Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 25

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"Ouch!" I yelped and stuck my jabbed pinkie into my mouth to try and suck away the pain. The couple in front of me shot me a strange look, but didn't pay me any other attention. I glared at the pencil that I had pricked my finger on, if it wasn't so important I would have snapped the drawing utensil out of spite. When I was sure that the pencil didn't have any other evil plots up it's sleeve, I grabbed it again, careful to keep the point away from my fingers this time, and started sketching a rough outline of the couple. I had originally meant to spend the day at the park, just drawing scenery, but then someone saw my drawings and asked if I did portraits. I was about to tell him no when the man shoved a ten dollar bill in my hand and sat his girlfriend down in front of me. After that I started up a little business of drawing people for ten dollars a drawing, twenty if they wanted it colored.

As I began finding the right curve of the woman's cheek, a shadow fell over my drawing pad. I looked up to see a sleazy looking teen, the kind normally found smoking pot down shadowy alleyways, leering down at me, "Hey there... haven't seen you here before." He sneered. I scrunched my nose up in disgust at his breath, no wonder Castiel didn't like me coming here. The couple frowned at the guy, but didn't move. I was glad, I had already sketched them out and didn't want to ruin the pose. Besides, I could handle one druggie teen. My ex-boyfriend, Ty, was an addict as well, so I knew how to deal with drug heads. "Excuse me, I'm trying to concentrate, can you wait?" I asked politely, though I knew he wouldn't do anything. The sleaze cast a bloodshot glace at my drawing, "You're good... what do you say of drawing me?" He asked, smirking. I wanted to gag. I shot him a look, "Do you have ten bucks?" I knew he didn't, there was no way, and even if he did he probably wouldn't want to pay for a picture.

Before he could answer someone sat down beside me and threw an arm around my shoulders, "Sorry to keep you waiting, babe. This guy bothering you?" A new guy asked. The couple sighed and I gave them an apologetic look before turning to my rescuer, "Yeah..." I mumbled. The new guy shot Sleazy Druggie a cocky smile, "Begone, and stop bothering my girlfriend." He ordered airily. Sleazy Druggie gave me a glare, as if it was my fault he had to leave, and slunk away, his greasy dreadlocks dangling low over his face in defeat. False Boyfriend grinned at me when Sleazy Druggie was gone, "So... my name is Kyle, what's yours?" The couple I was drawing groaned, exchanging knowing looks. They thought I was about to hit it off with False Boyfriend, as if. I did smile at him, knowing it would be rude not to at least thank him. "My name is Korianna, thanks for saving me, but I didn't need help." I said. Kyle seemed to ignore that last part, "Korianna, huh? Nice name. So what are you doing right now?" I gave him a look that said 'I'm on to you', "Being paid to draw. Can I finish this couple please?" I said flatly. Kyle gave me a winning grin, "Sure, I'll go get you some ice cream while you are!" He hopped up before I could tell him no. Sighing I returned to drawing the poor couple, making sure I made it perfect, they deserved to have the best drawing I could give them after waiting patiently.

Kyle came back just as I handed the couple their finished drawing, two ice cream cones in his hand. He handed me the vanilla one, much to my dismay. At least Nathaniel knew I liked chocolate. Kyle sat down again, too close for my comfort, but considering my side was already pressed against the arm rest of the bench, I had no where to go. Kyle gave me an appraising look, "So, Korianna... where do you go to school, I think I would have noticed your white hair if you went to my high school." I took a cautious lick of the vanilla ice cream and had to suppress the grimace, I really didn't like vanilla. "I go to Sweet Amoris." I said nonchalantly. Kyle laughed, "Really? That place is the most drama filled school in this town." I frowned at the guy, that comment was making him lose points, not that I cared; I was still sitting there because I was too polite to blow him off, especially after he rescued me from Sleazy Druggie. Kyle seemed to catch on to what I was thinking, he faked a cough, "Sorry..." He mumbled, looking sheepish.

I pretended to check my watch, "Excuse me, but I'm supposed to be meeting my boyfriend for lunch." I said in a false cheerful tone. Kyle's face fell, leaving no doubt that he had been trying to flirt with me. "Bye!" I called as I walked away, waving over my shoulder as I headed for the cafe across the park. I hadn't ever eaten there myself, but it seems I was the only soul in town that hadn't, even Savannah and Lexsie had been. I was seated almost immediately, given a small two-party table in the back corner of the cafe, near the kitchen. I set my drawing supplies on the table in front of me and ducked behind my menu, lest some other creepy guy decided to hit on me today.

I hadn't even scanned the first column before my waitress was at my table, asking if I was ready to order. Talk about super service. When I didn't answer right away, she began blathering about today's special and what her favorite meal was. I ended up choosing the special, something called Slammer's Choice, which turned out to be nothing but a fully loaded hamburger, and a chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream. I was hoping that the milkshake would help tone down on the super sweet vanilla taste still coating my tongue. I opened my drawing pad, intending to work Castiel's birthday present, a drawing of Demon, while I waited for my food.

"One Slammer's Choice and milkshake." Someone said a little later, while I was coloring in the right eye of Demon. My head jerked up at the familiar voice and I found myself staring at Nathaniel, looking very odd out of his crisp white shirt and blue tie he always wore at school. "Korianna?" He asked, startled, proving it wasn't just my imagination. I shook my head in disbelief, "You work here? I didn't know that." Nathaniel blushed and looked away, "Yeah... My father wants me to have a job, and this was the only place hiring." He said sheepishly. I smiled and shook my head again, this time with amusement, "Only you, Nathaniel..." The blonde's eyebrows drew together and he opened his mouth to speak, but I continued before a word could pass his lips, "I used to work at an art supply shop, it's what got me hooked on drawing. Who knows, maybe you'll become a great cook!" "I don't cook the food." Nathaniel said flatly, I shrugged playfully and grinned at him fluttering my eyelashes, "Then you'll be a great host, for when your all rich and famous and host all those fancy parties with your spoiled wife and bratty kids." The look on Nathaniel's face could curdle milk, I hid my milkshake from view just in case he ruined it.

Just as Nathaniel opened his mouth to speak, a boy our age pokes his head out of the kitchen, "Hey Nate, stop flirting with the pretty girl and come get Table 7's order!" Nathaniel rolled his golden eyes and called back, tucking his serving tray underneath his arm, "Alright, TC, be right there." The boy, TC, grumbled something under his breath that I didn't catch and disappeared back into the kitchen. Nathaniel looked back at me, "My shift is almost done, do you want to wait around...?" He asked hesitantly. I smiled, "Of course." I said, I could wait for Nathaniel forever, but I kept that part to myself.


I eagerly licked at my second ice cream cone of the day, this one chocolate. Nathaniel walked beside me, still laughing over my story of the flirting fiasco I had suffered before I ran into him, "I knew you were pretty, Korianna, but-" Nathaniel broke off laughing again. I rolled my purple eyes at him, "I'm going to take that as a compliment and ignore the 'but'. Also, if you ever buy me vanilla ice cream, I won't speak to you ever again." I said snippishly. Nathaniel started to crack up again. After a while I nudged him in the ribs, "Okay, your turn to tell a funny story." Nathaniel shrugged, "My day isn't as... interesting as yours." He said nonchalantly. Having already suffered through one of his failed attempts at a joke, I conceded the point; Nathaniel was too serious to have funny days.

"Fine, tell me about TC, what's those initials stand for?" I asked, changing the subject. Nathaniel made a face, "Why are you thinking about getting him to flirt with you too?" He teased. I mock glared and swatted his arm, "Speak!" I demanded playfully. Nathaniel laughed and threw his arm over my shoulders and drew me closer, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, "Well, TC's real name Tyrone Cyril, so you can imagine why he goes by his initials." I snorted, "And I thought Lexsie's full name was bad!" I said between giggles. Nathaniel smirked, "Yes... what is her full name?" I turned my nose in the air, "She made me promise not to tell. A secret is a secret and nothing, not even a kiss, will pry it from me." I said airily, Nathaniel smirked, "Oh come on, Korianna. I told you TC's real name, and he made me promise never to tell either... I won't tell a soul."

I looked my boyfriend up and down, pretending to consider if he was trustworthy or not. Finally I stage whispered, "You promise?" He nodded, trying to act serious, but his lips kept twitching. I glanced left and right and dramatically waved Nathaniel down. Grinning he leaned down until our faces were inches from each other. The air suddenly got a lot tenser and more serious. We stared at each other, aware how close we were. My tongue darted out to wet my lips, and Nathaniel's gold eyes zeroed in on my mouth. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him to kiss me, how much I needed him to. Nathaniel leaned even farther in, so close that I could feel the presence of his mouth, just millimeters from mine. One tiny movement and we would be kissing.

Nathaniel's eyes flicked back up to my wide ones and he smirked, "I'm not kissing you until you tell me Lexsie's name." He said, pulling just a little farther away. I glared at him, darn his everlasting sense of cruel jokes. I think he was learning too much from the villains in those mystery books he was always reading. With one last look of surliness, I leaned up and whispered Lexsie's name in Nathaniel's ear, nipping at his earlobe just to get revenge. Nathaniel jerked back, his golden eyes wide with surprise, then he crashed his lips to mine. I guess I lied when I said a kiss wouldn't be able to pry the secret from me, because when Nathaniel finally pulled away from my tender and kiss-swollen lips, I was ready to spill any secret he asked, just so he could kiss me like that again.


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