Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 17

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"...and after that, Leigh told me to go find Rosalya and give her the flowers, saying they were from him. I never seen a girl so happy!" Savannah finished telling us how she single-handedly saved a Lysander's older brother's relationship. Lexsie smirked, "Not even Nath kissed Kori?" I choked on my soda while Penni laughed so hard she almost fell off her seat. Ever since school started, Lexsie was on my case about Nathaniel's kiss. Savannah shrugged, "Well I didn't personally see that, so I couldn't tell. But I'm sure Kori would look so much happier." I glared at my two treacherous friends. Penni snorted at my expression and reached across to pat my arm, "Might as well get used to it, Kori. They won't leave you alone, trust me on this." I guess she was right, after all Penni did like Ken, so she must be used to the teasing.

I still shot sour looks at Savannah and Lexsie, both were too busy giggling to notice. Penni made the smart decision to change the subject, "So... you were telling me about the chat room?" I flashed a brief smile then began explaining the pros and cons of joining our chat room. I was just getting to the fact that there was no limit of teasing when someone cleared their throat. All four of us girls turned to see Lysander standing behind Savannah, holding a lunch tray and somehow not looking awkward like anyone else would have. "May I sit with you?" He asked politely. Lexsie and I shared an evil smirk while Savannah blushed prettily and nodded, turning shy. Penni, still feeling bad about the wrecked date, fell silent and stared at her half eaten sandwich. I noticed that Lysander didn't even glance at Penni, he must still be upset about it.

"I wanted to thank you for helping my brother earlier." Lysander started and Savannah eeped and blushed. I sighed, my purple haired friend had been so good at speaking lately, I had forgotten about her inability to speak around anyone who she didn't know. Dimly I wondered how she had even managed speaking to Leigh and Rosalya earlier today. Lexsie came to Savannah's rescue, if it could be called that, "You'll have to excuse Miss Shyness over here. She clams up a lot, especially around certain people..." Savanna shot our friend a dark look and I laughed, "It's true. I'm surprised Savannah was even able to speak to your brother. By the way, I didn't know you had an older brother." Lysander carefully ignored me, so he was still mad at me too. Penni and I exchanged looks and I shrugged, there was nothing I could do. Maybe he would forgive us when we set him up with Savannah, I grinned evilly at the thought.


As I dug through my locker after school, stuffing my random doodles in my bag to take some so Amber couldn't steal one and turn it into another humiliation antic, Savannah popped up. "Hey, Kori, what are you doing right now?" She asked, a little too innocently. I eyed her cautiously, "Packing my things to go home... what do you want?" She casually handed me a slip of paper, "I was late to English today, can you give take this to Nathaniel for me?" I glared at her, "Take it yourself and stop trying to set me up." I snapped and shoved a page from my history notes in my bag, the margins of the paper full of mindless doodles.

Savannah gripped my arm, "Please, Korianna! I'm not heading anywhere near the Student Council room! Lys wants to show me something, and I can't wait any longer!" I paused at that, my bookbag halfway on my shoulder. I settled the bag's strap before turning to my friend, she looked like she meant it. I looked down at the slip of paper still clutched in her hand, it was a tardy slip made out to Savannah Knight, so she wasn't lying about that. Sending Savannah one last dark look I took the slip of paper from her, "If this turns out to be a stupid set up..." I threatened. Savannah, however, didn't hear me instead she hugged me tightly around the shoulders, "Thanks Kori! You're a doll!" She squealed and I grunted. Sometimes I forgot how old fashioned Savannah could be; I mean, who said 'you're a doll' anymore? I could already tell that Lysander and Savannah were made for each other. I managed to escape my friend's strangle hold and fled down the hall twoards the Student Council room before she could think of any more favors.

Timidly I knocked on the Student Council door, cracking it open slightly. I hadn't seen Nathaniel since last night after he kissed me, whether he was avoiding me or I him I didn't know and really didn't want to know. "Nathaniel? You in here?" I called out hesitantly when I didn't see him in the room. Slowly I inched the door even farther open until I saw Nathaniel slumped over at the head of the table, sound asleep. I blinked at the sight, never would I have imagined that Nathaniel, the most responsible person I knew ever, would be sleeping when he could be working. Immediately I wondered if something was wrong. "Nathaniel...?" I asked cautiously, edging forward until I stood next to him. He still didn't respond, not even a flinch when I felt his forehead for a fever.

Placing the tardy slip on the table, I knelt down so I was level with his handsome face. Nathaniel looked so peaceful when he was asleep, he looked like a normal teenage boy instead of the mature, responsible guy that I knew. I knew then and there that I liked this Nathaniel more than the one I saw everyday, with his unguarded and easy expression. I lightly pushed his gold bangs from his eyes, careful not to wake him. This was the guy who kissed me last night, and that one little peck on the lips that meant more to me than all of Ty's heated kisses. I smiled at the thought, realizing that it was true. I had only dated Ty because everyone thought we were the cutest couple in school. I wanted to date Nathaniel because he... well Nathaniel was just himself, and there was no way I could explain how much I really liked him.

"Hmmm... Kori...?" Nathaniel's sleepy voice brought me out of my thoughts. My violet eyes locked onto his golden ones. I swallowed my shyness and smiled at him, "Hey sleepyhead. Have a good nap?" Nathaniel mumbled something too low for me to hear, then he sighed and straightened in his seat, stretching his arms above his head and giving me a perfect view of his shirt pressed into his finely toned chest. I blushed, of course. "Did you need something, Korianna?" He asked. I stared at him blankly for a few minutes, wondering why I had come in here, when I remembered the tardy slip, "Oh! Savannah told me to give this to you. She couldn't do it herself." I said and held out the paper for him to take. Nathaniel looked at the paper, "Ah." Was it just me or did he sound disappointed? I doggedly ignored it, determined to keep this meeting as least awkward as possible.

Nathaniel signed the tardy slip then set it down, his pen fidgeting between his fingers, refusing to meet my gaze "Listen, Korianna... about last night..." Was he going to tell me that it was a mistake? That he didn't mean it? He shot me a brief worried glance when I didn't say anything before continuing "I'm sorry for-" I couldn't help but let a small sigh of relief escape and held up my hand. Nathaniel stopped speaking. I smiled at him, "It's okay Nathaniel... I- uh... I was surprised... but not in a bad way! It was real nice that- I mean, um..." I was making a mess of things. When Ty had first kissed me I had been too stunned to respond, but Ty had taken care of everything in the beginning. I hadn't known how to react then, and I sure didn't now.

Quickly, before I knew what I was doing and could stop myself, I leaned down and kissed Nathaniel's cheek. He jerked in surprise and stared at me, golden eyes wide. I blushed and whispered, "Since I didn't get to kiss you back..." before fleeing from the room, embarrassed that I had just said that.


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