Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 23

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"So then my mum was all for sending me across the Pond to my uncle's home, studying abroad as it were. That's why I'm here." Tansy explained before class that morning, twirling a strand of her springy brown hair around her finger. She was nodding her head to a song only she could hear, her teeth latching onto her bottom lip, her rabbit earrings bobbing at the motion. Lexsie nodded eagerly, determined just to keep the girl talking so she could listen to Tansy's accent. I would feel sorry for the British girl, if she wasn't so talkative to begin with. Savannah yawned and laid her head on my shoulder, "Wake me when the bell rings." She mumbled, closing her red eyes for a few extra minutes of sleep. I glanced at my sleepy friend then returned to my sketchpad. It had been a while since I had drawn, not since Amber got a hold of that cursed comic. It was only because Ms. Orion, the art teacher, was determined to make me enter a drawing in some annual art exhibit that I was even drawing. I would have said no, but then the miraculous thing happened and both Nathaniel and Castiel said I should enter something.

I had decided to continue working on the piece I started when I first moved to Sweet Amoris, the one with Ken and Penni smiling at each other. I filled the blank spaces with pictures of Savannah and Lexsie with their arms around each other's shoulders, both laughing. Opposite of my two friends I had drawn Tansy, her face aglow with the light of her laptop. I erased Nathaniel in the library and replaced it with another picture of him bent over a filing cabinet, leafing through some papers. I also erased Amber and her crew and replaced it with the principal when she was calm and grandmotherly. Now I had a problem of small spaces in between the drawings, too small to be of any use, but big enough that they were noticeable. Tapping my pencil against my lip I tried to think of a way to fill in the spaces. Shading them in would be tacky and would ruin the drawings, clashing with the light shading. Maybe I could smudge the drawing around the edges to get rid of the white spaces. Tilting my head I scanned my drawing, trying to imagine what it would look like. If done correctly the pictures would appear to be coming out of a fog, but it would be hard to get the smudges exact. If I did smudge the drawing, it would probably take up more time than drawing actual pictures.

"Wow. You're really good." Penni said behind me, causing me to startle. Savannah grunted and sat up, giving me a bleary-eyed glare. The blonde behind us was still staring at my drawing, more specifically Ken. I shrugged, "I've had a lot of practice." I said, but I knew she wasn't listening to me, her stormy grey eyes were still on Ken. Tentatively her fingers reached out to graze her best friend's penciled cheek. I watched her, amused. "You know, if you want, I can copy the drawing for you so you can have one of your own..." I offered. Penni gave me a wide eyed look, "Really? Yeah, I'd love one!" She said in a rare show of excitement. I smiled at her and flipped the cover of my sketchpad back over the drawing, "I'll give it to you tomorrow then." I told her. Savannah leaned against me again, "What about Lysander? Will you draw him for me?" She asked in a sugary sweet tone. I glared at her, "No."


"I'm eating here." I said to my friends at the beginning of lunch, pointing to the Student Council Room. My decision earned knowing looks from the girls and a glare from Castiel. Lysander just smirked, he had forgiven me for crashing the date with Penni, but we were just overly polite now. At least he helped Lexsie drag Castiel away, so I could avoid the drama of Nathaniel and Castiel butting heads. Nathaniel looked up when I entered, smiling when he saw who it was, "Hey Korianna." He said before popping a carrot stick in his mouth. I gave him a flat look, "Carrot sticks? Really, Nathaniel?" I asked. Nathaniel shrugged, "My mom always packed them in my lunches when I was younger. I like them." He stated nonchalantly, nibbling at another carrot. I shook my head and sat down in the chair to the right of his. "Well, my mom packed brownies. I think I got the better deal." We both laughed.

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow at my lunch; a roast beef sandwich, iced tea in a thermos, and a wild berry muffin. I chuckled sheepishly, "I like to cook..." I said sheepishly. It was Nathaniel's turn to shake his head, "Is there anything you're not good at?" I answered him quickly, "School." It was true. Castiel didn't apply himself at all and managed to make As, I studied hard and still barely made Bs. Nathaniel seemed surprised, "Really?" He asked. I nodded glumly and waited for Nathaniel to start comparing me to my brother, but instead he said, "If you ever need help studying, I can help." He offered. I shot him a surprised look, seeing that blush of his that I loved. Reaching over I swiped one of his carrot sticks, "Alright, thanks Nathaniel." I said, biting the stick in half with a Cheshire Cat grin. Nathaniel shot me a dirty look, grumbling something about thief under his breath. I only smiled and finished off my stolen carrot stick.


A hand appeared in the middle of my face, waving. I jerked back, blinking and glared at Penni. The blonde was glaring back at me, "You should really get your hearing checked, girl." Penni snapped. I began to turn back to the book Nathaniel had loaned me, but Penni snatched it out of my hands before I could focus on its words. "Oh no! You're going to put this book down and converse like a normal person." Penni said. I crossed my arms, "Study Hall is supposed to be for studying, not talking." I retorted. Penni scoffed and waved her hand around the room, "And how many people are actually studying? Zero." I opened my mouth, but my blonde friend cut me off, "You were reading for pleasure, it doesn't count. Besides... if you read you can't read the letter Ken sent me..." Penni finished with a sly grin.

I suddenly forgot the book, "Give me!" I yelped reaching for the crumbled paper that Penni was waving around. Penni rolled her eyes, "Geez, you're just like a three year old." She said as she dropped the letter in my grasping hands. I stuck my tongue out at her, but my eyes were already on the scrawling handwriting:

Hey Pen!

Got your letter, finally (you wouldn't believe how long the mail takes getting here...). I'm glad I'm still your bestest friend! XP Can you believe how long it's been since we last saw each other? Too long in my opinion! And don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other again before we're both sixty, maybe fifty-nine, lol. So you finally met Kori? I never got to talk to her in person, but like I said she sure seemed nice. Glad you could rectify that! See what MS is teaching me? 'Rectify' such a wonderful big word. Man I hate it here, it's all 'do this, do that, listen to the Sergeant or get your butt handed to you.' That's a direct quote from one of my MS friends. Her name is also Lexie, like the girl who's a friend of Kori- the one who seems to have it in for you. I've made a total of two friends at MS. Lexie, who is sarcastic and stubborn as a mule at times, but she's a good kid (lol I sound like an old man). Then there's Carson. Ooo Carson... that guy is

Hey. I'm Lexie. Kentin isn't here right now, and he left this letter in plain sight, he should know better by now that if anything is left in the open, I'm going to be all over it! I'm a raccoon in a sense... MUST. HAVE. SHINY! lol but it doesn't have to be shiny, just interesting. So, Pen... are you a guy or a girl? To be honest the name doesn't really give anything away, no offense. Kentin really doesn't talk about his life before he came to MS, but then I don't know anyone who does. Sergeant Krisp would probably go on and on about how wussy it would be if someone shared their sob story BC. Sorry, using MS lingo here. BC means 'Before Camp' kinda ironic, no? Ha ha, I sound like a frenchy. So, Pen, have any dirt to share on our good friend Kentin? That kid is as solid as a steel wall when it comes to BC life. I mean, even I'm more open then Kenny-boy and I've had a hard life. Not that I'm going to tell you, I don't even know you! Oops! Gotta go, Kenny is comin' back!

Sorry about the paragraph above, I'm too lazy to rewrite this letter, and too lazy to scribble out what Lex wrote. Anyway, before Lexie got a hold of this I was talking about Carson. Well, I have to say if you weren't my best friend already, Carson probably would take that title. I think he might be a long lost brother or something... but we look nothing alike so it couldn't be that. Maybe a distant cousin. And yes, I wrote to my mom like you asked *cough cough ORDERED cough cough* I haven't received a reply yet. I wonder if my 'wonderful' father/master burned the letter, he probably did considering contact with someone's mother makes the person a wuss. Sorry, Pen, but MS can make a person bitter. Only the thought of you keeps me me. I know that sounds extremely cheesy, but it's true. You're the only person who ever thought of me as Kentin and not who I should be. That's why you're my bestest friend!

Say hi to 'Cuddles' for me!

Kentin Pierce

P.S. What's this about Kori drawing us? I want to see! Can you send me it? And tell Korianna thanks for doing that.

4rm Lex: Hey, Pen. So after reading Kenny's letter (behind his back I might add) and concluded that you were a girl (at least I hope), I have to know. Do you like like Kentin? Or are you just 'bestest friends'? Not that I'm trying to move in on your space, girl, just want to know. Cuz if so I'll be keeping the other ladies off Kentin's back. Not that he needs any help, but Kenny-boy is a real catch in MS. Probably the cutest guy here. All the girls swoon at the sight of him! Anyway, send me an answer! Us girls have to stick together and protect our men! ;3 (Kentin's probably going to kill me for this, but I don't care!)

I set down the letter very slowly, then turned to Penni. "So what did you write in return?" I asked, carefully keeping my tone nonchalant. Penni glared at me, probably mad that I could read her mind so well, and pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper. I unfolded it and turned my back to Penni so she wouldn't see what I was doing.

Dear Ken,

I'm glad things are going so well, and that you made friends. Does Lex really call you Kenny-boy to your face? O.o And Lexie, I'm not tell you if I like like Ken or not, I don't want to create any confusions as to how I feel for Ken, besides that information is between him and me alone. But if you feel it necessary to keep other girls off him, go right ahead. Ken, I'm not going to send you the drawing Kori did of us, because I can use it as another incentive to come home, you know... blackmail. X)) Besides seeing me again of course. And also, when did you get so popular? WHERE'S MY DORK AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM!? lol XD Anyway, me and Lexsie are now relatively good friends, we still have our hard times, but that's because she's a hot head and has a crush on Kori's twin brother (you remember Castiel, right?). Well... I guess that's another long story to save for WHEN you come home, there's a lot of long stories. Like how Kori has a crush on the student body pres Nathaniel Powers and visa-versa (they're such an adorable couple!) or how there's now a British techie girl going here. Oh! How about the Amber's Halloween Party Mishap? Starring Korianna, Amber, and an accident involving soda... that one is a doozy! I swear, if you put Kori and Amber withing five feet of each other, there's bound to be some interesting (and very amusing) events that will- whatever I completely forgot what I was going to say.

I scooted a little farther away from Penni and started writing:

Hiya! This is Korianna West, and this is to Lex (I'm just going to call you that since my own best friend is names Lexsie- with an 's' though): Penni likes Ken. I repeat, Penni likes Ken. She likes him just as much as I like Nathaniel, which is a lot, just sayin'. And since I'm sure Ken is reading this... if you break my friend's heart I'll track you all the way down to Military School and castrate you with a rusty spork. Don't think I won't, after all my twin brother is Castiel! But other than that you're good! ^^ But I still have to approve of you before I give my consent for you to date Penni. Otherwise you're out of luck. So when are you coming back, Ken? Cuz I'm tired of having to chase off idiot boys who thinks they have a chance at our lovely Penni (one of which being my own friend; and boy was Lys pissed at me! O.O). You had better come back and claim what's yours cuz

The letter was snatched from my hand before I could finish. Penni was standing over me, red in the face. I could almost see the steam coming out of her ears like a cartoon. I smiled at her, "I've got his address now, so I'll just send my note to him if you don't." I told my friend, knowing how much it would frustrate her. Penni turned even more red, if that were possible; for a moment I thought she would hit me.


Sorry if it's jumpy... Too much stuff going on here.

Flame Friendly.

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