Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 24

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*$Cha-Ching$ has signed in*

$Cha-Ching$: KORIANNA!

CrAzYArtist: Really? I thought you already blew all your anger off at me in Study Hall.

MonKeybiz: Now I'm curious what you did, Kori.

RabidsingeR: Who isn't?

GreenThumb: If it has anything to do with boys, then I'm not. Why can't we have a NORMAL discussion?

MonKeybiz: Because you happen to be the only guy here.

XxSilentBlossomxX: It is true Jade.

GreenThumb: Kori! Make Nath join!

RabidsingeR: Really? Then they can just flirt over the internet too.

CrAzYArtist: Thanks for talking about me like I'm not here. AND WE WOULD NOT!

$Cha-Ching$: Hey, I have a crisis here!

XxSilentBlossomxX: Oh no! What happened?

$Cha-Ching$: Kori wrote to Ken that I like him and then blacked mailed me into sending it.

CrAzYArtist: Guilty as charged! X3

RabidsingeR: ROTFL!

MonKeybiz: Oh so cruel, Kori. I commend you!

XxSilentBlossomxX: That wasn't very nice, Korianna...

GreenThumb: I agree with Violette.


GreenThumb: LEXSIE!

CrAzYArtist: BTW, did you know Ken apparently has a friend also names Lexie? She doesn't spell it with an 's' though.

$Cha-Ching$: Kori...

MonKeybiz: You know, I think Violette fainted...

RabidsingeR: That could be a valid reason why she's not answering.

GreenThumb: ...I'm going to murder you one day...

RabidsingeR: But you won't! ^^

$Cha-Ching$: Back on topic...

CrAzYArtist: Oh please, I know you played matchmaker that day you and Nath took me to the mall. Pretty convenient for your parents to show up JUST THEN.


MonKeybiz: 1 point to Korianna.

RabidsingeR: Tell me one person who can out-argue our friend.

GreenThumb: I can name two- Castiel and Nathaniel.

MonKeybiz: Oh, touche. :{D lol mustache!

RabidsingeR: I seriously question your sanity, Savannah...

MonKeybiz: Why do you and Kori always say that?

CrAzYArtist: Because it's true!

RabidsingeR: Like that time you made us perform live in the courtyard of the school! I told you we weren't ready for publicity!

GreenThumb: Oh geez, here they go again... talk of the old days.

$Cha-Ching$: You have to admit it is amusing to watch them...

CrAzYArtist: I don't even know why you made me play along, I can't play an instrument or sing worth a flip.

RabidsingeR: You're still the prettiest of us three. Plus you were popular back then.

CrAzYArtist: I'm not the prettiest!

MonKeybiz: No I really think you are. Your silver hair and purple eyes really works, makes youlook exotic.As opposed to Witch Eyes over here.

RabidsingeR: Or Goth Girl. Admit it Kori, you're the prettiest!

CrAzYArtist: AM NOT!

MonKeybiz: Oh really, then why are you the one with a semi-boyfriend and neither of us have even a smidgen that our crushes even notice our presence?

RabidsingeR: You might as well agree, when Savannah starts actually making sense you know that she's right.


GreenThumb: She's right. I'm the prettiest, can we change the subject now?

$Cha-Ching$: XDDDDDDDDDD I think I'm going to die of laughter!

MonKeybiz: ...I don't even know how to respond to that...

CrAzYArtist: I think Penni has the good idea.

RabidsingeR: *cough cough* Kori's still the prettiest! *cough cough*

CrAzYArtist: LEXSIE!


For some reason my fingers are off whack... I blame it on the cold...

Flame Friendly! (really I could use some of their warmth...)

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