Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 29

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Monday we were back at school, a mass of yawning zombies just wishing for those ten more minutes in our heavenly bed. Everyone except Nathaniel of course. He was bright eyed and energetic when I came stumbling in the Student Council Room, groggy like always. My golden haired boyfriend raised an eyebrow as I plopped down in the closest chair, "When do you go to bed, Korianna?" He asked as he returned to his task of filing away a file. I raised my head a little from the table to glare at him, "Less talking, more sleeping." I spat. Nathaniel, bless his soul, didn't respond. I laid my head down on the table again, letting a small happy sigh escape my lips. There was fifteen minutes to the morning bell, maybe I could get at least ten minutes of dozing if I just laid there, thinking of how tired I was...

The door burst open, "Nathaniel! You wouldn't believe- Oh." I twisted around to glare at Melody. Lexsie, Penni, and Iris all stood behind her. Lexsie was the only one who wasn't surprised, she just giggled behind her hand. Lexsie knew I wasn't a morning person, and she found great amusement when other people discovered how grouchy I could really be. I saw Nathaniel roll his eyes in my peripheral vision, "Korianna, try going to bed earlier if you can't get enough sleep." He said. I shot him a glare as I laid my head back down, grumbling, "Tell Castiel that, then maybe he would stop playing the stupid guitar at midnight." Luckily Nathaniel didn't hear me. No need to give him another reason to hate my twin.


"And so... if you carry the two, you will get that the function of the graph equals..." Mr. Gordon said monotonously. Half of the class was already nodding off, their eyes drooping closed, while the other half of the class were keeping themselves entertained with whatever. Only the geeks who found mathematics fascinating were actually paying any attention to Mr. Gordon. Even Nathaniel, sitting a row over and a seat ahead of me, was only half listening. He held his pen in one hand, but his eyes were on the book he was reading, hidden carefully behind the student sitting in front of him. I dug my fingers into my white hair and yanked subtly, trying to wake myself up, as I continued to doodle all over my math notes.

Charlotte, Amber's friend, leaned over to whisper to me, "Hey, did you get question five on the Physics homework?" I glanced at her, Charlotte was actually okay when she wasn't with the two other members of the Terrible Trio. Although, Penni was convinced Li was the nicer of the three. Still, neither couldn't be as bad as Amber. Charlotte had been a little nicer to me since the cruel prank Amber pulled with the artwork. I pulled out my homework and quickly passed it to Charlotte when Mr. Gordon wasn't looking. I knew helping Charlotte would be helping Amber in a way, but I didn't care. "Here, I don't know if it's correct or not, though. I haven't had a chance to ask Nathaniel." I whispered to Charlotte. She smiled her thanks and snatched the paper quickly just as Mr. Gordon was turning around.

"Korianna West. What is the answer to the problem?" The teacher asked. I felt something shrivel up and die, "Uhhh..." Was the only sound that came out of my mouth. Of all my subjects, I was worse at math more than anything. Instinctively I glanced at Nathaniel. My boyfriend was half looking over his shoulder, the corner of his mouth that I could see was tilting up in a pitying smile. One of the geeks was waving his hand wildly in the air, his eyes wide with determination to answer the question. Mr. Gordon ignored him, no one but the person he called on could ever answer the question, his beady little eyes glaring at me, "We're waiting, Miss West." "X equals x squared over four x to the fifth." Everyone turned to see who dared disobey Mr. Gordon's orders. Not only was Mr. Gordon the most boring teacher in the history of school, he was also the evilest.

Mr. Gordon glared at Castiel who was hunched over in the back of the room, lolling across the desk. It was obvious he had just woken up. Lexsie, sitting to the right of him, had her eyes glued to her notebook. She didn't like being called out by teachers, having a fear of speaking in front of a crowd greater than ten. "Castiel West, have you been sleeping in this class?" Mr. Gordon asked my brother. Castiel, being Castiel, smirked, "Yeah... could you tone down on the talking? It's disturbing my sleep." In one movement everyone turned to look at Mr. Gordon, who was looking very red. I could almost see the steam rolling off him. Nathaniel didn't look very pleased either, I knew he had a big thing about respect. Right then, I didn't care. I wasn't in the spotlight anymore, my twin had taken the hit and that's what twins are for.


"So where were all of you this weekend? You didn't even get on ChatRoomz!" I asked over lunch. Savannah shifted in her seat, her face downcast. The picture of guilt. Penni quickly shoved another slice of roast beef into her mouth, preventing her from answering. Lexsie was the only one who looked me in the eye, "We all went to Melody's birthday party." She said flatly, as if it were the simplest thing in the world. And it would have been, had Melody not have a crush on my boyfriend, "Wait, what?" I asked, not sure I heard her right. Savannah pipped up, "We didn't go because we wanted to! We thought we would find out why Melody liked Nathaniel or whatever." She looked frantic, her purple hair actually frizzing out of her braids as she spoke. Lexsie shot her a look, "Savannah's right. We only went to tell Melody that her little crush was useless."

I blinked and sat back, "Let me guess, the reason why I didn't even know of the party was because Melody didn't want me to know... right?" I asked. My three friends exchanged looks. I rolled my eyes, "You could have told me you were going. It makes you look stupid that you didn't." Penni ducked her head, "I know... we weren't thinking. Forgive us?" I stared at each friend for a long time, until all three were uncomfortable. Then I grinned, "I will... if you have anything interesting to tell me." "Lysander has a tattoo on his back! Rosalya told me!" Savannah blurted out. Lexsie smacked her upside the head, "Dummy, we're not supposed to tell." I shook my head, "Not interested anyway." "Capucine said some very rude things about you." Penni added. I rolled my eyes, "I don't care what that wannabe thinks of me." I said then turned to Lexsie sitting directly across from me. This was their last chance to redeem themselves. I would forgive them anyway, I just wanted to tease them a little. Lexsie smirked, "I know why Amber has a crush on Castiel. And it has something to do with Nathaniel."

I perked up and leaned forward, now that was interesting. Lexsie giggled, "First of all, explain how Castiel and Amber could know each other when they were younger." I sighed, "My family is actually from here, but we moved when Castiel and I were about four." Savannah conceded the point, "That would explain why Castiel chose to live here when your dad kicked him out..." She muttered to herself. I ignored her and pointed at Lexsie, "Speak, firecracker." My black haired friend glared at me, but said, "Now I don't know the full details, but apparently Nathaniel and Castiel are like polar opposites of what they are now. Nathaniel was supposedly the bad boy and Castiel the perfect angel." I rolled my eyes again, "Well duh, you grew up with us, remember? Castiel was really nice when we were younger. It wasn't until junior high that he went all crazy." Lexsie waved her hand and continued, "Well the story goes along the lines of Nathaniel broke Amber's doll or whatever and Castiel fixed it. She's had a crush ever since."

Penni snorted, "If she wasn't such a bitch, I'd say it was cute..." She grumbled. I didn't bother to snap at her for her swearing. What she said was true. Lexsie huffed and crossed her arms, "Besides, it's cruel to support Amber being with Castiel when one of your own friends has a crush on him." "Who has a crush on me?" Castiel asked from behind me. I nearly jumped three feet in the air and turned to see Castiel staring down at us girls, eyebrows raised curiously, with Lysander watching behind him looking extremely amused. Lexsie miraculously didn't seem fazed by it, "None of your business, West." Castiel smirked at her as he sat down beside me, across from Penni, "Someone has a crush on me, I think it is my business." I tuned the conversation out as the two started debating if it was Castiel's right to know who was crushing on him or not. Lysander sat down in front of Savannah, "Nice dress." He commented. Savannah, going all shy once more, eeped and blushed. My eyes darted between the two as a sly grin pushed up the corners of my mouth, this was getting interesting.


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