Felicity Continued

Chapter 2

Felicity wakes up squinting to the sunlight and putting her hand to her head. She has a terrible hangover. She looks to her side and Noel is asleep on the other side of the bed. Immediately she looks down to see she still has all her clothes on and so does he. Part of her is relieved and part is disappointed. She tries to stand up but her head throbs. She pulls herself out of bed stumbles to the
bathroom. She then splashes some cold water on her face and looks in the mirror. All she can wonder is what is she doing?

She's 32 why is she acting like a 22 year old? She definitely though looked like she'd drank last night. She walks out of the bathroom to see Noel fast asleep. She'd never actually really seen him sleep and he was even more good looking asleep. So peaceful and happy. She hadn't even told him yet about Ben and that she'd left him.
Noel wakes up to Felicity watching him.
Noel (groggily): Hey…
Felicity: Hey.
Noel: I feel like I've been run over by a dump truck.
Felicity: I share your feelings.
Noel: We didn't do anything last night right?
Felicity: No, I don't think so.
Noel: Good, that would have made a mess huh?
Felicity: (quietly) Yeah.
Noel: I should go home (pulling himself out of bed).
There was so much Felicity wanted to say and talk about. The fact that she so badly wanted to kiss him last night. There was a lot she wanted to say but
there were 2 main reasons she didn't say anything: it was too complicated to get into and she was not in any kind of mood to have to "talk."
Felicity: Will you pick me up later for the party?
Noel: Of course (seemingly upset)
Felicity: Are you okay?
Noel: Just don't feel well, I'll call you later.
Noel walks out the door and Felicity collapses back into bed with a thud.
She pulls the covers over her head and goes back to sleep.

It's 6:30 and Felicity is running late. She just barely got out of the shower and Noel would be showing up any minute. Just as she started blow drying her
hair the phone rings. Thinking it's Noel she answers the phone:

Felicity: Hey, I'm running late.
Ben: It's me.
Felicity: Oh hi.
Ben: Just wanted to say hi.
Felicity: I can't talk right now I'm running late.
Ben: Ok…
Felicity: I'll see you when I get home.
She hangs up without even saying goodbye. She feels bad for a second but then she remembers what a rush she is in again. Then there is a knock at the
door. She opens it to Noel. He looks incredibly handsome. He's got loose charcoal gray slacks on with a light gray dress shirt with a tie. She had to control the look on her face when she saw him because she was just so in awe.
Felicity: (forgetting she was running late) Noel you look…soo good.
Noel: Are you not even ready yet? (he says with his usual Noel smile)
Felicity: No I'm sorry, I've been moving really slow all day.
Noel: It's ok…we've got a little bit of time. They aren't even showing up to the party until 8.
Felicity goes back to fixing her hair.
Felicity: I can't wait to see Meghan and Sean. Are their kids going to be there?
Noel: I doubt it. But I'm sure you can see them before you leave.
Felicity: It must be so great to have kids.(looking into mirror)
Noel: How come you and Ben haven't had any?
Felicity: We are both too busy.
Noel: That's too bad.
Felicity: Well, he's already got his son so…
Noel: But having a child with you…that would be so much more (smiles) Felicity pauses and smiles at Noel into the mirror. She then comes running out into the room trying to zip up her dress but the zipper is stuck.
Noel: Want me to help you with that?
Felicity: Yeah thanks.
She stands with her back to him and he looks up her smooth bare back.
His finger for a moment grazes the lower of her back and she takes in a deep breath. He then pulls himself out of the moment and zips her up. Felicity turns to face him and there is a brief but long silence.
Noel: I'm so glad you are here.
Felicity: Me too. (smiles)

They show up at Meghan and Sean's apartment with just enough time to hide before they show up. The whole apartment is decorated in celebration. Noel
introduces Felicity to everyone she doesn't already know. Noel spends a lot of time with Sean and Meghan so he knows most of the people. Felicity gets to give a quick but big hug to Elena who is there with her boyfriend of 5 years Rick.
Noel then hurries her with him to hide behind the sofa. There are already several people behind there so they have to really huddle close together. In order
to get comfortable Noel puts his arm around her and she leans into him.
Suddenly she feels the heat rising between them. His warm breath is on the back of her neck giving her chills. Most people there are in anticipation of Meghan and Sean showing up but for Felicity it is anything but. For Felicity it's the fact that all she can think about is Noel and she hasn't felt feelings like this in a very long time. She knows that Noel is feeling just what she's feeling because his hand
is touching her hip in a way trying to tell her that he is feeling her. She turns her head back towards him and they look into each other's eyes. Their lips are inches away from each other when suddenly everyone jumps up and yells "SURPRISE!"
Felicity and Noel are caught off guard and jump up just after everyone else and it looks kind of awkward. Everyone looks at them suspiciously, especially Meghan. Then everyone runs up to them and congratulates them. Felicity and Noel look at each other and then separately walk up to Meghan and Sean.
Felicity walks right up and gives Meghan a huge hug.
Meghan: I fucking hate surprise parties. I hope this wasn't your idea.
Felicity: (laughs) No…not my idea this time.
They go to get drinks.
Felicity: So how is everything here?
Meghan: No much different other than I have 3 kids to take care of.
Felicity: (confused) I thought you only had 2 kids?
Meghan: I have 2 little children and one big kid…my husband.
Felicity laughs.
Felicity: So I can't believe you made it 10 years.
Meghan: Well you and Ben aren't so far behind.
Felicity: Yeah (quietly)
Meghan: Ok…what's going on? You never ever talk about Ben anymore and then you're acting all weird with Noel here.
Felicity: I don't know…
Meghan: Are you and Ben not doing well?
Felicity: Meghan, this is your night. Let's not talk about me.
Felicity turns away with a look on her face showing she is beyond confused. She takes a big sip of her cocktail. She looks across the room at Noel who laughing talking with Sean. Suddenly Noel's eyes met hers and they smiled at each other. What was going on between them? She had chosen Ben over Noel over and over again but she just had this pull towards Noel. She suddenly felt like she was schizophrenic or something.

Hours later the party was over and everyone was gone. Now it was just Felicity and Meghan sitting on the couch having wine catching up. Noel and Sean
were in the other room on the computer. Noel was showing him some web design he had done recently.
Meghan: I feel so bad for Noel.
Felicity: Why?
Meghan: Because he's been through so much in the last several years.
After Zoë had the Casey she just hit this huge depression and hasn't been able to get out of it. Noel has done everything he possibly could do for her. He's brought her to so many doctors and been so understanding. Now it's just gotten to the point that really she doesn't want help. I think she's in the process of moving out right now to move in with her parents.
Felicity: Oh my god. I didn't know that. What about Casey?
Meghan: Zoë wants Casey to stay with her but Noel really wants her to stay with him. It's gotten really ugly. He's a mess about it.
Felicity didn't know what to say. He'd left so much of this out with her.
She was really worried about him.

Felicity and Noel said their good-byes to Meghan and Sean then left. They decided to walk back to her hotel room. It was a warm May evening. They
walked slowly not saying much and when they did it was just about how great it was to all be together. Felicity loved how they didn't even have to talk and they still had an amazing time together.
Noel walked her up to her door and they stopped. They stood in silence for a few seconds.
Noel: About last night.
Felicity: Noel, you don't have to say anything.
Noel: I do…I didn't mean for things to get like they did last night. I didn't mean to drink so much and pass out there.
Felicity: Nothing happened…don't worry about it.
Noel: But the thing is…something did happen. For me that is.
Felicity stood there in shock.
Noel: I feel like the biggest fool on the planet but since the day I met you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. It's like you made this huge mark on my soul. And time after time you picking Ben and even marrying Ben I still think of you often. And now things aren't working out for me and it makes me wonder if I really just tried to find someone who could replace you. That sounds
terrible doesn't it? I mean I love Zoë and I always will…but when I'm around you it's like…everything. It's like I don't question anything but at the same time I question everything. And I couldn't help but wonder if you were feeling the same kinds of things last night and even if you weren't I had to get this out. My feelings are not worth losing the friendship I have with you because I can't imagine you not in my life in some way for the rest of my life. And I know this is so wrong of me since we are both married but I just had to say it.
Felicity: Noel…
Noel: Really you don't have to say anything.
Felicity: Noel…I know exactly how you feel. You just summed up for me how I've been feeling for years and especially tonight. It's like I thought things
were finished for us at the end of college. I was really happy when I married Ben but then I just found myself needing more and you were the one giving me all the rest of what I needed.
Noel: I was kind of hoping you wouldn't agree with me…it would have been a lot easier.
Felicity: Oh…
Noel: But at the same time you just made my life.
They go to hug each other passionately. His lips barely touch her neck and she'd do just about anything to be able to kiss him right there. They pull back and again look into each other. They are breathing heavily and it's taking every ounce of will power they have to not give in. Just then Noel pulls himself away, kisses her cheek and walks away.

The next morning Felicity goes over to Meghan and Sean's to say goodbye and to meet their kids. She also has coffee with Elena. She has her taxi stop just
in front of Noel's apartment for a moment as she looks up out of the window. For a brief moment she contemplates going up there but she knows it just isn't the ring time. The thing is…will it ever be?

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