Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 12

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Chat Time!

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*CrAzYArtist has signed in*

CrAzYArtist: Alright Savannah, what was with the cryptic text messages?MonKeybiz: I have no clue what you're talking about...

CrAzYArtist: ...

RabidsingeR: Yeah Kori, whatch'ya talking about?

GreenThumb: I honestly don't know what they've been talking about here either, because it's appears to be in code, so don't ask me.

CrAzYArtist: What were they talking about?MonKeybiz: What is anyone talking about? O.o

GreenThumb: I don't know, something about you confirmed something and that the 'Objects' have been bought and that the 'Gate Time' was for tomorrow at 'V when the cackoo calls sunny side up'.

CrAzYArtist: Savannah, Lexsie... You better not be pranking again...

MonKeybiz: Kori you hurt me, would I do such a thing?!

CrAzYArtist: Let me think... YES!

RabidsingeR: On to other subjects... how was your date?

CrAzYArtist: What date?MonKeybiz: Don't try to deny it. You never leave your house unless it's on a date.

GreenThumb: They've been speculating if Nath kissed you or not...

CrAzYArtist: ... *sigh* .

RabidsingeR: Oh. My. Gawd. HE DID! Was he good? Was it a french kiss? You know... with tongue...? :P

MonKeybiz: Oo la la!

GreenThumb: Oh God... *facepalm*

CrAzYArtist: No! Get your mind out of the gutter! And I didn't even go on a date with Nath! You told me not until you two approved of him, dummy.

MonKeybiz: Then where were you? ARE YOU CHEATING ON HIM WITH SOME GUY YOU'RE NOT EVEN TELLING US ABOUT?!RabidsingeR: Korianna West! How culd you?!

CrAzYArtist: Misspelled 'could' Grammar Nazi... And I'm not interested in any other guy.

RabidsingeR: ACK! No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! But where were you?

CrAzYArtist: Crashing a date between Lysander and Penni

GreenThumb: Who's Penni? You never told us before.

MonKeybiz: Lys was doing WHAT?! I'm going to kill this Penni chick!

RabidsingeR: He hasn't even met you yet... you have no right to be upset.

MonKeybiz: Shut up Lexsie.

CrAzYArtist: Penni was the one to ask me to crash the date. She doesn't want to go out with him, but was too polite to say no. Besides, she already likes someone else.

RabidsingeR: Then why did she go on a date with that guy? Why not tell Lys she was interest in someone else?

MonKeybiz: Yeah, why not?

CrAzYArtist: Because he's gone to military school.

GreenThumb: Waiiiiit... Are you talking about Ken Pierce?

CrAzYArtist: Yep.

GreenThumb: So I'm guessing Penni is the blonde haired girl he always hung around...

CrAzYArtist: Yep! Compared to us four she's pretty plain. Ash blonde hair and grey eyes.

RabidsingeR: Hey I'm normal compared to you three!

CrAzYArtist: Not everyone has emerald green eyes, Lexsie.

MonKeybiz: Besides when do you want to be normal?

RabidsingeR: You're right... What's Ken look like?

GreenThumb: Like a dork.

CrAzYArtist: JADE!

GreenThumb: What? It's true... dull brown hair in a bowl cut and glasses so think that you can't even see his eyes? Pratically screams 'dork'

CrAzYArtist: Like you scream 'gardener'?

CrAzYArtist: Anyway as Penni's friend, I resent you saying that! And if she joins this chat room all of you are forbidden to say that, or you'll find that I'm not the most hot tempered person on the planet.

MonKeybiz: That bad huh? I might just like her, especially if she really doesn't want to date Lysander...

RabidsingeR: Drop it Savannah...

*RockStar has joined the chat room*


RockStar: Kori would you stop yacking with your friends and fix dinner?

MonKeybiz: Oh hey Castiel! ^^

GreenThumb: It's midnight... why are you fixing dinner now?

CrAzYArtist: I told you I was crashing a date. Castiel came with me so I didn't become the awkward third wheel instead of the date crasher.

RockStar: And I still hate you for that.

CrAzYArtist: How did you figure out the chat room password?! I didn't give it to you!

RockStar: Idiot. You left it on the kitchen counter this morning.

CrAzYArtist: You really couldn't scream that? I know how much you like to yell at me.

RockStar: Shut up and come fix me dinner.

CrAzYArtist: Fine, jerk!

*RockStar has signed off*

*CrAzYArtist has signed off*

I stalked downstaired, "You really couldn't just yell at me?" I snapped. Castiel spun around in his chair to smirk at me, "I prefer to annoy you." I just glared at him, muttering under my breath about poisoning his dinner as I stomped into the kitchen. Castiel called after me, "Besides, consider it revenge for what you made me do tonight!" He had a point... unfortunately.


Hmmmm... what are those two planning? Cyper cookies to anyone who can break the code!

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