Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 13

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Monday, Penni and I were walking to class, laughing and talking about Friday night at the concert. Lysander was giving us the silent treatment, though I did have to say we did deserve it, so Penni took over his job of walking me to class to avoid trouble with the still circulating rumor about whether I was gay or not. A girl called out, "You better watch it Penni, she might be flirting with you!" My friend spun, anger flashing in her eyes, but Nathaniel stopped her as he fell in step with us, "Just ignore it, Penni." Penni rounded on the student president, "Oh, just ignore the fact that my friend is being verbally pummeled, is that what you're telling me?" She snapped at him. Nathaniel nodded towards me, "It's not bothering her." He stated. Both turned to me and I turned my head to smile at the two blondes... when the principal's office door opened and hit me straight in the face.


"..ianna? Are you alright?" A vaguely familiar voice drifted through the darkness towards me. I groaned and cradled my forehead, feeling the knot that had made me blank out, "Savannah... wha' happened?" I slurred. My friend giggled, "You ran right into the principal's door, or rather, it ran into you... Are you okay?" I blinked opened my blurry eyes to see the purple haired girl leaning over me, her bright red eyes concerned, amused, and curious all at the same time. "Yeah.. I'm fine... Where's Pen- Waaaaait a minute! What on earth are you doing here?!" I said, suddenly remembering that I was enrolled in Sweet Amoris and Savannah wasn't. She grinned, "And welcome back to reality!" She said, giggling and held out a small card, "See? I go here now! I'm the official new student!"

A door opened behind us and we both turned to see Nathaniel walking in with an ice pack. He smiled when he saw me sitting up, "Good. You're up, Lexsie is feeling very guilty for making you black out." He said while pressing the ice pack to the knot on my head. I blinked, "She's here too?" I asked dumbly. Savannah nodded, "It was her idea to come here. She told her parents that the only way to get away from that awful rumor about her... uh... sleeping with a guy was to change towns. I 'volunteered' to come along to straighten her out since everyone knows that I'm the good girl of the group. And-... I'm babbling again, aren't I?" She suddenly asked, seeing Nathaniel's raised eyebrow. I giggled and the gold haired guy said, "Just a minute ago she wasn't speaking two words to anyone." Savannah blushed and I laughed, "Savannah is like that. She's only talkative around me and on the internet." Nathaniel nodded in understanding.

The door opened again to reveal Penni. She jerked her thumb over her shoulder and said, "That girl out there is out for my blood. And I have no clue why." Savannah waved a hand, "Don't worry, Lexsie can be a tad overbearing, but you'll get used to it." Lexsie must of heard her because the black haired firecracker was in the room within seconds, "Well excuuuuse me if I can't help the way I am, Savannah Knight!" Nathaniel glared at Lexsie, "Would you lower your voice?" He asked in a tone that left no room for arguments. Lexsie, being the master of arguing with anything, turned to the him, "And just who are you to be telling me what to do?" I sighed and rubbed my temples, "Lexsie... this is Nathaniel Powers, student council president." I didn't have to add that he was my crush.

Both Savannah and Lexsie zeroed in on Nathaniel, eying him to be sure that he had the approval to date me, even if he didn't know it. Penni snickered, obviously understanding what was going on, while Nathaniel frowned at the two troublemakers for the sudden interest. "Lexsie, Savannah... this is Penelope Ross. Penni, Lexsie Liard and Savannah Knight." I finished the introductions before things could get out of hand. Lexsie glared at Penni, who glared right back. "Penelope Ross, huh? Castiel seems to have a very low opinion of you. Of course that could be because you blackmailed Kori into crashing his best friend's date with you, but what can I say?" Lexsie started in a sugary sweet voice. Nathaniel's eye twitched at the mention of my brother.

I spoke before Penni could, "Lexsie, don't make me use your full name..." I threatened. The black haired girl whirled on me, "Don't you dare! You promised you never would!" The other three exchanged confused looks, wondering how a name could calm Lexsie down. I raised an eyebrow, "Then stop picking fights with my friends. If you're going to start going here then your going to have to get along with Penni. And Iris, and Violette, and Nathaniel and anyone else that happens to be a friend. Got it?" I asked in a stern voice. Lexsie sulked but didn't argue. I could always make Lexsie obey, it was my gift that no one else had, not even Lexsie's own mother.


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