Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 10

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RabidsingeR: THEY DID WHAT?!MonKeybiz: WHO ARE THEY? TELL ME SO I CAN KILL THEM!GreenThumb: ...

CrAzYArtist: Guys it's not a big deal

GreenThumb: Not a big deal? Someone just humiliated you and you're going to say 'not a big deal'?

RabidsingeR: Korianna! You had better tell us so we can kick their butts!

CrAzYArtist: How? Jade goes to another school and you guys are in another state! Besides, it's been taken care of.

MonKeybiz: How?

CrAzYArtist: Well for starters, anyone found with one of the papers are written up, then Castiel brought me home early. Lysander, Penni, Iris, and Nathaniel have been doing their best all day to

I stopped typing when I heard Castiel calling my name. "Yes?" I called down and my brother shouted back, "Someone's here to see you! Get down here!" I grumbled under my breath and turned back to my computer only to see that I had somehow sent the unfinished message.

MonKeybiz: To...? To what? And who is Penni?

RabidsingeR: Accidently hit the enter button there, Kori. :)

GreenThumb: Slow down on the typing Kori. You're going to break a finger or something.

CrAzYArtist: Sorry, I have company. See ya later!

RabidsingeR: I demand to know what was said!

*CrAzYArtist has signed out*

I shut down my laptop and closed it, then I went down stairs to find the biggest surprise of my life. Nathaniel standing in the living room of his most hated enemy. I paused on the last step, my right foot hovering over the floor, trying to get used to the sight of my crush standing there... in my home... without me having to ask him to. Castiel was facing away from me, speaking with someone who I couldn't see, and pointedly ignoring Nathaniel. The blonde haired boy smiled when he saw me, "Korianna." He greeted and I gave a tentive smile in return, trying to murder the butterflies in my stomach without revealing that I had them.

Castiel glanced at Nathaniel, his eyes narrow with hatred, then followed his gaze towards me, "Kori, apparently your friends are here on a mission to cheer you up." He moved away to show Penni smiling at me, "Surprise!" She said, wiggling her fingers in a 'jazz hands' gesture, and grinned, "Come on, today's your day to do whatever, we're simply your money bags!" I blinked in confusion, what did she mean? Nathaniel rolled his eyes and explained, "Penni and I are taking you wherever you want to go. We'll buy everything." I took a step back up the stairs, "I can't let you do that." I said and Castiel snorted, "Told you she wouldn't agree to it." He smirked at Nathaniel, who spared a brief look of annoyance before turning back to me. His golden eyes peered into my violet ones, "Please?" He asked quietly then leaned down to whisper something that I dared not ever imagine him saying. I nibbled on my lip, debating. After a minute I nodded slowly and Nathaniel smiled.


"What time is it, Nath?" Penni asked for roughly the 2,875th time that day, give or take since I wasn't keeping count until after the first twenty or so. Nath sighed, getting as irritated with the question as I had been 1,000 questions ago, "Exactly seventeen seconds after you asked the last time." He ground out and Penni pouted, "I just want to be on time." I looked between the two, "On time for what?" Nathaniel shook his head and Penni grinned mischieviously, both refused to answer. Nathaniel turned to Penni, "Besides, it isn't until six anyway. We still have two hours." Penni rolled her stormy grey eyes towards him, "You obviously don't know how long it takes for a girl to get ready, let alone two." Nathaniel gave her a look, "I have a younger sister, you know." Penni waved her hands, "Exactly! She takes, what, and hour to get ready everyday? Hello! This is a big thing tonight so... I'm going to shut up before Kori finds out anymore information." Both Nathaniel and I laughed at Penni, after a minute of glaring at us she joined in on the fun.

We were currently walking around the mall, having loaded all our arms down with bags from the stores, most of which were things that Penni said I absolutly needed and bought them regardless of my protests. It wasn't until she bought a $700 classy dress without batting an eyelash that I relized my new friend was filthy rich. Nathaniel seemed to be more conservative over his money, but not by much. When Penni whipped out her Platinum Credit Card again at a store where the cheapest perfume was fifty dollars I asked, "Just where do you get all the money?" The sales clerk gave me a scornful look, like she couldn't believe that Penni had brought riff-raff in with her, and earned a glare from Nathaniel. Penni, on the other hand, smiled at me, "My dad is a really big person in politics, and my mom is a clothes designer. Ever heard of the Ross Fashion Line? That's my mom." I raised an eyebrow at her ratty jeans and tattered tanktop. She shrugged, "I'm not one of those people who goes around purposefully flaunting their money. I had to beg my parents to let me go to Sweet Amoris, I wanted to have a taste of public school before I graduated."

"You've been in private schools all this time?" Nathaniel asked and Penni giggled, "Nope. I was homeschooled until junior high. Then my parents shoved me into The School for Gifted Young Minds, A.K.A. a private junior high school. That's where I met... Ken..." She whispered his name so low that I almost didn't hear it. Nathaniel and I exchanged a look and silently agreed to drop the topic. I moved on, "So... you're buying all this stuff because...?" Penni whirled on me, hands on her hips, "Because I want to, missy!" Nathaniel coughed to cover up his laughter. I held up my hands in surrender and Penni turned to Nathaniel, "What time is it now?" Rolling his gold eyes Nathaniel glanced at his watch and said, "It's 4:30." Penni yelped and grabbed my hand, "Come on, we've got to get ready!"


"Guy's you didn't have to do this!" I said as the waiter sat us down at a cloth covered table situated by a floor-to-ceiling window that let in the full moonlight. Not exactly an ideal place for friends, the scene was more romantic than anything. I was dressed in a creamy dress that hugged my upper body like a second skin to my waist before falling elegently to the floor. The fabic felt like still water under my hands and had a glossy sheen to it. Penni had bought me accessories studded with amethyst jewels to go with the dress and to bring out my eyes. I felt Nathaniel's eyes constantly drifting back to me, making me feel delighted and self-conscious at the same time.

Just before we sat down the waiter came back with a silver trey, bearing a single card on a white napkin. He held out the tray towards Penni, "For you ma'am." Penni smiled and took the card. As she read it, her face lit up, "My parents are here! Oh I haven't seen them for months! Do you mind if I go eat with them?" Nathaniel and I exchanged looks before I turned to our friend and said, "We don't mind, you already spent the day with us." Nathaniel smiled at Penni and she squealed before motioning for the waiter to take her where her parents were waiting. Why did I have the suspicion that it was all too perfectly timed?


Concidence...? Or not? MWAHAHAHA!

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