Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 15

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The words out of Lexsie's mouth the next day were: "Let's pull a prank on Amber to get back at her for messing with Kori!" Penni, Savannah, and I all gave the black haired firecracker a look. Penni was the one who spoke first, "Tried that, got detention for it... and nearly blinded Nathaniel for my trouble." I laughed at the memory of Penni ghost hunting, while Savannah and Lexsie exchanged confused looks. The blonde shrugged, "It's just a bad idea, don't try it." Of course Lexsie got offended, "Who are you to tell me what to do?" I sighed, this was getting old quick. Penni glared at Lexsie, "Someone who has a kernel of concern for you, idiot." She snapped.

One of our classmates passed us calling out, "Oooooo, seems the leb is actually attracting people. Are you cheating on all of those girls, Leb?" Savannah and I pounced on Lexsie in enough time to save the jerk from a beating, "Lemme at him! Lemme at him! I'll tear you apart, bas****!" My friend snarled, her fingers bent into claws as she reached for his neck, trying desperately to strangle him. "Lexsie it's not worth it!" I shouted above her yelling. My oldest friend actually dragged Savannah and I a few inches; I was worried she might actually get her hands on him. The jerk backed up a step, his eyes wide, and ran right into my brother. Lexsie stopped trying to fight Savannah and I. Tension was high in the air as everyone waited for Castiel's reaction. An evil smirk appeared on Castiel's face and he cracked his knuckles loudly, earning a grimace from almost everyone in the hall.

Before anything could happen a hand reached over my shoulder, extending a small slip of paper towards the cornered jerk, "Take this detention slip to the principal." Nathaniel said behind me. Everyone turned to the student body president, confused at his interference. He tilted his head, "Unless you want to have your face ripped off by Castiel..." Nathaniel said calmly. That did the trick, the jerk grabbed the slip and took off towards the office. Penni, who had been laughing though the whole scene, decided to speak, "I've never... seen so... eager to go to... the... principal's office!" She said between giggles. Lexsie pouted, "You should have let me go after him..." She sniffed. I gave her a look, "I don't want you to ruin your reputation like Castiel already has." I replied. "Hey!" Castiel shouted and all us girls burst out in laughter at his indignant expression.


During study hall I sat at my table yawning as I tried to concentrate on the book I had borrowed from Nathaniel. It wasn't that the book was boring, I found it very interesting, but I was just so tired. Mr. Faraize let us do anything during study hall, except sleep. Keeping Lexsie from killing someone was hard work. I was just glad that she had a class with Castiel this hour, she never acted crazy around him. I glanced at Penni who was hunched over a piece of paper, her pen scribbling away. I raised and eyebrow and leaned over to read the greeting

Dear Ken,

I smiled and whispered, "Writing a love note?" Penni glared at me, her grey eyes stormy. "Why can't you mind your own business?" She hissed back. I shrugged, "Well everyone else doesn't seem to nosing in my business... so what are you telling him?" Penni tried to refuse to show me the note, but in the end she gave up and handed the letter over reluctantly.

Dear Ken,

I'm glad to have gotten your letter! :D It made my day, even the fact that you're being tortured. Lol, just kidding! I really miss you, but it's not as bad as you think. I've actually made new friends, though none could ever replace my best friend, Cuddles. Ha ha, Cuddles is the teddy bear you gave me, and he's taking your place until you come back. Don't worry you're still my true best friend! Anyway, I made friends with that white haired girl you were telling me about, the one in your Gardening Club. Korianna West. She's very nice, she actually drew us together before you moved. It's very good, I'll have to get her to show you WHEN you come back. You're not getting away from me that easily, mister! Even if we're sixty and in a nursing home I will see you again! (not to sound creepy or anything...)

Kori's friends from her home town have enrolled here. Savannah is very funny and shy, but that girl Lexsie... I'm still not sure about her. She seems to have it in for me. Luckily it's not as serious as anyone who teases Kori about her being a lesbian (long story, but Kori is NOT one, FYI). I saw Lexsie trying to kill some idiot who made the mistake of making a joke about Kori. It was amusing from my side, but I'm sure the jerk didn't enjoy it! :P BTW, I saw your mom yesterday, she misses you and is very angry at your father for sending you away. I got the whole hour long rant about how your father has to understand to love you just the way you are. She says you haven't written her yet... shame on you! Lol, but seriously, you need to write your mom at least.

So how's Military School? You never did tell me...

I smiled at the blushing Penni and placed the letter back in front of her, "You know I've got to approve of Ken before you start dating him, right? And you've gotta approve of Nathaniel." Penni shot me a look, "Why?" I fluttered my eyelashes playfully, "Because that's what friends do." Penni shook her blonde head, "You're so weird..." She mumbled to herself. I shook my head, "Nah-uh, it's a tradition passed down from generation to generation. A sacred ritual!" I said primly. Penni rolled her grey eyes, "Now you've lost it." I grinned at her, "No I didn't!" I said, pretending to be offended. We burst out laughing, earning a reprimand from Mr. Faraize.


Study hall ended. I waved good-bye to Penni as we separated just outside the class room. Walking down the hall I clutched my books to my chest, ignoring all the snide remarks cast in my direction. I was walking past the Student Council room when I heard a commotion. Frowning I went to investigate, but before I could even get close to the door, it burst open and the principal came storming out, her grey hair in a frazzle. Nathaniel followed her, his expression a mix of annoyance and regret. I was close enough to hear the principal yelling at Nathaniel, "If you don't find those keys, there will be hell to pay!" Nathaniel only nodded.

It was after the crazy old woman disappeared into her office did Nathaniel notice me. He sighed irritably, "How much did you hear?" He asked and I blinked at his tone, Nathaniel was never angry at me without reason. "Uh... nothing... just what the principal said just now." I said cautiously, wondering what I should do. Nathaniel sighed again, this time it seemed like his anger was dissipating. "So... what was she so angry about...?" I ventured to ask. Nathaniel's eye twitched, "Some one stole the exams from the teachers lounge, using my key." I couldn't help feel sorry for him, I knew Nathaniel would never do such a thing as break into the teachers lounge to steal anything, he took responsibility seriously. "Do you know who did?" I asked and the golden haired boy shook his head.

There was a moment of silence, in which both of us awkwardly avoided making eye contact. When the silence became unbearable I spoke, "Well if that's-" At the same time Nathaniel started speaking too, "Korianna, could you-" I blushed, "Uh... sorry, what were you going to say?" Nathaniel watched me for a few seconds before finishing, "If you're not too busy, could you help me find the exams and my keys?" I didn't even think about it when I nodded, "Sure! Don't worry, we'll find them!" I said confidently. Nathaniel slumped in relief, which surprised me. I hadn't realized he was hoping I would say yes.


It really didn't surprise me that Amber was the one behind the whole mess, or that she only did it to get back at her brother. What did surprise me was when she went to slap me for getting her suspended, Nathaniel stepped in and shoved her away. I think it surprised Amber even more than me, she had a look of utter shock when her brother grabbed her, his golden eyes furious. I fled, not wanting to get caught up in the family drama. I had enough of that from my own family.

I was almost out of the now deserted school yard when Nathaniel caught up to me. I shot him a questioning look, wondering why he was here. Nathaniel smiled, once again the boy I knew and liked, "I wanted to thank you for all your help today. I wouldn't have been able to solve the mystery without you." He commented. I stupidly blushed, "Of course you would have. With all those detective novels you read, I'm sure you would have figured something out." I managed to say without stuttering. I wondered absently where this sudden shyness came from. Nathaniel had walked me home plenty of times, this one shouldn't be any different. But it was...

The student body president didn't say anything, he just stared ahead, a small ghostly smile on his lips. We walked in a silence neither awkward or comfortable. We reached the apartment complex where Castiel and I lived. I couldn't take it anymore and broke the quiet by saying, "Uh... I'm sorry... for making your sister-" Nathaniel stopped and faced me, "It's alright Korianna. You didn't do anything wrong, so stop apologizing." I nodded and looked down, suddenly unable to meet his gaze. Gently fingers touched my chin, making me look at Nathaniel. When our gazes locked, he slowly moved his hand to cup my cheek and leaned down. For a brief moment our lips were millimeters apart, our breath mingling. My cheeks burned, but I didn't move away and Nathaniel closed the rest of the gap, softly pressing his lips to mine.

He pulled away before I could fully enjoy the kiss, his cheeks were a curious dusty pink. "Ah... G-good-bye. And thanks for your help again." He said quickly before I could react. I stood there in the same spot for a long time, watching the street that he disappeared down, my heart pounding. My tongue licked my lips, as if trying to remember the feeling of Nathaniel's lips on mine. That was when it truly hit me...

Nathaniel Powers had kissed me.


Nice way to end a chapter, eh? YAY they kissed! Sorry if it seems a little rushed... I've been stressing over the start of school... Ugh...

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