Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy


Jessica Landers
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Chapter 1

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Gots nothing, so there! (Yes, that is purposfully improper grammar)


Dear son,

How are you? We're fine, mostly. I know it's rare to hear from us, and I'm sorry. We must try to be closer together in the future. It breaks my heart that you and your father do not get along, it's especially hard on your sister. As you know she adores you, but your father won't even let your name be spoken in our house any more. He's taking this too far. Which is why I have a favor to ask you.

I fear for Korianna's health these days. With your father's new ecentric behavior she has taken to not sleeping, causing her to start failing most of her grades. She was kicked out of art class because she failed two major core classes. Your father went as far as to accuse her of becoming like you! As if that was a bad thing! I've never seen Kori cry so much before. The reason why I tell you this: could it be possible that your sister come live with your for a while? I'm sure she'll improve greatly if not around her father so much.

Love you always, no matter where you are,


Castiel frowned at the letter before crumbling it and throwing it away, it wasn't that he didn't like his sister, it was just that their father would make a scene. That old man acted like a prissy girl sometimes, it was embarressing! Castiel leaned back in his chair and shut his eyes, he hated his father. But his mother and sister were actually okay, a little goody, but still okay. They didn't try to change him or anything like his father did. Castiel sighed and retrieved the paper from the waste basket. It was selfish to make anyone, especially his younger sister, stay around their father. He took out a clean sheet of paper and began his responce:


Fine by me, just tell her not to screw up, Okay?



"See you soon, Honey! And try not to bother your brother." Mom yelled from the car window. I set down my bag to wave at her before she took off down the road in a fury. I giggled, I knew Castiel got his driving skills from her, even if Dad was the only one who taught him. I scooped up my heavy bag and turned to the down beat apartment building in front of me. I found my brother's apartment, it was relativly easy to find with the loud pounding music and dog barking like crazy, and banged really loud so he could hear me. Nothing.

A neighbor walked out at that moment and caught me standing in front of the door, he snorted, "If you're here to tell him to turn the noise down, you're wasting your time." Instead of answering I pounded on the door and yelled, "Open the door!" There was muffled shouted, but I couldn't make out what it was. The man commented again as he walked away, "You might as well give up..." Ignoring him I marched to the window and smacked the glass, "Answer the freakin' door, you lazy punk!" The black curtains moved as Castiel smacked the glass back and I could hear him snap, "Go away before I call the police!" Before Castiel could say or do anything I retorted, "You invite me to stay here and then you don't answer the door! Some brother you turned out to be." The curtains parted and Castiel stared back at me.

I put my hands on my hips, "Well, you going to stare at me, or let your sister in? Come on, it's freezing out here!" Castiel opened the door, I gave him a brief grin before grabbing my stuff and marching into my new home. A dog immediately jumped on me and I squealed before dropping my stuff and trying to climb up my brother's arm. He glared and pushed me off, "Behave, both of you. Kori, this is Demon. Demon, Kori." The dog slobbered all over my hand that I held out to greet him. "Awww, he's just a big sweetie!" I cooed when I was certain he wouldn't try to bite me. Crouching down to his level I scratched behind his ears and he licked my face making me giggle. Castiel just rolled his eyes, as if there was nothing to be done with either of us.


I shoved my hands in my pockets, "So, what's this place called again?" Castiel glared at me, I was trying to make him say it and he knew it, "Sweet Amoris. Ask me again and I'll make you wish you were never born." I stuck my tongue out at him, "You've been wishing that, not me." My brother humphed and began to move away from me, "Just go to class. And meet me here after school." I mock saluted him and made myself scarce.

"Wow... no one's ever treated Castiel like that and lived." A voice said behind me. I turned to see a boy with dark green tipped silver hair. His eyes were a study, one gold the other green. He looked cute, but too mysterious, I liked the sweet considerate boys. I smiled, "If he killed me, our mom would kill him." The boy blinked in surprise, "You're Castiel's sister?" I held out my hand, "Korianna West, spelled with a 'k'. Call me Kori." He shook my hand, "Lysander. I play in the band with your brother." It was my turn to blink, "Castiel plays in a band?! Boy he should call more often..."

Lysander chuckled, "Castiel should do a lot of things, but he doesn't." I could agree with that. Hitching my book bag farther up on my shoulder I asked, "So... does Sweet Amoris have an art club?" The boy in front of me raised an eyebrow, "Artist?" I shrugged, "I'm okay, but yes." Lysander gave me a look, "Why do I have the feeling that you're being modest?" He asked flatly. I rolled my eyes, "Fine you caught me. I'm probably the best artist you ever seen. Now does that sound polite?" He laughed, a nice deep sound. Shaking his head he said, "You'll fit in here, I can tell you that." I smiled, "Thank you. Hate to cut our conversation short, but I gotta run. Paperwork to do and everything." My somewhat new friend smiled, "You do that. See you around."

After having to explain the reason why I was wondering around the hallway to a freaked out principle, I was shown the Student Council room, so I could talk to some guy named Nathaniel. Just my luck that it would be empty. I sat down in one of the many chairs and took out the project I was currently working on. A charcoal on canvas drawing of my brother sleeping. I had started it last night when I couldn't sleep, all that was left was shading and details. I licked my pinky and rubbed the charcoal so that it spread smoothly into a nice shadow along Castiel's jawline. A small line underneath his eye to emphasize the slght bags under his eyes made him look more human. I squinted at the drawing, something wasn't right, but I couldn't tell what.

"Nice drawing." Someone said behind me. I squeaked and spun around to see the most gorgeous boy I ever laid eyes on standing in the doorway. Golden-brown eyes peered at me with friendliness and warmth under perfect blonde hair. He wore a crisp white shirt and a loose blue tie, but niether hid the fact that he was handsome. I smiled sheepishly, "Uh... thanks. The principle said I need to talk to someone named Nathaniel. Do you know him?" The hottie chuckled, "I'm Nathaniel." A blush creeped up my face, "Oh, sorry. They didn't tell me..." I cut off, I can't believe I almost said to look for a hottie! I finished, "...what you looked like." There that was a safe enough answer. "Did you need me for something?" I went on to ask. He looked a little unconfortable, I could only hope it wasn't because of me, "It seems that your paperwork has been misplaced."

I blinked, "Misplaced? But..." I trailed off, suddenly realizing where it was. I smiled and held up a finger, "I have an idea of where it is. Give me a minute?" The boy nodded then turned away without another word. I knew I should be too disappointed, but I was. After all I was in the presense of the hottest boy I had ever seen and he really didn't seem to care that I was leaving. I slipped out the door and to the courtyard, hoping that my brother was still around.

I was in luck, Castiel rolled his grey eyes when he spotted me marching over to him. Without saying hello I held out my hand, "Give me the paperwork. You were supposed to hand that in already, punk." My red haired brother sneered as he laid my transfer papers in my hand, "What? Don't want to end up with my rep here? Or scared that the goody-goody president won't like you any more?" That gave me a pause. I peered up at him, "Got a backstory to share, brother?" Of course Castiel didn't spill, "Yes, but I'm not telling pesky little sisters." As he turned to walk away I couldn't help but tease, "I'll find out sooner or later!" I skipped back inside before he could kill me.

"Found them." I announced, walking into the student council room. Nathaniel looked up from the head of the table and smiled, "Thank you..." He trailed off and I realized that he didn't know my name. I giggled, "Korianna, call me Kori." Nathaniel laughed, "I don't know, I like your full name. It has a nice ring to it." I blushed again. He just complimented me! It took all my control not to jump up and down, squealing with joy. I managed to shrug, "You can call me by my full name. I-I don't mind." The blonde before me grinned, "Alright. You better get to class, though. Before the principle has a fit." I nodded and headed for the door. Just as I grabbed hold of the handle, Nathaniel said behind me, "See you around, Korianna." I nodded without looked back and fled before my face turned on fire.


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