranging their accommodations inside the city.

He could still see the sneers and ironic responses of Nasuada's vassals when he offered his opinion on some matters as if his opinion was insignificant. He had not been respected after the end of the war with Galbatorix. The Varden should be thanking the Surdans for helping them in the war, and for providing them hospitality while Galbatorix was still in power, but the Varden and Nasuada got all the glory for the victory. No one remembered the Surdans and the things they sacrificed for them to win the war. Everyone treated him like he was inferior, even Nasuada's allies, the dwarf king Orik and the elf queen, Arya. They never consulted him for important matters and only talked with High Queen Nasuada as if he did not have a say in the matters involving his own Kingdom. He had been cheated from his fair share of the spoils of war, by Nasuada. She had taken the position of High Queen and she had taken most of the important cities of the empire, leaving him only with the cities of Feinster, Melian and Furnost. Of course these cities were important but they were not as big or not as great as Dras Leona or Belatona. He felt that the Surdans deserved more than these three cities for their effort.

Finally, he did not agree with most of the policies Nasuada tried to implement, but instead of following his advice, Nasuada just ignored him and did whatever she thought was best. A fresh wave of hatred filled him for Nasuada and he needed to release it on something or someone. He grabbed his empty bottle of wine and threw it on the wall with all his might, a satisfying breaking noise being heard. Shards of glass filled the floor, but he still felt the hatred inside him. He wished the wine bottle had been Nasuada's head. That would be more satisfying he thought, and he would never again have to follow her orders or have to suffer her subject's laughs. He would make sure that they were all punished. He needed to act against Nasuada and he had known it for many years now. After very careful thought, assessing the advantages and disadvantages, he had created a plan and if all went well, the next day would see the end of Nasuada's reign and the start of his dynasty.

"How will I manage to do it though?" he wondered aloud.

A growing sense of worry filled him that if anything went wrong, then he would be forced by his enemies to abdicate the throne of Surda and he would be killed as a traitor, just as Tharros the Quick had been killed a few months before. He would never let that happen. He had to make sure that everything went according to plan.

"Norson!" he shouted to his advisor to come to his room immediately.

The door opened and Norson, along with two muscular soldiers entered the room and looked at the remains of the broken wine bottle. Norson was a tall blonde man with a short beard. He wore rich purple clothes and on his neck was a golden necklace with a gem.

"Your Highness. How can I help you?" he asked carefully. He understood that King Orrin was not in the best of moods and he had to leave the room as soon as he could.

"Is everything ready for tomorrow? Is the army in position? Remember. Speed is everything if we want to survive the war." Orrin said.

"Yes, your highness." Norson replied with a bow.

"What about what I asked you yesterday?. Did you capture the man?" King Orrin asked impatiently.

"My lord...My men and I tried to corner him but he ran and managed to escape inside the busy marketplace." Norson reported.

"I see...Do you think he knows why we are chasing him?" King Orrin asked. He felt a great annoyance and his sense of hate came back to him stronger than ever.

"No my Lord." Norson said with conviction.

"You know Norson... You have greatly disappointed me with this. You realize how important this is to me and for the plan do you not?" King Orrin asked his eyes looking straight at Norson.

"O-Ofcourse m-my lord" Norson said gulping.

" And yet, you dare show your face with empty hands! I cannot tolerate incompetence within my ranks!." he shouted and with a quick motion and before Norson could react, he grabbed his hidden knife and cut Norson's throat. Norson staggered backwards a few steps, and collapsed on the floor, a pool of blood around him.

The two soldiers that had come with him looked at his limp body.

"You!" Orrin said pointing the bloody knife at one of the soldiers. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Malik my lord". he said confidently.He was a tall muscular man with many scars. He had a tattoo of a tiger on his huge arm. He had a short black beard, and he wore a thick dark armor.

"You need to capture Farica's husband tonight. Do not disappoint me! Let Farica know that if she does not comply, her husband will be dead by tomorrow morning. And get this filth out of the room." King Orrin ordered pointing at the dead body lying in the pool of blood.

"Yes sir! Right away, sir!" Malik saluted and turned to leave the room along with his fellow soldier, dragging the dead Norson on the floor.

King Orrin was left alone in the room again. He was confident that Malik would not disappoint him. This was an important part of the plan. He imagined Nasuada imprisoned or even dead and he started to feel better. He sat on his desk, with a sigh. He had planned this for many years and this was only the first step. He waited for the return of Malik, all the while making sure his plan would work, the seconds passing agonizingly slow.

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