Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 27

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"So... how bad do you think it will be?" Lexsie asked me and Castiel as we started up the stairs towards Sweet Amoris. My brother shrugged, not commenting. I tried to keep an optimistic view on it all, "Well, not many people really like Amber, so they will probably zone her out if she tries to talk to them and-" I cut off abruptly when the three of us entered the main hallway, my mouth dropping open a little at the sight of the redecorated halls. Everywhere there was papers taped to the lockers and walls, scattered over the floors, and in neat stacks by the doors. Every last one had Lexsie's student ID photo and her full name printed in capital letters across the page in red ink. If that wasn't injury enough, drooping from the ceiling was a white banner that said LEXSIE LIARD IS LEXSINGTON CONCORD LIARD!* Castiel and I exchanged worried looked over Lexsie's head then looked down at our friend. She actually looked like she was going to cry.

Some jerk spotted us standing there at the entrance of the school and shouted, "Hey! There's the Walking History Book!" Everyone standing in the hall started laughing. Castiel glared and stalked towards the source of the jerk, murder written clearly on his face. Everyone made a clear path for my brother, giving me a clear view of the idiot who opened his mouth and signed his death warrant. I only knew it was him because Lysander had the guy by the collar, the usually laid back musician looking about as murderous as Castiel. Seeing that the boys had it handled, I nudged Lexsie towards the Student Council Room, knowing that she would be able to escape the scrutiny there. This reminded me too much of my own problem when Amber decided to doctor my art and show her work to everyone else.

Nathaniel glanced up when we entered the room, his gold eyes serious. He didn't say anything as I forcibly sat Lexsie down in one of the chairs, since she was too stunned to do so herself. I walked over to my boyfriend, "Is there anything you're doing?" I whispered, with a cautious look to Lexsie. She just sat there, her green eyes hazed over as every nightmare over her name probably came to life. I felt sorry for my best friend, nothing could compare to having your worst nightmares realized. Nathaniel looked at Lexsie as well before saying quietly, "I already had my sister suspended. Someone went to get a ladder to take that stupid banner down and Savannah, Penni, Iris and Lysander are collected the fliers as we speak." I nodded and sat down beside him with a sigh, "Man... I don't want to deal with this." I grumbled to myself. Nathaniel reached out and took my hand, "You need to be there for Lexsie. She was there for you when Amber bullied you." He said. I nodded slowly, he was right of course. He always was when it came to things like this.

My brother burst in at that moment and Nathaniel dropped my hand quickly. I schooled my face so not to show the hurt as I turned to my brother. Castiel was glaring at Nathaniel, for whether he saw us holding hands or for another reason (which was plausible), "I'm taking Lexsie home." He growled, it wasn't a question. Nathaniel narrowed his own golden eyes, "You don't have guardianship over her. She cannot leave without parental consent." I sighed, of course the two boys in my life would find something to argue over in the midst of a crisis. Lexsie didn't even seem to acknowledge that she was being talked about, she sat in her chair as still as a statue. As I watched her, my friend drew in a shuddering breath, like those when you were crying, and burst into tears.

Nathaniel and Castiel halted in their argument to stare at Lexsie, both looking extremely uncomfortable to be in the presence of a girl's tears. I glared at them both for being idiots before I sat down beside Lexsie and pulling her into my arms. Lexsie didn't notice, she just continued to sob. Fat tears rolled down her face, leaving black trails from her mascara as huge gasping wails shook her body. Her hands were curled up in front over her, as if trying to hold her heart in. I shushed her, petting away her shoot green highlighted black hair away from her wet cheeks. Lexsie continuously shook, like a small dog in the cold. her face turning blotchy red. Crying was never beautiful, no matter how many movies made them. It was an ugly business, to be seen only by those closest to you. But even I had never seen Lexsie cry, she was an impenetrable wall, holding all tears inside to be saved for a later time.

I shot a nasty glare over my shoulder at Castiel and Nathaniel, who still stood there dumbly, staring at poor Lexsie. Guys should never see a girl cry, it was an unwritten rule. Especially when one of the guys happened to be a crush. Nathaniel was the first to recover, probably used to seeing Amber cry over nothing, he practically had to shove a still stunned Castiel out of the room, shutting the door behind him. The faint click of the door shutting sent Lexsie into a full out bawling fest, it was as if she had been waiting for the boys to leave so she could let her reservoir of tears loose. I just held my friend tightly, knowing that no words or friendly gestures could stop such a flood.


UGH! I'm sorry that it's short, but every time I try and continue it I just hit a wall. So I'm rage quitting and you're getting a short chapter!

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