Felicity Continued

Chapter 5

Things had been busy for a while so Felicity and Noel didn't get much time to spend together. She was working late shifts while he was working during the day. Still though they'd leave each other notes on the dry erase board on the refrigerator. Cute notes with a hint of flirting that had her smiling everyday. That was something that Noel was always good for, making Felicity smile.

Though she realized no matter how much she wanted things to work with Noel she still needed to get her own apartment. She finally had the day off and she took the opportunity to look at an apartment. She must have looked at 11 different apartments all day when she finally found one that she fell in love with.

As she walked in she knew immediately it was meant for her. All hardwood floors, high ceilings, and plenty of open space. Also it had tons of sunlight pooring through the windows and it was close enough to work that she could just take one T ride. The price was a little steep for her but she figured that it would be worth it in the long run. After she signed the lease on the apartment she met Elena for lunch.

"So you finally found a place?" Elena said taking a sip of her Coke.

"Oh yeah, it's amazing," Felicity said pulling her hair out of her face into a pony tail in the back, "it screams my name."

"Has Noel been screaming your name as well?" Elena said with a smirk.

"Elena!" Felicity said throwing a rolled up napkin at her and laughing.

"You are seriously telling me you guys haven't boned each other yet?"

"Elena! You'd think in your thirties you'd have grown up a bit," Felicity said taking a bite of her salad.

"Of course not," she said with a smile, "so I'm taking that as a no."

"No, Noel and I kissed but nothing else. We haven't even seen each other much in weeks now."

"Have you heard from Ben at all?"

"Just his lawyer," Felicity said sadly, "I don't understand how I could have gotten my life so wrong?"

"Everything happens for a reason Felicity. I think maybe you were supposed to be with Ben so it could lead you to Noel when you were ready."

The waiter came by and gave them their bill.

"So I was supposed to fall in love with Ben, marry Ben and then realize that I had been in love with Noel all along?" Felicity said confused.

"I never said your life made any sense. I just said that you are where you are right now for a reason. How do you feel about Noel?" she asked stirring her straw in her glass.

"When I look at him I can't imagine what I was thinking being with anyone else. When I think about him I want to cry for all the years I missed being with him," Felicity said softly looking into her glass.

"Then that's all you need to know," Elena said with a smile to her and Felicity smiled back.

When Felicity got back to the apartment Noel still wasn't home. She decided to start packing everything up since she was hoping to move in this coming weekend. Felicity was trying to pull a box down from a high shelf in her closet but lost her balance but Noel showed up just in time to catch her. She turned around to look up at him and was greeted with the biggest smile ever.

"Hey," he said as she put the box down.

"Hey you," she said blushing and stepping out of his arms to continue packing.

"What are you doing?" he asked sitting down on the edge of her bed.

"Oh yeah, I found an apartment," Felicity said excited.

"Oh really?" Noel said notably disappointed.

"Are you upset?" Felicity asked.

"No no, this is great. I know you've always wanted to live on your own. I'm so happy for you," he said giving her a hug, "I'm just going to miss having you around."

"Yeah we've both been pretty busy lately huh?"

"Yeah...so how's the apartment?" he asked helping her tape up some boxes.

"It's great Noel. You are going to love it."

"When can I see it?"

"When you help me move in this weekend," she said with a smirk.

"Oh I see how it is," he said as he started heading out the door, "I have some things I have to work on. Did you want to order in?"

"Sounds good," Felicity said as he walked out of the room.

"Oh you got some mail," Noel yelled from the other room.

"Thanks!" she yelled back.

She went and got the envelope. When she opened it she realized that it was her divorce papers from Ben. She sat down on her bed because it overwhelmed her more than she thought. She looked down at her wedding ring still on her finger. She wasn't quite sure why she hadn't taken it off yet but she still didn't feel right.

Noel stepped into her room to say something but realized Felicity was upset.

"What is it?" he asked sitting down next to her.

"It's done," Felicity said staring at the letter, "my marriage is over."

Noel just put his hand on her leg and let her sit with him in silence for a little bit.

"What do you say we get some Ben & Jerry's and watch Tommy Boy?" he asked trying to get a smile on her and it worked.

"Yeah that sounds perfect."

They watched the movie and each ate an entire pint of ice cream. They laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt by the end of the movie. Felicity curled up next to Noel and let his warmth flow through her.

"It's all going to be ok you know?" he said running his fingers through her hair.

"How do you know?" she asked starting to feel sad again.

He then turned her face up towards his and looked her deep into her eyes.

"Because we're going to get through this together. We are both going through divorces now and we'll carry each other," he said as she almost wanted to cry but for different reasons.

"Do you think everything happens for a reason?" Felicity asked as she lay her head back on his chest.

"How else would you explain everything?" he said as she could feel the vibrating through his chest into her skin. She could feel everything about him.

After a few minutes Felicity and Noel went off to bed in their separate bedrooms. As Felicity curled up in bed and turned off the lights she realized that things really were going to be ok. She was divorced but it was only another stage in her life. She had a chance to finally do everything right. With that she slid her wedding ring off her finger and placed it in the bedside drawer. Then she went to sleep.

Saturday Noel helped her move into her apartment all day. Over the week she had bought a lot of the furniture she wanted and she was so excited to be on her own. Sean also came by for a while to help them move but mostly he kept trying to give them advice and eventually she sent him home. By 7:00 pm they were finally finished and exhausted.

"I'm starving," Felicity said as she collapsed on her couch.

"Food," was all Noel said as he lay down on the floor.

"Let's shower up and then have dinner," Felicity said as she showed Noel where the towels were.

When Noel was done he came walking out into the living room dripping wet in a towel. She was stunned at how gorgeous he looked and her mouth must have dropped wide open.

"What?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh um, nothing," Felicity said.

"I just wanted to ask you where the mouthwash was?" he asked folding his arms obviously cold.

"Oh yeah," she said flustered going to one of the boxes and taking it out. She handed it to him as she blushed uncontrollably.

"I'm going to go get dressed," he said with a smile and went back to the bathroom.

Next Felicity took a shower and all she could think about was how Noel was in the other room. She was going to miss him not being around more but she knew she'd see him in most of her free time.

When Felicity walked out of the bathroom fully clothed she saw a flickering in the living room. As she walked into the living room she realized he had setup a picnic in candlelight. There was even Chinese food waiting.

"Oh Noel," she said in shock.

"Hungry?" he said walking out of the kitchen and sitting on the ground.

"Definitely," she said sitting down with him.

She then realized he'd setup her stereo and the CD of Sarah McLauchlan was playing. The song Possession was playing which couldn't be more perfect:

And I would be the one
to hold you down
kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away
and after, I'd wipe away the tears
just close your eyes.

They talked and laughed as they ate dinner but then Noel paused in thought for a moment.

"Felicity, can I talk to you about something?" he asked as he picked up his glass of wine.

"Yeah sure," she said putting down her lo mein.

"There has obviously been something going on between us..."

Felicity smiled as he said that.

"...but," he continued, "there are so many reasons we shouldn't start anything again."

Felicity hadn't been expecting that at all.

"Why do you say that?" she asked pulling up her knees and wrapping her arms around them.

"Well because you only just got divorced and I'm in the process of getting divorced. Because neither of us have the energy or time for a relationship. Because I don't want to lose our friendship because it means so much to me..." he said pausing.


"And I won't be Ben's second choice. If there is one thing I learned from all of this is that you come to me when you can't have Ben and then you go back to Ben. I deserve so much better than that and for the longest time I didn't think so. I was also and still am so madly in love with you I couldn't see past that," he said getting heated up and as he realized how he sounded he shamefully took a gulp of his wine.

"Noel?" Felicity said sympathetically.

"Yeah?" he replied looking at her across the table setting.

"I don't know how I could ever make up for all the years. I don't know how I could prove that all this time I've loved you so much. I don't know why things went the way they did. I don't know why I did the things I did. All I know is that looking at you right now you are all I want. I also know that Ben came and asked me back again..." Felicity paused.


"I said no, Noel," she said with a small smile at him.

"Are you sure about that?"

"I've never felt so sure in my entire life. I just want to follow my heart right now. That's if you are willing to follow me?" Felicity said with a sly grin.

Felicity then crawled across the room towards Noel and the song I Love You played. When she got in front of him she leaned up and kissed his lips. She could feel all the energy rushing between them. His hands came up to her neck and she wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her to him and he laid her down on the floor. He pulled his shirt up over his head revealing his smooth skin and nicely toned chest and arms.

As he came back down to her he passionately kissed her and Felicity gripped his bare back with all the ecstasy flowing through her veins. Noel sat up so they could pull off Felicity's shirt. Before they knew it they were both naked on the floor, in the candlelight making love with every ounce of energy they had. As if they had been saving up all these years to finally be together as they always wanted to be. It was true. This was how they really wanted to be and you could tell how they connected. Their skin intertwined and soaking up every second they could.

Afterwards they curled up in a blanket with their skin soaked and Noel had his whole body around her to keep her as warm as possible. Noel was again stroking her hair.

"I've always wanted to ask you something..." he said quietly into her ear.

"Yeah?" she asked turning towards him a little.

"What were you thinking when you chopped off your hair?" he asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Jerk!" she said hitting him and trying to pull away for a moment but he only pulled her back tighter.

"Don't think you're going anywhere," he said kissing her shoulder and neck.

"I wouldn't dream of it," she said turning to him again as they went for round 2.

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