Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 22

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*CrAzYArtist had signed in*

$Cha-Ching$: Hey so what happened after the water accident yesterday? No one saw you after that.

MonKeybiz: Seriously, girl. I know you want to be with your boy, but spend some time with your homeys!

RabidsingeR: Savannah, don't try to be gangster. It's just atrocious.

CrAzYArtist: 8 points for Lexsie!

RabidsingeR: We're not playing Scrabble, Kori...

GreenThumb: Back on subject... where did you go? I didn't get to even say hi before you disappeared.

CrAzYArtist: No reason... I just didn't want to be in that house anymore

$Cha-Ching$: So either you got into a fight with Nath or kissed him again...

RabidsingeR: I'm going with kissing... At least here's hoping ;P

CrAzYArtist: Since you'll drag it out of me anyway... Yes, Nath and I kissed again, and Melody walked in on us.

MonKeybiz: ...Oh snap... doesn't she have a crush on Nath?

$Cha-Ching$: Yep... ladies and Jade, prepare for World War 3

CrAzYArtist: Oh come on! Melody and I are rational people, it's not like we'll end up cat fighting in the middle of the hall.

RabidsingeR: When it comes to guys, all rationality goes out the window.

$Cha-Ching$: Yeah, I mean look at how Lexsie first treated me for the whole Lysander mess... and she doesn't even like him (not like Savannah)!


$Cha-Ching$: *read in sarcasm* You're right. It was because Kori forced Castiel into the whole mess, since that makes a whole lot more sense.

MonKeybiz: Penni you're hilarious!

RabidsingeR: Grrrrr...

CrAzYArtist: Get over it, Lexsie.

GreenThumb: Back on topic girls.

MonKeybiz: lol, what are you the Topic Police?

GreenThumb: Yes... don't make me write you a ticket! ^^

MonKeybiz: I'm shaking in fear, Jade.

CrAzYArtist: Has anyone seen Violette? She hasn't been on.

GreenThumb: She was on briefly yesterday while you were getting ready for the party.

RabidsingeR: Oh... and what did you two... discuss...? Hmm?

GreenThumb: How nuts you are.

$Cha-Ching$: 'You' as in all of us, or 'you' as in Lexsie?

GreenThumb: You as in Lexsie.

RabidsingeR: Love you too Jade! X(

MonKeybiz: Okay guys, we have a crisis on our hands. Kori is possibly facing a cat fight with Melody...

CrAzYArtist: I can handle myself, Savannah...

RabidsingeR: We all know you can't, Korianna.

CrAzYArtist: ...

MonKeybiz: Nice going, dummy.

RabidsingeR: ...Oops...

*CrAzYArtist has signed out*

I glared at the log in sign for ChatRoomzNet, normally I was used to Lexsie's hurtful comments, knowing she didn't really mean them, but that was just too far. Crossing my arms I slouched in my computer chair, but the more I thought about what she said, the more I realized... Lexsie was right. I couldn't take care of myself. It was always my brother or my friends who stepped in when something didn't go right. Now Nathaniel did the same. I closed my eyes wondering if I surrounded myself with people who had an instinct to protect me, so I wouldn't have to do so myself. Did I make friends or bodyguards? I shivered, scared of the answer. Maybe I wasn't so innocent as everyone made me out to be, maybe I was just a manipulative girl and a coward.

My cell phone buzzed, bringing me out of my self depression. I answered it without thought, "Hello?" "Is this Korianna?" Someone, a guy by the deep tone of his voice, asked. I frowned, wondering who could have gotten my number. "Yeah, who's this?" "Nathaniel... You gave me your number last night, remember?" I shot straight up in my chair, I had forgotten that we had exchanged numbers when he walked me home. I leaned back in my chair, my right hand pressing into my forehead, "Sorry... I didn't add your number in yet, I was too tired last night." I shut my mouth, knowing I was about to start babbling. There was a pause on the other side of the line, "Korianna... are you alright? You don't sound very happy." Nathaniel ventured. I mentally cursed, why did Nathaniel have to be so good at guessing someone's emotions? I stayed silent, debating if I should tell him or not. I sighed, unable to lie to the guy who had been nothing but nice to me since I came to Sweet Amoris, "I'm not. I-" Nathaniel cut me off before I could explain "Don't say anything else. I'm coming to pick you up, then you can tell me what's bothering you." I couldn't help but smile.


"Alright, now what's the matter?" Nathaniel asked after he returned with two ice cream cones, handing me the chocolate one. I licked the frozen dairy, taking my time in answering. When I didn't answer for a while Nathaniel shrugged and leaned back on the bench, eating his own ice cream contently, waiting patiently for me to answer. Crunch! I pulled back realizing I had just ate all my ice cream and was working on the cone now. I was stalling. I sighed and turned to Nathaniel, "Do you... think I'm helpless?" I asked him. The student council president blinked several times, his blonde eyebrows pulled low over the bridge of his nose. Nathaniel shot me a funny look, "What makes you say that?" I sighed and looked down at the remains of my melting cone. "Something Lexsie said earlier, about how I can't take care of myself." I saw Nathaniel's gold eyes narrow and hurried on before he could say anything, "I think she's right. Looking back, I've never been able to get out of a mess by myself. Lexsie and Castiel were always taking care of my problems. Then Savannah and now you. I can't think of any time I solved a problem by myself."

It took forever to Nathaniel to answer. I could tell by his frown that he was still trying not to get angry at Lexsie and failing miserably. Finally he exhaled deeply, his head bent so that his bright blonde hair covered his face, "Do you... want... to not be protected?" I tilted my head, "Huh?" I asked him confused by the question. Nathaniel looked at me, "Do you want your friends not to care about what happens to you?" He asked, his expression unreadable. I shook my head, still confused at what he was asking. Nathaniel closed his eyes and smiled, "Then you have nothing to worry about. We all love you Korianna, that's why we step in, because no one wants to see you hurt." My eyes widened a fraction at the word 'love' but I shoved that thought out of my mind before it could fully form; now wasn't the time to be thinking like that. I stared at my lap, dimly feeling the cold sludge of chocolate ice cream sliding down my fingers. I hadn't thought of it that way. I pushed a smile on my face, "Alright if you say so..." I murmured. Nathaniel grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer. I blushed, but didn't pull away, I could get used to this...


*CrAzYArtist has signed in*

RabidsingeR: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! FORGIVE ME! I'll never say another word again!

CrAzYArtist: Just drop the subject Lexsie...

$Cha-Ching$: Please! You've been going on and on about this for hours.

RabidsingeR: You would too if your best friend is super mad at you!

$Cha-Ching$: First off I wouldn't have even said it. Second, Ken would never be mad at me, it's against his nature.

MonKeybiz: Well we all thought it was against Kori's nature to get mad enough to LOG OFF!

GreenThumb: You three are terrible friends. Kori, are you okay?

CrAzYArtist: Yeah...

RabidsingeR: It doesn't sound like it! TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG!

MonKeybiz: Seriously? You're the one asking that?

CrAzYArtist: Nothing's wrong. And Lexsie...

RabidsingeR: *gulp* ...yes...?

CrAzYArtist: I'm only forgiving you because it got me a date with Nathaniel.

RabidsingeR: WHAT?!

$Cha-Ching$: O[]O


GreenThumb: Well what do you know? There IS a silver lining to every thundercloud! CX


Awwwww! They's so cute! ^^ I could just die!

Friendly of the Flames!

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