Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 21

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"You are not going out like that." Castiel said, not even looking up from his guitar. I looked down at my pure white flowing knee length dress and sheer tights with snowflakes picked out in silver. Lysander, who was sitting across from him scribbling away, glanced up, raised an eyebrow then looked at my brother, "She's not dressed inappropriately." Castiel still wouldn't look up, "She's going to that stupid party, so she's dressed inappropriately." He stated simply. I rolled my eyes to Lexsie who kept dabbing at her make up while Penni kept slapping her hand away. I wondered how Lexsie could even like my brother, he was just a pain sometimes. Penni smacked Lexsie's hand away again, "If you keep touching it, you're going to smudge my work!" The blonde girl snapped. Savannah sighed, "Really Lexsie. You're the one who wanted Penni to do your make up..." Lexsie's fingers started inching their way towards her face again, but one glare from Penni stopped them.

Castiel finally looked up, "You look fine Lexsie. Stop fussing." He said flatly. Lexsie didn't really need the bright pink colored blush after that, she was so red in the face that the base couldn't hide it. Savannah, Penni and I giggled. Over the few days that we had to get our costumes ready for Amber's Halloween party Lexsie and Castiel went from Stage 1: 'You're Just My Friend, Whatever' to Stage 2: 'Blushes and Compliments.' It was all according to Tansy's '10 Stages of Relationships' chart. Penni was at Stage 7: the 'Can't be Without You' stage. Savannah was still at stage one with Lysander. Tansy said I was between Stage 5: 'Shyly Skipping Around the Subject of Dating' and Stage 6: 'Small Kisses and Presents.' I thought it was strange that Tansy had this whole thing already worked out, and that it made sense, somewhat.

I sighed and snatched up my white wedge heels, "Let's go we're going to be late. Hey Castiel, are you using the car?" My brother, squinting at a page of lyrics, shook his head 'no'. I smirked, now came to part of tricking him, "I need the keys really fast, where are they?" Still trying to decipher the Lysander's writing, Castiel pointed to the small bowl sitting on the table, "There, stop bothering me." He snapped. Before my twin realized he had been duped, I grabbed the car keys and ushered my snickering friends out the door, calling over my shoulder, "We'll be home late, see you later!" Before I closed the door, I could see Lysander smirking at me, he winked. So he knew my plan, but didn't bother to tell my brother. Guess he was on my side again.


So far the party was a total bore. The only thing exciting was when some random couple got into a major fight which ended with a major make out session that made me want to gag. Penni seemed to be enjoying herself though, having never been to a stereotypical teen party. Even I had been before, when Lexsie dragged me to one our freshmen year, that was when we met Savannah. And I met Ty, much to my later misfortune. I kept to the seats, sandwiched between couples who couldn't keep their hands off each other and druggies smoking themselves silly. Savannah had left in search for a soda, knowing it would be a lost cause, while Lexsie was busy warding off guys hitting on her. Penni, however, had headed straight for the dance floor. From my view, I could tell she was owning the floor with her crazy moves. I hadn't even known she was into dancing.

Savannah reappeared, two Dr. Peppers in her hand, "Guess Nathaniel is cracking down on the beer, I couldn't find any." She said as she handed me one of the frigid cans. I shot her a look, "Were you looking for them?" I asked suspiciously. Savannah plopped down next to me, not caring if her medieval lady dress was wrinkled in the process, and laughed, "Of course not. But you know how hard it is to find a coke at these parties. I was kinda suspicious when the first cooler was nothing but sodas, so was the second and the third... after I looked around, I couldn't find any beer." I popped the tap on my soda and took a nice long drink. Something bumped into me, causing me to spew my drink... just as Amber walked past in her skimpy pirate girl costume.

As Lexsie would say: It was an opportunity worth dying for, and from the look Amber gave me, I thought she really was going to kill me. Savannah dying of laughter beside me didn't help my case of it being an accident. Suddenly I went from being the invisible snow princess, to the girl facing Amber's wrath. I slouched a little in my seat, bracing myself for the hurricane that was about to be unleashed.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH! You did that on purpose! Why are you even here, I know I didn't f***ing invite you!" Amber started, her voice shrill to the point that I knew any dogs within a mile could hear her. I slumped down a little lower, my cheeks flaming red. I didn't like being the center of attention and suddenly I was on Broadway. "Uhh... I'm sorry, I didn't-" I started, but Amber didn't even let me explain, "You ruined my $200 costume! You are soooooo paying me back, bitch! Don't think you won't!" Amber shouted then stomped away, her whole right side drenched in my backwash. I buried my face in my hands, not sure if I should cry or laugh. Lexsie came up just as the rest of the crowd started returning to normal, "What happened?" I was still embarrassed to speak, but Savannah wasn't, "Well, you see. Kori decided it would be a good idea to spill Dr. Pepper on Amber and-" "It was an accident!" I practically wailed, both my friends cracked up.


Hours late Jade finally showed up as a green haired vampire. I didn't even have to make introductions, Lexsie and Savannah spotted him the minute he walked through the door, his bright green hair as out of place as Savannah's purple hair or my white locks. When I saw that there would be no awkwardness between the three I went to find Penni. She was surrounded by jocks trying to flirt with her, and she didn't look very pleased at all. I smiled and joined her, "Hey Penni, Jade's here. Do you want to meet him?" I asked. Penni looked at me confused, she had already met Jade before he went back to his own school, and she knew I knew that. I gave her a look, trying to express with my eyes that I was giving her the perfect chance to escape the jock's unwanted attention. She finally got the message and nodded before dragging me away with a force I didn't know she had.

Of course, we never made it that far. As we walked underneath the upper story walkway, there was a voice shouting, "There she is!" It was followed by a show of ice cold water down on my head. I shrieked at the sudden change in temperature, throwing up my arms to deflect most of the downpour off my poor head. Laughter filled the air, and I was dragged back to the day that Amber had altered the comic I had drawn. Only this was worse, this was physical discomfort.

Penni was staring at me, mouth open wide and eyes nearly popping out of her head. None of the water hit her luckily. Her gypsy costume was still in tact, but the same could be said for my snow princess dress. It had gone from gleaming white to sheer in .03 seconds, plastered to my body like a second skin. I hastily crossed my arms over my chest, shaking from the cold air that now wafted at my body. Amber appeared before me, taunting, "I told you you'd regret it, little bitch. How does it feel?" Penni glared at Amber and opened her mouth to defend me, but someone else beat her to it, "Amber! That's enough." Shivering I looked over my shoulder just as Nathaniel wrapped a blanket around my shoulders. His sister backed down with a pout.

Nathaniel took me to his bedroom. I sat on his bed, the blanket wrapped around me, watching him as he carefully made sure his door was cracked two inches. I couldn't help but smile at that, "I-It won't m-m-ma-matter. The-They w-w-will a-a-a-as-assume the w-w-worst." I stuttered, my teeth clattering together loudly. Nathaniel didn't answer as he shifted through his drawers and pulled out a pair of grey sweats and a formless white T-shirt. He motioned to a closed door on the other side of the bed, "Bathroom is through there." I didn't move. I just stared at the pile of clothes he gave me, then up at his golden eyes, "Why do you always help me?" I blurted out.

Nathaniel blushed a little and looked away sheepishly, "Uh... I guess I feel responsible for what my sister does to you." He said uncomfortably. I looked back down, disappointed, "...oh..." I stood and moved toward the bathroom to change, but Nathaniel grabbed my arm, "Korianna, wait..." I looked up at him, half hoping half dreading what he would say. Nathaniel studied me for a while before saying, "You know I like you, Korianna. I guess that's the real reason why I want to protect you from my sister's stupid pranks." I stared at Nathaniel for a minute, my brain trying to catch up to what he just said. Nathaniel blushed even harder and started to let go of me, thinking that I was rejecting him, when I threw my arms around his neck and crashed my lips to his. Surprised he stumbled back a step and I was dragged with him, my feet skittering forward to avoid doing a face plant. Somehow my left foot got wedged behind his right and he tripped over it. To avoid falling to the floor, Nathaniel twisted and we both ended up on the bed, me on top of him, kissing...

...just as Melody opened the door.

The three of us stared at each other for a minute, all of us blushing. Then I bolted off Nathaniel and fled for the bathroom, the clothes he gave me clutched in my arms. I stood leaning against the door, breathing heavily. I could not believe Nathaniel and I had just been caught by the girl who had a crush on him. Castiel seeing us kissing was bad enough, but Melody wasn't one to keep a secret like my brother. She was almost as bad as Peggy when it came to gossip, except when it dealt with Nathaniel. I just hoped her policy of not telling Peggy anything about Nathaniel would cover this incident. I could hear Melody speaking in a chocked tone, "What's going on? I-I came to tell you I was here and she- Did Kori... was she...?" Then came Nathaniel's much calmer voice, "Someone spilled something on Korianna's costume, she came to me for extra clothes." His voice left no room to question how I had come in his bedroom looking for extra clothes and ended up kissing him. There was a small muffled sob and the sound of a door slamming.

I finished tugging on the white shirt and tying the sweats tighter around my waist before leaving the bathroom, my wet dress flung over one arm. Nathaniel was standing in the middle of his room, staring down at something in his hands. I peered around him to see a pair of yellow cat ears attached to a head band teetering over his palm. Melody must have given them to him before she left. I gently touched his shoulder, startling him. Biting my lip I looked down, "I'm sorry... I-" Nathaniel pressed a finger to my lips, "You shouldn't be sorry. It's not your fault." He said softly. I tried a small smile and took the cat ears from him, "These are nice. You should wear them." I said timidly, trying to change the subject to a safer track.

Nathaniel snorted, "I don't celebrate Halloween. I think it's stupid." He said dully and I rolled my eyes, "You would." I muttered then shoved the car ears down on his head, laughing at his expression of surprise. "There! You know, the ears really look good on you, I think you should wear them from now on." I said between giggles. Nathaniel frowned at me and tried to pull the ear off, but I swatted his hands away, "No I like them. Leave them in." Slowly he lowered his hands and didn't try to take them off again. I grinned at the thought that Nathaniel would wear something even if he didn't like it, because he knew I did. Mentally I made a note to tell Tansy I had gone from between Stage 5 and Stage 6 to fully on Stage 6 of her 10 Stages of Relationships. I knew she would be thrilled.


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