Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 20

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*CrAzYArtist has signed in*

GreenThumb: Hey.

CrAzYArtist: Hey yourself. How was the your vacation?

GreenThumb: Boring, nothing like being stuck with three older sisters. Speaking of which...

*MonKeybiz has signed in*

MonKeybiz: The life of the party is here!

GreenThumb: I thought that was Lexsie. Where is she anyway?

CrAzYArtist: Trying to get a poor British girl to speak.

GreenThumb: ...

GreenThumb: ...Whut?

MonKeybiz: You're using internet slang! I'm so proud of you!

CrAzYArtist: You're so weird.

GreenThumb: Amen to that...

MonKeybiz: It's a conspiracy against me! Hey Kori, do you know where Lys was today?

CrAzYArtist: He's still mad at me for crashing that fail date with Penni, and I don't have classes with him. So no.

MonKeybiz: Alright... I just wanted to return his jacket.

CrAzYArtist: YOU HAVE LYSANDER'S JACKET?! It must be serious!

GreenThumb: *sigh*

MonKeybiz: Stop freaking out... it's only a jacket.

CrAzYArtist: Like I said when Nath walked me home... If a guy lends you a jacket then it's obviously something.

MonKeybiz: So is a guy walking you home!

GreenThumb: Girls... please don't fight...

CrAzYArtist: I never said it wasn't. Besides, if Nathaniel kissed me it's obviously something.

MonKeybiz: Hmph... I liked it when you tried to deny something was going on.

CrAzYArtist: *read in singsongy voice* Now it's your turn! :D

MonKeybiz: What about Castiel and Lexsie?

CrAzYArtist: Have you seen my brother? He's not exactly the type to be nice.

MonKeybiz: And Lysander isn't? They do hang out together.

CrAzYArtist: I already told you, Lys is a gentleman. So is Nathaniel. Castiel is a jerk...

MonKeybiz: And so is Lexsie, sometimes.

GreenThumb: You realize I'm still here right?

MonKeybiz: Shhhhhh! Important girl talk!

GreenThumb: Sometimes I really wish there was another guy here...

MonKeybiz: Maybe we could get Castiel hooked.

CrAzYArtist: Sorry, I see him enough already.

MonKeybiz: Okay, what happened? You're not usually bashing your twin.

CrAzYArtist: I'm still mad at him for freaking out on Nathaniel kissing me.

GreenThumb: Still?! Kori, you can hold a grudge...

MonKeybiz: I know! Once in first grade she refused to talk to me for a month because I did something I couldn't even remember!

GreenThumb: Wow... Kori actually has a mean bone in her body.

CrAzYArtist: Guys... I'm still here.

GreenThumb: Shhhhhh! Important family talk!

MonKeybiz: ROFL. Jade I think you get funnier every passing day.

CrAzYArtist: ACK! It's 'more funny'! Not 'funnier'!

MonKeybiz: Silence, Grammar Nazi.

*$Cha-Ching$ has joined the chat room*

GreenThumb: Who on earth are you?!

MonKeybiz: Seriously. IDENTIFY YOURSELF

CrAzYArtist: Hey Penni!

$Cha-Ching$: Hey... I'm guessing Crazyartist is Korianna...

CrAzYArtist: Yep!

MonKeybiz: What's with the user name?

CrAzYArtist: You knew Penni was filthy rich...

$Cha-Ching$: And Free2dance and just about every other user name I wanted to use was already taken in the chat website. Trust me, this was the last user name I picked. So who's the other two?

MonKeybiz: Savannah here!

GreenThumb: I'm Jade. I don't think we met.

$Cha-Ching$: Jade... Jade... Wait, were you the guy that worked in the Gardening Club with Ken?

GreenThumb: That's the one. I don't go to your school though, just FYI

GreenThumb: By the way, I was going to wait for Lexsie to get here, but... do you all want to come with me to a party this weekend?

CrAzYArtist: Party? Like full out high school party? Drinking and drugs and everything? O.o I didn't know you were into that...

GreenThumb: Yeah... and my sister is making me go. But it'd give us a chance to hang out.

MonKeybiz: I'm for it! As long as you don't make me do anything against my will...

$Cha-Ching$: Fine by me, never been to one before.

CrAzYArtist: Where's it at?

GreenThumb: Ermmm... It's Amber's party... My sister is friends with her and she's dragging me a long as her ride back home. Can't see why I can't just wait around in town until she's ready...

MonKeybiz: ...You're kidding, right?

$Cha-Ching$: Gives Kori a perfect chance to speak with Nathaniel though...

MonKeybiz: True...

CrAzYArtist: Say one more word about that and I'll break the record of my grudges.

$Cha-Ching$: No idea of what you mean, but I can tell you're serious. Not crossing the line

MonKeybiz: I second that!

GreenThumb: Besides, it gives you three a perfect chance to crash Amber's party.

CrAzYArtist: I'm in!

$Cha-Ching$: Me too!

MonKeybiz: Me three! lol

*RabidsingeR has signed in*

CrAzYArtist: Clear you weekend calendar, Lexsie, we're going to crash Amber's party!

MonKeybiz: And do a little matchmaking between Nath and Kori on the side.

$Cha-Ching$: Hey, this is Penni!

GreenThumb: Plus you finally get to meet me in person!

RabidsingeR: You had me at 'crash Amber's party' XD I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this...


Finally a funny chat chapter! You can tell there is going to be something fun in the next chapter... AND MORE FLUFF!

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