Felicity Continued

Chapter 3

The flight home Felicity was deep in thought. About what was going on
between her and Noel? What was going on with her marriage? She had to start
making some decisions.

When she came home Ben had in fact mostly moved out. There were a few
boxes around. The place felt really empty and she felt unbelievably lonely there.
At the same time she almost felt at peace for a moment. Like her life was finally
There was a note on the refrigerator from Ben giving a number to where he
was staying. She didn't recognize the number. She picked up the phone and
dialed it.
Woman's Voice: Hello?
Felicity: (paused for a moment) Um…yeah…is Ben there?
Woman's Voice: Yeah…he's in the shower. Can I take a message?
Felicity: Yeah just have him call his wife.
Woman's Voice: (nervously) Oh, uh. Ok. Sure.
Felicity then hung up the phone. She was through with him. She couldn't
even remember what she ever saw in him. It seems like with him it's just been a
life of disappointments.
Felicity then went on the computer to check her email. She got an email
from Noel:
I know you just left but I wanted to say again how much I loved having
you here. Things are so hard right now and having you as a friend makes
things so much easier sometimes. I know I didn't tell you while you were here
but Zoë moved out. It wasn't even my decision but hers. She also took Casey
with her and won't let me see her right now. I hope things are going better in
Palto Alto.
Love always,
Felicity wanted to respond but she didn't know what to say. She didn't
know what to do. Though she did have to be at work in an hour so she went to
get ready.

At work her mind was somewhere else. Her mind was in New York. She
just loved New York so much and it felt like home. Going back there this past
weekend reminded her it still felt so much like home. Here, she felt alone. Just
then she realized what she had to do. She resigned from the hospital and told
them she'd give them 2 weeks notice. As she did that she realized how much
happier she felt. Like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders.
She couldn't wait until she got home. On her dinner break she made a call
on her cell phone.
Noel: Hello.
Felicity: I'm moving back to New York.
Noel: What?
Felicity: I just resigned from my position at the hospital and Ben moved
out while I was away. I'm moving back in 2 weeks.
Noel: Um…ok. Are you sure about this?
Felicity: I'm more sure about this than I've been about anything in years.
Noel: That's great! I'm happy you are moving out here. Where are you
going to live?
Felicity: Well…I haven't quite thought that far yet. Maybe Meghan and
Ben have room?
Noel: I have extra room if you need a place.
Felicity: Don't you think that will be weird? With all that's going on.
Noel: Maybe but we've been in weirder situations.
Felicity: Ok…just until I get my own place though. I can't wait to live on
my own.
Noel: I don't blame you.
Felicity hung up and went back to work feeling amazing.

The next night Felicity had dinner plans with Ben. She wanted to get
things settled. When she got there he was already sitting at a table having a beer.
Felicity: Hey.
Ben: Hey.
Felicity: How are you doing?
Felicity orders a martini.
Ben: I'm good and you?
Felicity: I'm great. I just resigned from my position at the hospital.
Ben: What? Why?
Felicity: I'm moving back to New York.
Ben: Oh (sadly)…
Felicity: Ben…you mean too much to me to be on bad terms with you. I
think we both need to accept that this is over and has been for many years.
Ben: Yeah…
Felicity: And I mean you've already moved onto another woman. I was
upset about it for a long time but I'm not anymore.
Ben: Are you moving there for Noel?
Felicity: No…I'm moving to NY for myself.
Ben: That's good. I'm happy for you.
They finish dinner and laugh and talk. Things aren't wonderful between
them but maybe way down the road they can be friends again. They had just
become different people. They'd grown in different directions; all the lovely
clichés. Though at least their marriage hadn't ended like a cliché. Maybe she was
finally doing something right with her life.

In 2 weeks she finished up everything with work which was much more of
a hassle than she thought it would be. She packed up her apartment. She even
sold her Honda Prelude because she really wouldn't need a car in NY. She felt
really bare now…but very liberated. She stood in her apartment and how it
looked so empty. She had a lot of good times in this apartment but it wasn't the
life she had wanted.
Before she knew it she was getting in a cab from the airport in New York.
Noel wanted to come and pick her up but she told him he should spend the time
with his daughter. When she arrived in New York with all her bags as she
stepped out of the cab she felt like she was a freshman again. At the front door
she rang the buzzer to Noel's apartment.
Noel (on speaker): Hello?
Felicity: I'm here!
Noel (on speaker): I'll be right down.
Next thing she knew Noel swung the front door open and took her bags
from her.
Noel: I don't know why you didn't just let me pick you up at the airport.
Felicity: Stop it. I really didn't mind just coming here by myself. I didn't
want you to have to drag Casey with you.
Noel: Casey loves going to the airport. She's an odd kid.
Felicity: (smiles) Takes after her father.
Noel: Hey! (laughs)
When they get into Noel's apartment he immediately takes her to her
room. Her room was just right and she was really happy about it. The apartment
was really nice too. As he was giving her a tour Casey came running up to
Felicity. She insisted to show Felicity what her own room looked like. Noel had a
the biggest smile she'd ever seen on his face when he saw how much Casey liked
Afterwards Noel made dinner for everyone. The 3 of them sat around the
dinner table talking for the longest time. Casey could sure go on and on forever
but Felicity adored her. At one point during dinner when Felicity and Casey got
into a long-winded talk Noel reached over and touched Felicity's hand. She
looked over at him and smiled. She was happy be to be there.

That night after Noel put Casey to bed Felicity made the 2 of them some
tea. They both sat in the living room and talked for hours.
Felicity: So is anything getting better with Zoe?
Noel: No…(sadly)I got the divorce papers today at work.
Felicity: Oh my god Noel. I'm so sorry.
Noel: It's fine. I mean…I've seen it coming for a long time. The problem is
Casey. I don't know how we'll tell her.
Felicity: Are you sure there isn't any way to work it out?
Noel: No, I'm tired and she just doesn't care anymore. (paused) How did
everything go with Ben?
Felicity: Ben is already living with this girl from the hospital Sandra.
Things ended really well for us surprisingly. I look back to when we were in
college and I can't believe I was so infatuated with him (laughs).
Noel: I've never stopped looking at you how I saw you in college. I can't
imagine I ever will.
Felicity blushes and takes a sip of her tea.
Noel: Again I'm sorry about everything at the hotel when I dropped you off
after the party. I don't know what I was doing.
Felicity: It's ok…really.
Noel: No it's not. Because I can't get involved with you right now and it's
probably best you don't with me either. I think we both need each other more as
friends now than anything.
Felicity: (disappointed) Yeah, I know.
Noel: But I'm glad to have you here. I thought it might but weird but it
really isn't.
Noel touches her knee and smiles.
Felicity smiles back at him.
Noel: Well I'm off to bed. Just shut off the light when you go to bed.
Felicity: Ok, goodnight Noel.
Noel: Good night Felicity.
Felicity stood up and walked across the room to look at all the family
pictures. There was a very sweet picture of Noel, Zoë and Casey together. They
were at a picnic and they were all smiling like everything was wonderful. How
did it get that Noel and Felicity were both suddenly getting divorces?

The next day after an interview with a hospital Felicity met Meghan for
lunch. The kids were at school so they were all by themselves.
Meghan: I can't believe you up and left Ben to move in with Noel.
Felicity: (laughs) I didn't just leave Ben and move in with Noel!
Meghan just looks at her with a smirk.
Felicity: Ok I did do that but not in the tone you are using.
Meghan: So what's going on with you and Noel?
Felicity: We are just friends (takes a bite of her sandwich)
Meghan: This is me. Remember? I don't buy all your bullshit.
Felicity: Well…there is something there. There's always been something
there. There have been a few times I thought we might kiss but we haven't.
Nothing has happened with us.
Meghan: Oh come on. I come to you for dirty details and stuff and you tell
me nothing happened. I'm trying to vicariously live through your sorted affairs.
Felicity: I'm not having an affair.
Meghan: Yeah tell me about it.
Felicity: How is Sean? And the kids?
Meghan: You know that Noel is still madly in love with you right?
Felicity: Can't we ever have a conversation where it's about something
other than Noel and me?
Meghan: Yeah in what world?
They both laugh.

When Felicity came back to the apartment later the door was open and
people were moving stuff out.
Felicity: What's going on?
Zoe's father: We are moving all of Zoe and Casey's stuff out. You must be
Feeling ashamed by how he said that she barely squeaked out with a yes.
Just then Zoe came around the corner. Her hair was a mess like she hadn't
showered in days and she was in sweatpants that appeared she lived in.
Zoe: (coldly) Hi Felicity.
Felicity: Hi Zoe. What's going on?
Zoe: So far the courts said I could have Casey live with me.
Felicity: Does Noel know about this?
Zoe: Yes, he's at his lawyer's office right now.
Felicity: (worried) Oh…
Zoe: So, pretty convenient that both you and Noel's marriages are ending
huh? I had always expected you'd try to take Noel away again.
Felicity: (offended) Zoe…
Zoe: You just refuse to let him go.
Zoe turned around and walked out the door with a box of stuff. Soon
everyone was gone. Felicity couldn't help but feel terrible. To the outside world
it did seem like it was her fault. Like her marriage fell apart so as always she ran
to Noel. But to her that wasn't what it was. Noel was an amazing friend of hers.
But who was she kidding? She did still have feelings for him…feelings she would
never be able to explain to anyone.

Noel didn't come home until late and he looked terrible when he walked in
the door. Felicity was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. She stood up
immediately when he came in the door and ran towards him.
Felicity: Are you ok?
Noel: No…Zoe moved Casey out entirely (he said obviously upset)
Felicity: I know…I showed up here when they were moving the stuff out.
Noel: Oh god, did you run into Zoe?
Felicity: Yeah I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Noel: No, I just feel bad because I'm sure she didn't say the nicest things to
Felicity: Nothing I haven't had said to me before (she said to get him to
Noel had a faint smile.
Noel: I just can't believe Casey is gone and I can't believe Zoe is using her
against me. I can't lose her.
Felicity was genuinely touched at how truly upset he was about the whole
thing. She knew in her heart that Noel would make such a great father and he
has. Noel went and sat down on the couch and Felicity followed him. Though
instead she went behind him and started giving his shoulders a little of a
massage. He leaned his head back with his eyes closed enjoying it.
Felicity: Is there anything I can do?
Noel turned around and looked up at her. His eyes were like calm waters
just inviting her in. He reached out his hand and took hold of hers. Felicity sat
down next to him and kept looking down at her hand as he stroked it. He then
started crying, not hysterically but quietly. She didn't know what to do. She then
got up and had him lie down on the couch. He right then pulled her down with
him and spooned her on the couch. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled
her as close as possible to him. His body felt so warm and inviting.
Then as if everything weren't intense enough she heard him whisper
something. She wasn't sure but she thinks he said I love you.

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