Felicity Continued

Chapter 9

Seeing Ben at her window up on the 2nd floor sobered her up quickly. She stood there for a moment not quite sure whether she might be seeing things. She realized it was reality when he knocked again on the window and mouthed can you open the window?

Startled still she ran over to the window and opened it. A cool wind blew into the room and she wasn't sure whether it was the weather or them.

"What are you doing here?" she said confused and annoyed at the same time. She wondered why he always seemed to think he could burst into her life whenever he liked.

"I wanted to see you before you…" he paused not seeming to know what words to choose although she was happy to help him, "my wedding?"

"Yeah," he said as she motioned for him to come in. It was ridiculous standing at the window like that.

After he straightened himself out they found themselves standing there in uncomfortable silence. It appeared to her that he didn't quite know what he wanted to say.

"You really can't be here. You can't just drop into my life like this anymore. I thought we got past everything Ben," she said as she began to pace.

"I didn't want to cause you any trouble and I wasn't here to try to get you back. I just wanted to see you before the ceremony," he said with an easy smile and sat on the windowsill.

"Oh," Felicity said feeling a bit embarrassed at the moment, "well then I guess it's not a big deal…but you can't stay long."

Ben smiled and there was a moment of confusion between them. It's almost like they didn't know each other anymore and they both regretted that. Felicity started playing with her engagement ring uncomfortably.

"That's a great ring, it suits you," he said as he walked over to look at it more closely.

"Yeah," she said looking down at it and it still gleamed a bit even though it was nighttime.

"I really wanted to tell you that I am genuinely happy for you and I know you have made the right decision."

"Yeah, it's about time," she said as they both laughed.

"I know you'll be living in New York but I'd like to stay in touch. Beyond everything we've been through I've always felt I could talk to you, I don't want to lose that," he said stepping a little closer.

"I think that would be great Ben. How is everything for you anyway?" she asked as she leaned on the vanity table.

"I've been seeing this girl Mary for a while and she's great, you'd like her."

"Is she a blonde?"

"No, she's actually a red head," he said with his usual crooked smiled.

"Good," she smiled back, "blondes don't suit you."

The stood there once again as if they were trying to decide if there was anything left to say but there wasn't. They had a romance at one time and it wasn't meant to be. They could honestly be friends now and that meant a lot to her. She didn't realize how much she really wanted it until that moment.

"Congratulations," he said as he gave her a hug.

"Thank you," she paused, "are you coming to the wedding?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Well I hope you do. It would mean a lot to me."

With that they hugged again and he went back out the window. She knew having him leave through the front door would be setting herself up for a lot of aggravation. There were way too many relatives here, her daughter woke at just about any noise and she'd die if Noel saw him. She figured she could tell him about the visit on the honeymoon.

The next day everything couldn't have gone better. The rehearsal dinner was great. Everyone got a chance to just chat and catch up a little before the big hoopla. Before they knew it, it was the morning of the wedding. Felicity was in her bridal room with her bride's maids, which included Eleana as the maid of honor, Megean and Julie as brides maids. Javier was also there to give his help to Felicity. Felicity stood in front of the mirror as they were putting the finishing touches on her. Her hair was swept up off her neck with a few strands of curls falling down around her face. She had a few flowers weaved through her hair and very light makeup.

"This is unbelievable," Eleana said standing back in awe of how stunning Felicity looked.

"Yes, you look like a fairy princess," Javier said as he hugged her tightly and stepped back to look at her again, "You make me so proud. I haven't been so happy as when an Aberbarbie model hit on mee."

"Do you mean Abercrombie?" Megean said in her usual tone.

Javier looked at her and rolled his eyes, "that eez what I said."

"Whatever," Megean said turning her attention to Felicity "Do you want me to do a spell to make sure you guys don't divorce?"

Felicity rolled her eyes as usual. "I think we'll be okay Megean."

"Hey, if you could go back and just pick Noel from the beginning would you have?" Julie asked as she helped Felicity put on her necklace.

Felicity stood there for a moment taking in the thought and running all the years through her mind. All the pain, happiness, loss and rewards. Felicity then thought of what her life had become and how everything, for the first time, felt just right.

"Nope," she said taking her flowers from Megean's hands, "I wouldn't change a thing."

"Really?" Eleana said suprrised.

"If I changed anything it might not end up like this and I'm just glad I got what I wanted in the end," she said as she walked over to Keagan giggling as she rolled around on a blanket on the floor.

"Must you turn everything into a 'moment'" Megean said as she walked up to Felicity and hugged her before she headed outside to wait for the ceremony to begin.

"You look beautiful," Julie said as she took Keagan to give to Felicity's mother.

"Are you ready?" Eleana asked as they stood there about to head outside.

"I've never been more ready," Felicity said as they got ready to walk down the isle.

"I have to tell you," Eleana said as Felicity stopped to listen to what she had to say, "Noel has loved you so much for as long as I can remember. Living with him our sophomore year gave me a real honest look at how he felt about you. Nobody has ever looked at you like Noel does."

Felicity looked at Eleana with both of them on the verge of tears and they hugged very tightly.

"Thank you," Felicity said and not just for that comment but for their many years of friendship. Eleana has always backed her up and helped her when she needed it.

Eleana then headed outside because it was her turn to head down the isle and Felicity stood at the end of the isle at what lay before her. Felicity sighed as she felt a calmness fill her and she began to walk down the isle on her father's arm.

"I'm so proud of you," he said quietly to Felicity just before they began to walk and Felicity felt like her heart was going to explode.

He then realized she was about to start crying, "I was hoping I wouldn't make you cry by saying that. I can't win," he said with a smile and she hugged him finishing off with a kiss on his cheek.

As the song St. Elmos Fire Instrumental began to play they started walking and Felicity immediately saw Noel waiting for her on the other end. He looked so handsome she felt completely overwhelmed and tears began building up in her eyes. She felt her father squeeze her arm a little bit to give her some reassurance. Felicity looked around to see all her family, Noel's family and friends filling up all the seats. Unfortunately she didn't see Ben but she wasn't really surprised. Then she saw her daughter completely content in her grandma's arms as Felicity shared a smile with her just before she got up to the front.

Her father let her go so she could join Noel at the altar. She could see that Noel was just as emotional as she was and she was suddenly aware that they very well both might start crying. Noel took Felicity's hand in his as the ceremony began. It was very short and to the point, just as they had wished it to be. They did however decide to do their own vows.

"Felicity, I remember the first time I saw you. You were in a frantic state as usual and had just gotten off the phone. I couldn't stop staring at you which caused you to jump at the site of me. Over the years despite the lack of romantic relationship between us I've come to love you more and more. You fill me up when I look at you and just lying next to you let's the whole world outside fall away. I never thought you'd ever really feel the way about me that I've always felt about you but all these years waiting has be worth it. All my dreams have come true…" he said as he started getting choked up and Felicity squeezed his hand, "If this is a dream though I hope I never wake up. I'd rather live in your forever in a fantasy world next to you." A tear then fell down his cheek and Felicity wiped it away with her hand.

"Noel, first and foremost you are my best friend. Whenever there has been anything I ever needed you were always the one I came to. It took me a lifetime to realize that you were so much more than my best friend but also my soulmate. It took me forever to come to my senses," she laughs and so does the audience, "but now that I finally figured out what I want I won't ever let that go. What I want is you Noel. You are all I ever wanted. My stupidity just always got in the way. I hope to make up all the years of pain I put you through with an eternity of love. You are everything I was looking for, I just didn't know it until now. I love you Noel," she said as they both started having tears running down their faces, "and you are the missing piece."

The both started crying a little bit but pulled themselves together for the end of the ceremony.

"I now pronounce them husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," the minister said as Noel pulled Felicity into his arms and kissed her more passionately then ever before. He just couldn't hold back his feelings, the feeling of finally having the woman he truly loved all these years.

"Please welcome Mr. And Mrs. Noel Crane!" as the music chimed in the audience stood up in a wave of applause. Felicity and Noel took each others hands and began walking down the isle. Felicity looked over at Keagen who never looked so happy as she did that very moment. That was the icing on the cake for Felicity.

The reception was close by and also outside under the moonlight. Luckily it was a perfect night and the stars were shinning brighter than ever before. Felicity and Noel took the floor for the first song which was "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.

I'll be your crying shoulder.

I'll be your love suicide.

I'll be better when I'm older.

I'll be the greatest fan of your life.

They danced in each others arms slowly and they both couldn't stop smiling.

"We actually did it!" Noel said with the biggest grin ever.

"Did you have doubts?" Felicity ask as she weaved her fingers through his.

"Of course not," he said with a smirk and they both laughed.

The whole night was a whirlwind of laughter, tears and pure happiness. Felicity then suddenly ran into Richard at the dessert table where she was sneaking a piece of cake before someone else asked her for another picture.

"Hey there!" he said as he gave her a hug that she stumbled into and almost dropped the cake on her dress.

"Hey Richard," she said and would have been annoyed if it wasn't the best day of her life.

"Mind if I have a dance with Mrs. Crane?"

"I don't know, Noel's mom is on the other side of the room," she said with a laugh.

"Funny," he said as they walked onto the dance floor, "actually…she already turned me down."

Felicity laughed and danced happily with him. When the end of the song had come she saw someone from behind tap Richard on his shoulder.

"Mind if I have this dance?" and it was Ben. Felicity smiled brightly but awkwardly waited to see what Richard would say.

"Don't make me kick your ass!" Richard said as he walked off the dance floor.

"I didn't know you came," Felicity said as she felt very warm in his arms.

"I was in the far back. It was beautiful," he said softly, "you look beautiful," he said gently touching her face and she came in closer to his arms. She hadn't felt so comfortable in his arms in a long time because finally she felt like she made the right choice. She finally now knew that Ben was her past and Noel was her future. They dance for a while without saying anything. There wasn't much either of them to say at this point, all the words had been worn out. Just then Ben saw Noel dancing nearby with his mother.

"Hey man. I'll let you take it from here," he said as he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and touched her hand as he walked away. He walked right out of the reception and Felicity knew at that moment she probably wouldn't see him again. It was a sad concept but she just knew.

"Um thanks," Noel said as he pulled Felicity into his arms, "what was that? I didn't even see him here."

"Everything is fine," she said with a smile as she watched Ben walk off into the night. She felt like maybe she might cry. Not so much of sorrow but of an overwhelming feeling that she finally was living the life she was meant to. As she looked up at Noel she looked into his warm hazel eyes that filled her with an eternity of warmth. She felt complete. Noel didn't say anymore because he knew that their future was wide open and full of whatever they chose to make of it.

"Felicity," Noel said as she pulled back just enough to look up at him.


"How does 8 o'clock sound?"

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