Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 19

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A few days later, when I opened my locker a note and daisy fluttered out. I blinked at the flower laying on the cold hard floor, it's yellow center bright against the white tiling. Slowly I bent down and picked up both the daisy and the note. Holding the flower in one hand I unfolded the paper to reveal neat handwriting:


I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance to respond that night when I walked you home; but I'm glad you did so the day after.


It was so simple, but to me the little note was better than any poetry ever written. I actually squealed softly at the meaning behind his note, Nathaniel liked me. He wouldn't have said he was glad if he didn't. Smiling I brushed the daisy against my nose before slipping it into my sketchbook, that daisy was going to stay with me forever.


"You are unusually happy." Lexsie observed as we walked to third period. I bit my lip to keep from smiling even larger. I hadn't shown my friends the note yet, and I didn't know if I wanted to. It was still too personal to be shared, I wanted to keep it a secret for a little longer. My black haired friend shrugged and turned to growl at a passing freshmen who almost knocked into her. The poor underclassmen actually squeaked and scrambled away from Lexsie. I rolled my eyes, my happy mood toning down a little. Not even a month and already Lexsie had as bad a reputation as Castiel.

A voice further down the hallway brought both our heads up, "No, please! That's fragile!" The crowd of students parted at the right moment to give me a glimpse of Amber and her gang surrounding a panicked girl scrabbling for her papers fluttering in the air. Li was holding a laptop up, threatening to drop it, while the girl frantically tried to reach for it and juggle her papers all at the same time. Lexsie stormed forward, "Hey, I know you lamebrains have more important things to do, like pick out the right shade of pink for your lipstick, so why don't you leave her alone?" The three bullies turned quickly to face my angry friend. I stood behind her and to the side, determined not to get into this. Amber, of course, noticed me standing there. She smirked and turned back to Lexsie, "Awwww... it's so sweet that your trying to protect your girlfriend's crush. I would be jealous if I were you." Lexsie didn't let the lesbian narrowed her bright green eyes, "I'd watch what I say next, bitch." She growled. I sighed, "Lexsie... language." I reprimanded her.

Amber glared at Lexsie, then she brightened, "Your name is Lexsie Liard right?" My friend scoffed, "Yeah, it took you a week to figure that one out? Congrats, I thought it would take at least three years." Nathaniel's sister pursed her lips together then said, "I was just thinking how much it sounded like Sexy Retard." The small crowd gathering in the hall 'oohed', and some dumb jerk yelled, "Cat fight!" from the back. Li and Charlotte giggled with Amber at her 'ingenious' comeback. I couldn't help the smirk crawling up my face, Lexsie was going to have fun. The black haired firecracker cooed mockingly, "Well I know I'm sexy, and thank you for telling me, but I'm not into girls." Amber turned a very dark red, and I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing. Not that our little audience bothered to do the same. Even the girl that Amber had been tormenting was giggling behind her hand, her bright yellow eyes sparkling with laughter underneath chocolate brown hair.

Before Amber could respond Lexsie flickered her wrist in a dismissive manner, "Now go on. I'm sure you'll want to think long and hard on a good comeback." My friend started to turn away the mused aloud, tapping her chin with a finger exaggeratedly, "It will always amaze me that you're related to Nathaniel. I mean, I know blondes are supposed to be exceedingly stupid, like yourself, but Nathaniel is so smart, maybe he got the brains and you got the beau- no you didn't even get that. You probably just got the left over bad genes." Lexsie finished with a bright smile in Amber's direction. The blonde girl was too dumbstruck to even look mad. Her friends were the same way.

The three made a hasty retreat, the laughter of our classmates following them. I shook my head at Lexsie, "That was a little over the line." I said sternly. Lexsie shot me a look, "I was defending someone, and it's Amber. She deserves-" I finished for her, "-to be treated like a normal person, no matter how evil she really is." Lexsie groaned and cast her eyes heavenward, "Don't get righteous on me now, Korianna. I'm still enjoying the look on her face when I told that-" My eyes snapped to Lexsie before she could cuss again and she quickly changed her word choice, "biii-girl off. Scold me at lunch." I rolled my eyes and finally looked down on the yellow-eyed girl Amber had been torturing, "Hi, I'm Korianna and this is Lexsie. What's your name?" "Tansy." She said, bringing her eyes up to mine briefly before going back down to her fingers as she flipped quickly though her stack of papers.

Lexsie and I exchanged a look before I continued, "Well... don't mind Amber, she's just attention deprived and..." I trialed off when I saw the new girl wasn't listening. She was too busy checking all her technology she carried with her. I had never seen anyone with so much stuff. Two different laptops, an iPod, MP3, iPhone, iPad, three types of earbuds, clunky earphones, five chargers, an Android, Samsung Note, recording device, and a hand held gaming system with five games. Tansy sighed in relief when everything appeared to be working, then turned to us, "Sorry, I wanted to be sure that nothing was broken." Lexsie let out a short bark of a laugh, "And I thought your dad was the techie, Kori." She said to me. I rolled my eyes, "He's not a techie. He just needs all that for his job." "Uh-huh, sure. That's what I would say too." Lexsie said sarcastically. Tansy stood up, "Thanks for helping me, I had no bloody idea that you Americans were so violent." She said innocently.

I tilted my head, "Your accent..." I mentioned, not wanting to come out and say it. Tansy nodded as she tied her long brown hair back, "Yeah, I'm from 'Jolly Old England' and all that, come to live with my uncle here in the States, I have." Lexsie looked like a three year old in a candy store, "Say something!" My friend squealed. Lexsie had developed a thing for British accents in junior high because of a boy she had a crush on could do a perfect imitation of one, or so he thought. Tansy frowned, "Uhh... 'something'?" She said hesitantly. Lexsie waved her hand, "No, no! Say something that you usually say, in your accent!" I sighed and checked the clock, "Lexsie, the bell is about to ring, we need to get to class." I smiled at the very confused Tansy, "Come sit with us a lunch, and don't mind Lexsie, she can be annoying at times." Tansy laughed as I dragged Lexsie away.


Lexsie was telling Savannah and Penni about the 'awesome British techie girl' when Tansy herself walked up, "Allo, Korianna." She said balancing her lunch tray on her binder as she waited for me to either invite her to sit down or humiliate her. I smiled up at her then patted the seat beside me, "Guys this is Tansy. Tansy, Savannah and Penni." I introduced her as she sat down. Penni waved like a normal person and Savannah looking down at her mystery meat meal, her shyness. Penni leaned forward, "So what part of the UK are you from?" She asked. Tansy swallowed her simple sandwich and took a sip of water before answering, "Well my family is originally from Ireland, but after my parents separated, my mum dragged me down to the little village of Chesterton, England."

Penni nearly choked on her cherry limeade flavored drink, "No way, really?! That's where I lived when I was in England. Do you know Anna?" All of us gave her surprised looks, "You went to England? And when were you going to tell us this?" Lexsie asked, her tone slightly huffy. I rolled my eyes, this was coming from the girl who kept her crush over my brother a secret from me for years. Penni laughed sheepishly, "Well, I already told you my dad is big into politics... he's the ambassador for America." Tansy latched on to that piece of information, "Really? So that means your wealthy right? Do you own a mansion? Do your parents buy you anything you want?" She asked. Penni laughed and shook her head, "I used to, but I'm staying with my Aunt Agatha while my parents are gone so I can attend school here. And no, I have to earn every cent like normal kids." I thought Lexsie would get offended that Penni had accidentally implied that 'normal' kids were poor, but surprisingly the black haired firecracker didn't say a word, she didn't even seem to notice.


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