Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 33

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Warning: slight strong language.


"I thought you said you had expensive tastes." I said as Nathaniel lead me into a restaurant that wasn't too fancy; it wouldn't suck my whole savings dry. Nathaniel smiled at me as he held the door open, "I do, but I decided to be nice. Besides, most fancy restaurants make you reserve ahead of time." He said cheerfully. I glared at him, "Nice to know you're so worried about my wallet, Powers." I growled sarcastically, my boyfriend's smile only grew wider. My eye twitched as a funny thought came to me, "You know... you're last name makes you sound like some type of lame superhero." I pointed out. Nathaniel's grin turned into a smirk, "Oh? So can you imagine me in a cape and tights?" He asked seductively. I blushed brightly and pressed my fingers into my temples, closing my eyes tightly, "Ahhh! The mental image! It burns!" I squealed. Nathaniel just laughed, not at all offended like most guys would be.

After the tired looking hostess showed us out seats and took our drink orders, Nathaniel turned to me. "So, what's my price limit?" He asked teasingly. I glared at him, "Nothing over forty bucks, got it?" He gave a mock salute, "Yes, ma'am!" He said before turning to the menu. I studied him, intrigued by his sudden display of cheerfulness. At school, Nathaniel was always so serious and focused, he rarely ever got distracted from school stuff. The guy sitting across from me wasn't like the Nathaniel at school at all. He was cheerful and more relaxed than I had ever seen him; he actually made jokes that were funny. I mean this was the guy who kissed me in public at the beach, at school Nathaniel was too busy with student council stuff and academics to barely even walk me to my next class. I liked the Nathaniel at school, but I was starting to like this Nathaniel a little more.

My boyfriend seemed aware of my gaze, his golden eyes looked up from the menu to meet my own, "Yes?" He questioned, his mouth turning up in an easy smile. I returned it, "Nothing... just noticing stuff about you." I said in an almost dreamy tone. Nathaniel's eyebrows started reaching for his hairline, "Oh? What kind of stuff?" He asked as he set the menu down, giving me his full attention. "You don't act the same in school as you do out. You're not so... serious." I said. It surprised me that Nathaniel frowned and shifted in his seat, looking extremely uncomfortable. "Yeah well... my dad is very strict when it comes to school." He said, sounding like the School Nathaniel I knew. I tilted my head, confused at his sudden change in personality, "Most dad's are, mine is too." I tried to tell him, but Nathaniel just shook his head. I shrugged and looked down at the menu, determined not to ruin the night over something Nathaniel clearly didn't want to talk about.


"That was nice. We should do this more often." I said as we walked out of the restaurant. Nathaniel smiled and snatched up my hand, entwining our fingers together, "Sure, and I promise I'll pay next time. Do you like sea food?" He asked. I stuck out my tongue, "No thanks. I don't like fish at all." From the look on Nathaniel's face, I might as well said that I enjoyed kicking kittens or something. I laughed at his expression, "You should see your face." I giggled. Nathaniel looked away with a pout, "How can someone not like fish?" He asked. I stuck my tongue out at him, "The same way you don't like sweets. I just don't."

Nathaniel glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and let go of my hand to wrap his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to press a kiss into my temple, "You're cute," was all he said. Suddenly I felt extremely shy, as I remembered making out with Nathaniel on the beach for some odd reason. Lately he had been acting more like a boyfriend and less like a... friend, even though we had technically started dating back during Halloween. Nathaniel chuckled at my blush, "You're even more cute now." He commented and tightened his hold around my waist. I was starting to feel as shy as Savannah when she was around Lysander. "A-are you ready for school to start?" I asked, stuttering only a little.

The golden haired boy laughed, "Not really." He admitted. I stared at him, honestly I had thought he would be happy that school would be starting. Nathaniel seemed to be that kind of person, the one who looked forward to school for whatever reason. I on the other hand could stay in my room drawing or hanging out with my friends for the rest of eternity and never go to school again. If I could get away with it, I might actually have considered dropping out; but since no one ever succeeded as a high school dropout, I continued to go to school. Nathaniel smiled at my shocked expression, "What? I'm a normal teenager, Korianna, I hate school as much as anyone." He said amused. It was my turn to turn away with a pout, "You could have fooled me..." I said. I only got an eye roll from my boyfriend.

"Kori...?" A boy called. I frowned as I turned around, that voice sounded oddly familiar. My jaw dropped when I saw who was walking towards Nathaniel and I, "T-Ty?!" I sputtered when I saw my ex-boyfriend walking towards us with a quick stride. He had changed drastically from the last time I saw him, before I moved to Sweet Amoris. Back when we were still dating, Ty managed to keep that 'All-American boy' look and hiding his less than stellar activities. Now his plain blonde hair, which used to be so wavy, hung limply over his washed out blue eyes. Bags sagged under his eyes, dark against his pasty skin. Looking at Ty, I could hardly believe that the boy who looked like the typical football jock had turned into such a sleaze.

Completely ignoring Nathaniel, Ty wrapped his still muscled arms around me and squeezed tightly. I gagged at the rancid smell of his shirt pressing into my face. Was this the only shirt he owned?! "Kori! I can't believe it's you! When I heard that you moved into this area I was ecstatic! Babe, you don't know how much I missed you, I even moved here to find you!" Ty pulled back and gave me a grin that I once melted for before ducking his head to kiss me.

Instead of my lips, his mouth met Nathaniel's fist. Ty stumbled back, letting go of me in the process, and cradled his jaw, "What the f*ck was that for?!" Ty garbled as he glared at Nathaniel. My golden haired knight in shining armor stood in front of me with his arms crossed. What was with boys trying to flirt with me out of the blue all of a sudden? It was like they were all waiting for me to enter a relationship before they decided to crash things! Ty glared at Nathaniel, "Dude, who the hell are you?" Ty snapped, blood dribbling down his chin a little. Nathaniel didn't look amused in the slightest, "Korianna's boyfriend." He said flatly.

Despite the situation before me, I couldn't help but do a happy dance on the inside. Nathaniel admitted it so easily, as if it were only natural that he was my boyfriend. When I had been dating Ty, he always laughed it off and changed the subject. If he actually did admit that he was dating me, Ty would always seem reluctant to admit the fact. I glanced between Nathaniel and Ty. I hadn't realized how bad a boyfriend Ty had been compared to Nathaniel. They were practically on the opposite spectrum of boyfriends. Ty laughed harshly, "So that little bitc-" Nathaniel slammed his fist into Ty's face again. I was honestly surprised that he was so violent. I never expected Nathaniel to be violent prone. Sure, he and Castiel almost got into a fight when I first moved to Sweet Amoris, but I had thought it was a one time thing. Guess I was wrong.

"Refrain from calling Korianna that." Nathaniel actually growled. I had seen enough. I tugged on Nathaniel's sleeve, "Come on, he's not worth it." I said softly. Nathaniel glanced at me out of the corner of his eye before nodding and turning his back on the still moaning Ty. I smiled as I looped my arm through his. Other than the incident with Ty, which I hoped never happened again, tonight was a good night. I got to see a part of Nathaniel that no one ever did and I knew that he wasn't ashamed of me like Ty had been. I had gotten a better deal with Nathaniel than I'd ever get with Ty.


Ugh, I still hate this chapter. But at least I'm not going crazy with guilt anymore... And no this isn't the last we've seen of Ty ;P

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