Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 4

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So, turns out I liked writing those internet chats with Kori and her friends, so I'm going to try to have one between the real stories, to develope Lexsie and Savannah before I bring them into the story. *spoiler* ;P And someone said they really like these chapter, so there! If you don't want to read them just wait until I post again! :]


Castiel slammed the door in my face, cutting off what I was about to say. Glaring at the paint chipped wood I opened the door and snapped, "You were about to punch him, Castiel! Of course I jumped in!" My brother spun on me, his expression dark with rage, "You didn't have to take his side, Kori!" I rolled my eyes, "Well sorry if being loyal to one's siblings isn't my top priority! I don't think it's right to punch someone's lights out just because he put me up to making you sign the stupid absentee form, or whatever the stupid arguement was about!" Castiel took a classic parenting stance, with one hand on his hip and the other waving a finger in my face, but before he could say anything I growled, "Don't you dare lecture me, father!." Castiel, realizing what he was doing, turned abruptly away and said over his shoulder, "Just have dinner ready by six. I've got to work tonight." I glared at him before stomping to my room, hating that he got the final say.

*CrAzYArtist has signed in*

CrAzYArtist: I swear I'll kill my brother!

MonKeybiz: Woah, aren't you and Castiel like freaky close? Where did this come from?

CrAzYArtist: He teased me about getting into a fight with Nathaniel and then he almost got into a fist fight with the guy! GRRRRRRRRR!

MonKeybiz: You and Nathaniel are already fightin'? And why did Castiel try to kill him?

CrAzYArtist: Long and complicated. I told you already that Nathaniel doesn't like Castiel and visa versa. IDK, some stupid reason.

MonKeybiz: Deep breaths Kori, look at the bright side, you survived today! That's gotta count for something.

CrAzYArtist: Yeah... where's Lexsie?MonKeybiz: Grounded XD Apparently her parents heard a rumor from Amanda's parents that she was banging some random dude and she got into serious trouble w/o them even hearing her side.

CrAzYArtist: Please tell me that the rumor isn't actually true...

MonKeybiz: Why Kori! Have you no faith in your friends?!

CrAzYArtist: ...

MonKeybiz: Ouch. And the answer is: no, the rumor is totally not true. Hey any more news on that hunky hottie?

CrAzYArtist: :) You've never even met him, how do you know he's hot?MonKeybiz: A) You just said he was. B) You wouldn't have mentioned him if he was butt-ugly. Man, do you know how not fun it is with you not here?

CrAzYArtist: Double negative. Tsk tsk.

MonKeybiz: You're the english nerd!

CrAzYArtist: English is always capitalized.

MonKeybiz: I swear if you say one more corretion I'll murder you...

CrAzYArtist: ...

CrAzYArtist: *correction...

MonKeybiz: ARGH! You know, you've got to invite some of you new school friends here so they can hang out with us too! (Especially Lysander ;P)

CrAzYArtist: Awwwww you remember his name! It must be serious!

MonKeybiz: *facepalm* your so werid sometimes.

CrAzYArtist: *you're


CrAzYArtist: Then you'll have to face Lexsie's drama by yourself.

MonKeybiz: I already do that, shouldn't be a problem if your dead.

CrAzYArtist: Then you'll never meet your Prince Charming.

MonKeybiz: NO PLEASE! I forgive you!

CrAzYArtist: lol you're so funny sometimes.

MonKeybiz: I try! ^0^

Castiel banged on the door, "Are you fixing dinner or not?!" I yelled, "If you're going to treat me like a servant, fix your own dinner!" Castiel jiggled the doorknob, but I had taken the precaution of locking it and the proping my chair underneath it, just in case my brother had picked up the skill of picking locks. "Kori, get out here!" I yelled back, "When you stop being a pain and stop hitting people!" He growled something then there was a solid thump that told me he had actually kicked the door. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the computer.

MonKeybiz: Hello?

MonKeybiz: Where'd you run off to?

MonKeybiz: Korianna Rillei West! Answer me!

CrAzYArtist: Sorry, brother trouble. So what were we talking about?

MonKeybiz: *sigh* you getting your new friends to come and chat with us.

CrAzYArtist: Yeah, because I have friends. Well, I guess Lysander could be counted as one... and I made a new friend today! Sadly he doesn't go to my school.

MonKeybiz: Oooooo, name? And is he hot?

CrAzYArtist: Why on earth would you ask that?! I thought you were totally in love with Lysander! And I'm interested in Nathaniel anyway.

MonKeybiz: But didn't you fight?

CrAzYArtist: Everyone fights. Nathaniel didn't get the memo that I was Castiel's twin, bada-bing bada-boom and voila, the fight is on. Apparently the whole school heard it. As in with their own ears. Castiel was in the courtyard and he heard it!

MonKeybiz: YaY, you still got those powerful lungs and you found someone who has the same! It's a match made in Heaven!

CrAzYArtist: What will I ever do with you?

MonKeybiz: Love me, feed me, never leave me. AND GIVE ME LYSANDER!

CrAzYArtist: Now I'm questioning your sanity...

MonKeybiz: But I thought you started that way back when.

CrAzYArtist: No, honey, I put you on the watch list. Now I'm going to call the closest Asylum and register you.

MonKeybiz: Yay! fluffy walls and jackets that let me huggles myself! Just what I always wanted! XD Anyway about you're new friend...

CrAzYArtist: *your. And his name is Jade. He helps in the Gardening club as extra credit for his school. Green hair, sea green eyes. Cute in a floppy kinda way.

MonKeybiz: (Grrr) Okay, 'floppy' is a new one... I've heard little brother cute and nerdy cute, but never floppy cute.

CrAzYArtist: Well he's nerdy in a gardener way. Baggy green overalls, hat, thick garden gloves... I don't know, it just works for him! Stop making me think!

MonKeybiz: Lol, Oh. Latest update: Ty has broken up with his new ex-girlfriend. Or at least that's what he's telling everyone, I think it's actually the other way around. Apparently she found out that he was dating her at the same time he was dating you before you left. His rep is ruined! He managed to talk his parents into moving, because "he feels lonely" Mwahahahaha!

CrAzYArtist: NOOOOO He might have to come here! O.o

MonKeybiz: That does present a prob... well I'm sure Nath and Castiel will protect you! Ty won't dare touch you if he has to go through those two. (Nath is a fighter right?)

CrAzYArtist: Uh, do you really need to ask that question? Hello, girl he fought with today?

MonKeybiz: Yeah, but that was yelling...

CrAzYArtist: Savannah, let's just say I don't think even my father had looked as angry as Nathaniel today.

MonKeybiz: Ah, that does explain things.

MonKeybiz: Oops! Past my bed time, Mom's trying to kill me! 'Night and see ya tomorrow, honey bear!CrAzYArtist: Lol, if you live until then.

*MonKeybiz has signed out*

*CrAzYArtist has signed out*


There! Hope you're happy!

Flame Friendly.

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