Felicity Continued

Chapter 8

After only a couple months of planning Felicity and Noel had their wedding planned to a T. They decided to do similar to what Felicity had said to be her dream wedding but instead of a beach it was would be on a cliff in California.

Everyone was invited, all of their friends, including Ben. They sent out very simple invitations that Noel designed himself on his brand new imac. Felicity found the perfect dress that would fit her whether or not she lost the weight from having Keegan. Her dress was off-white with spaghetti straps. The fabric was silk and it flowed down to the floor. The decided Noel would wear just dress pants and a dress shirt. They wanted to keep it as low key as possible.

It turned out everyone would be able to make it. All of their friends from college would be coming and they were so excited about it all. Felicity's mother and father were finally pleased with her choice of men though they wished she'd have waited to get pregnant after they were married but there wasn't much choice left in that.

Felicity was in the bedroom packing for the trip. When Noel walked in to find her having torn the room apart and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Her hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail but ½ of it was all in her face. Keegan sat in her crib gurgling which seemed like she found the view just as funny as he did.

"Everything alright?" he asked from the doorway.

"I have no idea what to pack?! I have to pack for the couple days before the wedding, the rehersal, the wedding, and the honeymoon!" she said frantically.

"Ok…just pack whatever you want. We'll find a way to get it all there. Don't worry about over packing," he said putting his hand on her shoulder, which, as always, got her to stop and breathe.

With that Felicity sat down exhausted on the bed with a thump causing many of clothing to fall onto the floor. She then lay down on the bed with a big sigh and Noel lay next to her. She immediately rested her head on his shoulder as he put his arms around her.

"Why am I such a mess?" she asked him softly.

"Because you just had a baby and are now planning a wedding while trying to be a mother," he said stroking her hair.

"Yeah…" she agreed.

"Maybe it was too much for you to take on. I knew I should have done more."

"Noel, you have your own business to run which takes up most of your time. There was no way you could have really helped, besides, Eleana and Megean have helped a lot."

"Then what else needs to be done?"

"We need to pack and we leave tomorrow and I need to double check on everything-" she said as he cut her off.

"Listen, go take Keegan for a walk outside, it's beautiful out, and I'll finish everything up," he said as he sat up.

"Noel," she said as she wrapped her arms around him, "just when I think you can't get any sweeter!"

"You bring it out in me," he said giving her a kiss.

As Felicity walked through the park on a very hot Thursday afternoon she thought about her wedding to come. She had pretty much everything setup. When she gets to California she will visit the spot with Noel to make sure everything is how they want it. She also thought about how she planned to visit Ben so she could try to really make peace with him. They hadn't talked in quite a while at this point and she really wanted to be friends with him.

Suddenly she realized Keegan had dropped her bottle and she kneeled beside the stroller to give it back to her. She smiled her sweet smile and went back to where she had left off. Felicity couldn't stop staring at Keegan's eyes, they were definitely Noel's eyes which was exactly what she wanted. She just loved her so much and loved Noel so much she could hardly comprehend the amount. She felt so full she could just burst.

With that thought she headed home.

"Let's go have dinner with daddy?" Felicity said to Keegan who only gurgled in response but Felicity knew Keegan missed him just as she did.

When Felicity got back she saw all their bags were by the door and a fresh pizza was sitting on the kitchen table. She smiled as she put her things down and took Keegan out of her stroller. Just then Noel came out of the office.

"Hi guys!" he said as he came over to give Felicity a big kiss and kissed Keegan on top of her head.

"Seems like you took care of everything," she said as she sat down at the table and Noel took Keegan.

"Yeah and I want you not to worry. I'm sure I packed everything so I just want you to relax. All I want you to have on your mind is our daughter and marrying me," he said as he gave Keegan the new bottle he prepared.

"But…" she said ready to protest.

"No buts this time. The point of this small wedding was to not worry and I am going to make sure from now on you don't."

"Ok," Felicity said trying to let go of her worry, which wasn't too hard because trusting Noel, was the easiest thing she ever did.

By the evening Felicity was in bed having already put Keegan to bed and being all too aware that she wouldn't get to sleep through the entire night. Although many times Noel got up to take care of her so she could get a full night's sleep. As she lay in bed waiting for Noel she looked over to watch him in the bathroom brushing his teeth. She couldn't stop staring at him. Standing there in scrubs and no shirt. He was still in amazing shape and she found him sexier than ever now that they had finally really gotten together. He then realized she was staring at him and he gave her a big smile full of toothpaste. Felicity laughed and pulled the covers up.

Shortly after Noel joined her under the covers and right away pulled her into his arms. He then quickly reached over her and turned out the lights. Suddenly he was kissing her with all the passion he had from the first kiss and the 2nd…they never faltered. His hands were on her back and then running up her smooth legs. It was just around the time it was okay to start having sex again and he knew it. She had missed having his hands and lips all over her body. It had been way too long.

Later the next day the three of them arrived in Palo Alto to prepare for their wedding the next day. Felicity and Noel decided to get their own rental car so they would have the freedom to get around while they were visiting. They needed to get some errands done, double check on everything and tonight was the bachelor/bachelorette parties. They were both very excited and nervous that everything would go right since they were used to having things go wrong with their relationship.

First they went to get their errands done like checking on the flowers, the caterers and picking up her dress. After that they went to see the spot for the wedding. When they got there they walked up near the edge with Noel holding Keegan. Felicity felt the warm June breeze across her skin and looked at the magnificent view that would tomorrow hold her most amazing dreams. She wrapped her arms around herself and took in beautiful thoughts of her wedding. She then looked up at her fiancé, her best friend and the only guy that ever really understood her, and she smiled. He looked down at her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"This is amazing," he said squeezing her.

"It blows away the picture we saw. My mom really does know my taste I guess," she said squeezing him back.

"Were you surprised?"

"Yeah, my mom and I have never really seen eye to eye but you knew that."

And he didn't have to say anything because he did know. They never stopped talking to each other since they met and nobody knew her as well as he did. Even the 10 years married to Ben she talked to Noel the most. Noel was just always there and now she really knew what that meant. Just as she thought that he leaned down to kiss her on top of her head and then did the same to their daughter.

Finally Felicity and Noel made it to her mother's house. After the divorce Felicity was happy that her parent's were able to stay friends. In fact they enjoyed each other's company now it seemed more than before. So when Felicity go to the house, which was her childhood house, it was full. Her mom was there with her new husband Joe, her father with his long-time girlfriend Nancy and even some of her extended family. Felicity and Noel were greeted with so many smiles and Felicity couldn't remember a time her family was so cheerful…together.

"Hi hon, hi Noel," her father said giving her a kiss and shaking Noel's hand, "and who's this?" he said with the biggest smile and picked up Keegan. Felicity had never seen her dad like this before but when he was with Keegan he just became a pile of goo. He took her off and started playing with her. The rest of her family after saying their hellos followed him. Noel just looked at Felicity with a grin.

Felicity then went to go freshen up in the upstairs bathroom and after she was finished she walked into her old bedroom. She was surprised at how much it looked the same as back in high school. She walked around just taking it all in when she saw a picture of her and Ben on her nightstand from their summer freshman year. She picked it up trying to remember what she was like back then and it was such a faint memory. She did remember a lot of happiness with him.

"Hey you," Noel said as he walked in the room, "I was starting to feel invisible down there," he said referring to everyone's attention going to Keegan.

"Well, it will be different tomorrow," she said trying to put the picture back as if she wasn't looking at it. She couldn't believe she still felt guilty.

"Felicity," he said with a laugh and put his arms around her from behind, "I love you and I know you love me. I am not worried about Ben anymore. Don't worry."

"Well that's good to know," she said turning around to him and kissing him fully on the lips.

"Woah! Let's wait for the honeymoon," he said just as she started pulling his shirt up.

"Are you turning me down for sex again?" she asked with a pout.

"I must be insane," he said as he left the room while trying to compose himself.

Felicity looked again at the picture of her and Ben and sighed. She was so young back then, so naïve. She then walked out of the room and went to get ready for her bachelorette party.

Unfortunately for Felicity, Megean and Eleana were in charge of her bachelorette party so she knew she was in trouble. A big group of them went out on the town where they first got drinks and went dancing for a while. Then, when she had had several drinks, they dragged her to a strip club. She had a great time though and spent many one dollar bills.

When they dropped her off at her house she felt like she was seventeen again sneaking up to her bedroom, although she had never really done in high school. Still she wanted to be careful to not wake anyone up, especially Keegan and Noel who were sleeping in the other room. Although Richard, Sean and some others took him out for drinks tonight also so she realized he might not even be back yet. With that she went into the guestroom where Keegan was sleeping soundly in her crib. Felicity watched her for a moment because it always calmed her and then she pulled her blanket up so she was nice and snug.

As Felicity tiptoed to her bedroom she was definitely ready to pass out. She had a full day ahead of her tomorrow anyway with finishing up all the last arrangements and the rehearsal dinner. Before Felicity even shut the door to her room she was already stepping, clumsily, out of her pants and throwing on her pajama bottoms. She then stopped to look in the mirror and saw she looked hideous. She looked like she had been drinking all night. Then, like before, she saw the picture of her and Ben. She thought about how she should probably see him before the wedding but she wasn't sure if it was the best idea. She then opened the dress drawer to put away the frame when she jumped at the sound of something at the window. When she turned to look it was Ben.

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