Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 31

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"I wish you would put something on that covered you more." Castiel muttered for the hundredth time. I rolled my eyes, "Look buster. You're not my father so you can keep your comments to yourself." I snapped, not bothering to look up from the book I was reading. Castiel glared at me, "No, but I am your older brother and the one responsible for you since Mom and Dad live in another town." I pushed my sunglasses farther up my nose and ignored him. He was only older by two minutes, so it really shouldn't count, but I knew if I told Castiel that he'd start getting logical on me and I didn't want that. It was summer vacation and after much begging I finally managed to drag Castiel down to the beach. I was starting to regret my decision since all he did was throw a tantrum over my bikini bathing suit.

The false red head opened his mouth, no doubt to start another round of bikini lectures and the danger of lustful teenage boys, when I ripped my sunglasses off to glare at him, "Look, before you say another word, just think of your reaction if Lexsie would come marching up here in a even skimpier black bikini." I snapped, shoving an accusing finger at my brother's bare chest. Castiel glared at me, but shut his mouth. So he knew that that would be a pointless argument to get into. I smirked, "Good, cuz here she comes." I said slyly and pointed over my twin's shoulder to the black haired girl sauntering up to us. I don't know who's reaction was more amusing when Castiel turned around: Lexsie's bright blush or Castiel's mouth dropping open. I cackled, "Need to step into the cold ocean for a moment, Castiel?" I asked sweetly and got two equally dirty looks from both Castiel and Lexsie. I just smiled as I returned to my book. And here I thought I wasn't going to get a chance to play matchmaker.

"I thought you went home with Savannah." Castiel commented to Lexsie as she sat down at the edge of my beach towel, her back facing me. Lexsie shrugged, "I was, but I figured it would be more fun here then at home with my parents nagging at me to get a summer job." I sighed exaggeratedly, "Poor Savannah... she doesn't get to be around her crush all summer." "KORI!" Lexsie screeched and turned to me, her face red. I grinned up at my best friend, "What? I was just commenting that she won't be able to hang out with Lysander, is all." I said innocently. Lexsie glared at me, she knew what and who I really meant. Castiel, being the blockhead that he was, looked confused, "Savannah likes Lys?" He asked. I rolled my eyes at him, "Well duh, why do you think Lexsie and I made up that song to sing to her on ChatRoomz?" I asked. Castiel shrugged, "Because you two are idiots. I'm going to walk Demon." My brother said as he stood, the dog's leash already in his hand. Demon pranced around his master's legs, panting happily. Castiel started walking away before something made him stop, he turned back to Lexsie and I, "Oh and... I'm not going to help you crash another date for him, got it?" Castiel growled. I smiled happily and waved my hand, "Don't worry, I want them together. They're perfect for each other. Go, walk your slobber monster, and try not to get dragged in the dust." I said. Castiel gave me a sour look before walking off, Demon already pulling hard on his leash, wanting to run.

Once my brother was out of earshot, Lexsie turned on me, "I can't believe you did that!" She hissed. I smiled as I turned over on my stomach, and opening my book, "Oh boo-hoo, he didn't notice I was talking about you. Castiel is a hard head, remember? And very dense when it comes to girls that like him. Remember Amanda? Or Christie?" Lexsie humphed and crossed her arms in a pout, "Yessss..." She ground out, no doubt trying to forget those awful snotty girls who thought they were in love with Castiel. Their mistake was they were cruel to Lexsie and me, whom Castiel was very protective over, and thus ruining their chances of every landing a date with the 'hottest guy in school'. I grinned and continued listing off names, "Or Georgia? Or Jessica? Or Sarah? Or Renee? Or-" "I get it!" Lexsie snapped and I broke off with a giggle. My friend was so fun to tease. I opened my mouth to tease her some more, when Lexsie sighed, her shoulders slumping, "I get it... I don't have a chance with him. I'm just another girl who likes Castiel..." She said dejectedly. I blinked at her, did she really think herself like that?

I smacked her up side the head. Hard. Lexsie startled and turned to stare at me, her green eyes wide while I glared at her, "None of that self-pity, missy. A lot of girls like Castiel, sure, but do you know what he thinks of those girls?" I asked. Lexsie shook her head slowly. I smiled evilly, "He thinks they're all shallow insects that care more about the fact that their in a relationship than who they're in a relationship with." Lexsie was starting to look down again, so I hurried and added, "And do you know what he thinks of you?" Immediately Lexsie perked up, her attention zeroing on me. I silently prayed that Castiel forgave me for telling Lexsie something that was supposed to be kept between the two of us, "He thinks you're, and I quote, 'an original who knows who and what she is.'" I poked Lexsie in the cheek, "Now, are you going to tell me that you don't have a chance with my brother again? Cuz I have plenty other proof that says you're the best pick." I said teasingly.

Lexsie giggled like a normal girl, "Does he really say that?" She asked, a blush riding up her cheeks. I rolled my eyes, wondering what monster I had created, "Yes, but if you dare mention I spilled, Castiel will murder me and then you'll be without your best friend. Plus Nathaniel will murder Castiel and then you'll be without your future hubby." Lexsie's happy little blush when darker with anger, "KORIANNA WEST!" She snapped and I burst out laughing, glad she was back to normal. Fortunately, before Lexsie could get a hold of my neck, someone behind us asked, "Uh... why would I kill Castiel?" Lexsie and I both turned to see Nathaniel standing behind us, his golden head tilted curiously. I brightened, "Hey I thought your family was still in the Caribbean!" When Nathaniel told me that his family was vacationing on some island in the Caribbean, something they did every year, I thought he meant he would be gone all summer.

"Obviously not." A voice I really didn't want to hear said behind Nathaniel. Lexsie groaned, "Great. Just when I thought I could get away from you." My friend said, glaring at Amber who was standing there haughtily. I kicked Lexsie's foot, "Be nice." I said through clenched teeth, I really didn't want to reprimand her, but Amber was Nathaniel's sister so I might as well try to be nice. Not that Amber was making the job easy for me, "Yeah, Lexington, be a good puppy and obey your girlfriend." The blonde haired girl sneered. Nathaniel took a deep breath, his golden eyes looking heavenwards as if to ask for help. Meanwhile I was too busy trying to keep Lexsie from tearing Amber's throat out. Amber, apparently not realizing her death was emanate, laughed, "Geez, Korianna, I didn't know you had such a hard time keeping your girlfriends. Maybe you should let her go, she obviously doesn't want to be near you anymore. Can't really blame her." I was awfully tempted to do what Amber was suggesting and let Lexsie murder the girl.

Luckily for Amber, her brother finally turned to her, "Amber, stop it." He said lowly. Amber frowned at Nathaniel, "I'm only playing around. I don't see why none of you can get jokes." She said in a fake hurt voice. Nathaniel gave her a look, "You're jokes are hurtful. Stop it." Amber's blue-green eyes filled up with crocodile tears, "Why are you being so m-mean to me?!" Amber wailed, bringing almost everyone's attention to us. My boyfriend looked like he was at the end of his robe. He turned to us, "Sorry, I'll be back." He apologized before dragging his sister off. Lexsie and I glanced at each other, the black haired firecracker looked like she was about so say something when Castiel came back... with a new friend.

"Kori, do you have a first aid kit?" Castiel asked as he practically shoved the girl down on his towel. Lexsie and I blinked at the newcomer than at each other. Castiel glowered down at us, Demon's leash clutched tightly in his fist, "Do you?" He growled. I rolled my eyes at my older twin and yanked my beach bag closer to me, digging through the massive thing to find the small first aid kit I had brought. Lexsie looked surprised, "Wait, you mean you actually brought that a kit?!" Even the new girl looked shocked. I snorted and jerked my thumb at the happy slobbering Demon, "With that monster out in public, of course. Trust me, this isn't the first time he's caused a riot." Castiel looked offended for his dog, who just barked. The mysterious girl flinched away from Demon, her sea green eyes fearful of the animal. I smiled at her as I produced the little white box from the bottom of my beach bag, "Don't worry about him, Demon's all bark and no bite... with the occasional accidents." The girl didn't answer me as she put her wrist out, showing the sand scrape from wear she hit the ground.

Lexsie winced in sympathy, "I know how that feels. First time I ever held his leash, Demon yanked my feet out from under me and made me scrape my knee. But the Slobber Monster is just a big softie." The black haired girl told the ginger. Castiel glared down at Lexsie, "He's a guard dog, he's not supposed to be a 'softie.'" My brother snapped. Lexsie rolled her eyes at him, "Well then you might want to talk to him, because Demon is the wimpiest dog I know." I rolled my eyes at the two arguing, "Oi, lovebirds. Take the argument, and the Slobber Monster, elsewhere." I snapped and earned two glares. I grinned, "Why don't you go get ice cream to cool off?" I asked innocently then tossed a few bills at Lexsie, who snatched at them hurriedly before they got blown away by the breeze, "Go on then. I'm busy." I said, shooing the two away before they could argue with me. Shooting me sour glares the two hotheads left, Demon prancing between them, his stubby little tail waving madly.

With them gone, I smiled at the shy girl, "Hi! Don't mind those two, they're just blockheads. My name is Korianna West. That guy is my twin, Castiel, in case you didn't know. And the black haired girl was Lexsie Liard. What's your name?" I chatted away. The ginger silently watched me as I applied disinfectant spray, not even flinching at the sting, and putting on a large cotton bandage. When I was finished she retracted her hand, cradling it against her chest, "Eva... Eva Biaglow." She whispered so lowly I almost didn't hear her. I smiled, well at least she was talking. I settled down on my towel, turning so I faced the ocean. "Yeah. Hey are you new here? Or do you just go to another school. I go to Sweet Amoris." Eva shook her head, "No... I just moved." I glanced at the quiet girl. She was more shy than Savanna and Violette combined! "Oh, do you know where you'll be going to school yet?" Eva nodded, "Sweet Amoris." She said quickly. I sighed, this conversation was feeling more like an interview. I hoped Castiel and Lexsie got back soon with that ice cream, and I hoped they were considerate enough to get me some!

I heard rustling and glanced up to see Eva standing, "I have to go. Thank you." She murmured and left without another word. I watched her go, her head down as she scurried across the beach as fast as she could without running. I raised an eyebrow before turning back to face the ocean, well that was odd.


It turned out that Lexsie and Castiel not only forgot about my ice cream, but they seemed to forget that I existed altogether. Both disappeared on me like they were never around in the first place. I scoffed and laid down on my towel, leave it to those two that the time they decided to go all doe eyed and finally admit to their feelings (at least I hoped) was when they had someone else with their party. Oh well, at least they weren't making out in front of me and making me feel like the very awkward third wheel. I reached into my beach bag of wonders and pulled out a novel. Just as I was turning to my dogeared place someone cleared their throat behind me. I laid my head back so I was looking at the person upside down. "Yes?" I asked politely.

The guy smirked, his chest, and a very fine one I had to notice, puffed out, "Hey, I'm Dake and you're hot." My polite expression fell flat as I stared at him, was he really that obtuse? Did he think a name and one stupid compliment would get him anywhere? I turned my gaze back to my book, resting my right arm under my head to serve as a pillow, "That's nice. Now go away." I said flatly. Scratch just forgetting about me, I was going to murder Lexsie and Castiel for forgetting about me and not saving me from obvious flirts like this guy! The guy wasn't so easily deterred, "Aw, come on, babe. I know you're not that cruel. You stole my heart, being as lovely as you are." Dake said as he came and sat down beside me. Flat Look numero dos was sent his way, "So, you're saying that beauty is the only thing that matters to you? Can you be more shallow?" I snapped. The guy didn't take it as an insult, "When it comes to you, I'll be anything!" The flirt declared. My eyes gleamed, "Oh really, can you be nothing but a bad memory?" I asked sarcastically. Dake chuckled, "Come on, sweets, I know you're playing hard to get. You want me, I can tell." He said confidently. I wanted to hit him, "You're right... I want you gone." I growled and turned my eyes back to my book, determined to ignore him. Mildly I hoped I didn't set the pages on fire with my glare.

Suddenly the book was gone from my hands, I shot straight up, "Hey! Give that back you jerk!" I yelled and reached out to take the book Dake was dangling from his fingers. "First, a kiss." He said and leaned in his cheek ready for a peck he obviously thought he was getting. I would love to disappoint him. As my fingers curled into a fist and my arm went back, ready to knock a few teeth out of this idiot, someone grabbed my elbow, "I do believe she asked you to leave her alone." Nathaniel growled harshly. Dake blinked up at the golden haired guy then down at me, as I tried to scorch him with my glare. He was soooooo lucky Nathaniel came along when he did, otherwise Dake the Flirt would be a few teeth shy of a full smile. The guy scoffed and stood, "Fine fine, I can see I'm not wanted... see ya, baby." Dake said airily, trying to brush off the fact that he had just been rejected. I rolled my eyes as he walked away, muttering, "Apparently you can't..."

Nathaniel sat down beside me, giving me a strange look. I smiled brightly at him, "Thanks for saving me!" I said then leaned in to give him a little kiss on the cheek. Nathaniel raised an amused eyebrow, "Where's Lexsie?" He asked. I shrugged, "Eh, her and Castiel went to find ice cream a while ago. They better have a good 'we had a frank discussion of emotions and we're now dating' story if they want me to forgive them..." I grumbled. Nathaniel laughed and sat back, his hands propping himself up. I leaned against his sun warmed side, smiling, "What happened to Amber?" I asked curiously. Nathaniel shrugged, "She had an allergic reaction to some nuts and had to go home." I blinked, "Oh." I really didn't know what to say. Yeah I was glad she was out of the way so I could spend some time with my boyfriend, but- "Is she okay?" I asked. Nathaniel nodded, his eyes closing as he turned his face to the sun, "Yeah. She's not that allergic. Not the way I am to pollen, or my mom to cats." I giggled, "What's your dad allergic to?" I asked teasingly.

Nathaniel cracked one eye to glare at me, "Ha ha, very funny." My boyfriend said sarcastically before grabbing me by the waist and letting us both flop back, my torso securely pressed against his chest. I blushed madly, "Nathaniel..." I said and tried to ease up from his chiseled chest. Mildly I wondered why on earth a student body president would have such a nice body. The boy beneath me gave an amused snort and tightened his arms around my waist before tilting his head up to nuzzle my neck. My breath hitched when I felt his smiling lips press into the soft skin under my jawbone. I tried to push away again, but Nathaniel stopped me by latching on to my earlobe with his teeth. A tiny gasp escaped my mouth when he tugged, my heart fluttering like some flighty bird in a cage. Before I had time to respond, Nathaniel flipped us over so I was on bottom and he was laying halfway on top of me. Slowly Nathaniel traveled up and down my neck, taking his sweet time to explore ever inch of skin with his mouth. He buried his nose in the defined hollow of my throat, kissing the skin just below it periodically.

With a barely suppressed groan Nathaniel finally leaned up to capture my mouth with his. His tongue probed against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. My lips seemed to part on their own accord and Nathaniel's tongue dipped in, giving me a whole new sense of the word 'kiss'. My mind drew a blank on everything; where we were, what day it was, the fact that Castiel could walk up on us at any time, even my own name slipped away briefly. I seemed to forget that Ty used to kiss me like that all the time, that every time the jerk kissed me he would forcibly shove his tongue down my throat. Nathaniel's kiss was more, so much more, in ways I couldn't begin to explain. I moaned into his mouth, my hands running over his bare chest to his golden hair, my fingers tangling in those locks. Nathaniel seemed to enjoy my reaction and stroked the roof of my mouth with his tongue as a reward. I groaned again. Nathaniel retracted his wet muscle from my mouth and sank his teeth gently into my lower lip, drawing back slowly so that his teeth scraped against the tender flesh. "Nathaniel..." I groaned, my breaths coming in at shallow pants.

Hearing his name must have shook some sense into him, for Nathaniel leaned back, looking about as breathless as I was feeling. "Korianna, I'm... going swimming." My boyfriend managed to get out before scrabbling off of me. Though still a little giddy from that make out session, I couldn't help but grin, "Why, Nathaniel? Need a nice long cold bath?" I teased. Nathaniel shot me a nasty glare before grabbing my wrists, pulling me to a stand, "No... come on your coming with me." He said determinedly. I laughed and shot forward out of his grip, "Last one in pays for dinner!" I yelled. I could hear Nathaniel's shout of cheating behind me, but ignored it, laughing the whole way.

Of course, Nathaniel beat me. He had managed to snag my waist just feet from the water and spun around so that he was the one closer to the waves than I before letting me go. I was still trying to find my footing when Nathaniel dove head first into the brine, earning first place and getting a cold soak all in one. I laughed at him when I finally gained balance and pounced on his back, causing both of us to go underwater. When Nathaniel finally surfaced, one eye closed as the other narrowed dangerously at me, I just continued to laugh, my white hair plastered to my body. "Korianna... you're going to regret that." He growled playfully and started towards me. I 'eep'ed and dove under the water in an attempt to get away from my boyfriend. He just grabbed me by the ankle and dragged me back, catching me up against his chest. I squealed and struggled, but not too much. It seemed that Nathaniel's form of punishment was a quick nip at the neck, that wasn't something too bad. I giggled and tried to get away playfully, until I noticed that my bikini top was strangely loose. Tilting my head in confusion I began to reach backwards to see if the knot was loose or something when I felt something along my side that definitely wasn't my hair.

It was my bikini strap.

I went red and pressed myself further against Nathaniel's chest as my arms crept up to keep my top in place. Of all the things that could happen to me, having my top come off in front of my boyfriend, in a public place no less, was one that I didn't want to happen. Somehow I would have to think of a way to get it tied again without Nathaniel knowing. If only Lexsie were here, she could do it for me and none would be the wiser. "Hey what's this?" Nathaniel suddenly asked and I felt a small tug on my top. I mentally groaned, now karma was just trolling me. "Uh... Korianna, I think your..." Nathaniel trailed off when I nodded, "I know. C-can you... tie it back?" I asked awkwardly. Without a word Nathaniel took a step back, the water sloshing around us, lapping coldly at my hips, as Nathaniel took the two untied straps between his fingers. There was a few sharp tugs and I felt the relief when my bikini top once again laid snug against my skin.

All in all, I'd say it wasn't that bad a day at the beach.


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