Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 5

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Since Castiel and I still weren't on speaking terms I walked to school the next day, having to get up an hour earlier just to be sure I made it on time. It turns out I made it almost fifteen minutes before the beginning bell. I shrugged and started to make my way to the Student Council room, sure that Nathaniel would have something for me to do, when I came across a strange sound coming from behind one of the courtyard trees. I paused, trying to desipher the sound, when I suddenly realized what it was.

Someone was crying.

I felt torn between leaving the person alone, it was obvious they wanted to be alone, and going to comfort them. I stood rooted in spot for a good minute before I made my way cautiously over to the tree. At the base of the wide plant a strangely familiar girl sat, her face buried in her hands, tears gushing from her fingers and dotting her grey skinny jeans, "Excuse me...?" I said cautiously. The girl looked up suprised, her stormy grey eyes wide and red from crying. Immediately she glared, "If you're going to tease me, just go away." I blinked, that wasn't the reaction I was looking for. Still I stayed where I was, "I was just wondering if you were-" "Okay? Yeah, I'm fine. As chipper as a woodchuck, just leave me alone! Go ahead and inform your friends that I cry, I don't care." It sounded angry, but her voice was devoid of emotion. I studied her, wondering how in the world I recognized her.

I suddenly remembered where I saw her before, "Oh! You're the girl I drew my first day here!" The blonde girl gave me a confused look, her pretty grey eyes blinking rapidly at the sudden change of conversation, "Uh... what?" I fished my sketchpad out of my shoulder bag and flipped through it until I came to the collage I did. "See, this is you with that boy." Instead of cheering up like I thought she would, the girl's lower lip trembled again. She pushed the pad back at me and lowered her head to her bent knees, "Just go away!" She cried. I glanced back down at my drawing then back up at the girl, there was a connection between the two. What was it?

"Did... did something happen? Do you want to talk about it?" The girl sniffed and didn't answer me. I sighed, "It's better to just let it spill instead of keeping it locked in. Trust me, I know." She scowled at me, "You expect me to share my life secrets when I don't even know your name?!" I tilted my head, "My name is Korianna West. And yes, don't you think it makes it better? Because if you don't know the person then there's no way to tell if they'll judge you or not. And most likely you'll never talk to them again." The girl barked a short laugh, "You have a strange philosophy." I smiled and patter her shoulder, "Well if you want to talk about it, I'll be around. And just so you know, I won't tell a living soul that I found you this morning." She seemed to be reassured by that and I left her heading for my original destination.

Nathaniel was, as I predicted, already in the Student Council room, filing papers. He glanced up surprised when I entered the room. I smiled and mentally steeled myself against my emotions. There was no way I was going to act like a total love-struck fool or get angry with Nathaniel today. If Jade had noticed my hopeless crush on Nathaniel after seeing me around him for a few minutes I had resolved to keep a tight lid on my emotions. Sooner or later Nathaniel was going to notice if I continued the way I did.

"What are you doing here so early?" Nathaniel asked. I smiled and set my bag down on the table, "Castiel is still mad at me for yesterday. I walked here to avoid him." He looked away embarressed, "Yeah... yesterday..." I tried not to, but I laughed, "Oh lighten up. Castiel is a little hot headed sometimes, but-" I cut off and grimanced at Nathaniel's closed expression. Grinning sheepisly I held up my hands, "Okay, okay I call a truce. For now on neither of us will speak about my brother. Deal?" I held out my hand. Nathaniel looked from my hand to my face, trying to see if I was serious or not. I smiled encouragingly. Rolling his gorgeous golden eyes Nathaniel shook my hand, "Deal."

Just then the door burst open again and a girl I had never seen before came skipping in, her dull brown hair swinging behind her, "Hey Nath, I'm here early to- who's she?" The girl cut off staring at me with pale blue eyes. Nathaniel gestured to me, "Melody, this is Korianna. Korianna, Melody. She helps me out sometimes." I plastered a smile on and said, "Call me Kori." My voice was friendly, but deep down I was hoping that this girl wasn't after Nathaniel's affections as well.


" then I had to chase that stupid dog all around the school, missing my classes. It's a wonder I'm ever going to catch up!" I finished my daily rant to Jade as I helped him weed the flowerbed. My green haired friend smiled, "Well, from what I heard your brother seems to manage." I held out my hands, "See that's the problem, I'm not a genius like Castiel. The only thing I'm really good at is drawing and that's only because I ignored my studies when I was younger in favor for art. People think that since I'm twins with Castiel we're both very smart, even my parents thought that. But what they don't seem to get is that Castiel and I are opposite in everything, from looks to personality to intellects. Don't get me wrong, I love school, but I just can never understand anything." I took a deep breath and asked, "I'm babbling again, aren't I?" Jade, nodded, his face pinched in effort to keep from laughing. Then he burst into laughter.

I huffed playfully and threw a dirtclod at him. It exploded against his shoulder, and Jade sent me an evil smirk. I tried to run, but my friend had already grabbed me and dumped a fistful of dirt on to my white hair. I shrieked and watted back at him, trying to shake the dirt out of my hair. Jade only pointed at me and laughed. I sent him a dirty look, "Are you trying to dye my hair brown?" I asked, making Jade laugh only harder. I glared at him for a few more minutes before breaking down and joing him. We ended up on the ground our backs pressed against each other, still chuckling. Jade sighed after a while, "It's too bad I go back tomorrow." I perked up, this was the perfect oppertunity to get him into my chat room with Savannah and Lexsie.

"You know... I mean, do you chat?" I asked. Jade twisted to face me, his green eyes confused, "Huh?" I shrugged, "Chat. You know, talk over the internet live. That type of thing." Jade raised an eyebrow, "No... why?" I chewed on my lower lip, wondering if I should drop the subject or explain. I decided on the latter, "Well, one of my friends back home has been begging me to get some of my friend's here to join our chat room. And... since you're leaving and we probably won't speak again, I thought- Oh you're right, it's a stupid idea." Jade smiled and shook his shaggy hair, "No, I actually like the idea. Tell me more." I released the breath I didn't know I held and began to speak avidly about my chat room and all that my friend's and I talked about. Jade laughed at all the right parts and promised to check it out when he got home. Then he waved good-bye and left, probably forever.

I sighed and stayed in the garden. Already the place seemed more gloomy without my friend there to cheer me up. I sighed and began to pick up the gardening tools that we had used. I was just returning from the tool shed when the voice I least expected spoke, "Korianna?" I spun to see Nathaniel standing behind me, looking just a tad uncomfortable. "I was wondering... you said you were walking home and..." Could he possibly be asking what I think he was? "...Do you like cats?" I blinked and smiled, "Cats are my favorite animal, why?" Nathaniel finally smiled and relaxed a little bit, "I was wondering if you would like to go feed the stray cats with me. I could walk you home afterwards." I grinned, "I'd be happy to! Question though, why stray cats? Don't you have a cat of your own?"

Nathaniel rubbed the back of his neck, "My mom is allergic to cats." Nathaniel must come from a family of allergic people. That thought struck me funny somehow and I had to purse my lips to keep from laughing, I doubted Nathaniel would like it if I laughed at his family. "That's too bad, cats are really fun, especially kittens. Hey maybe when you graduate and move out on your own you can get a kitten!" Nathaniel smiled at the idea, "That would be nice. Maybe I'll just take one of the strays off the street." I nodded, "As long as it isn't too mean, I don't see the problem. I used to run an unofficial home for stray cats back at my old town. My dad sure didn't like it!" He laughed. We talked about cats as we walked down the streets, both of us at ease with each other for all that we had been trying to deafen the each other just yesterday.

The colorful array of kittens came running when they saw Nathaniel bring out a bag of cat food. I tilted my head curiously and noticed an empty pan pushed up against the wall. I raised an eyebrow, "Nathaniel, how many times do you do this?" He smiled, "Everyday after school, unless I have something to do." I laughed, "That's sweet of you to take care of these kittens!" One kitten, a solid charcoal grey rubbed against my legs and meowed cutely. I squatted down and swept her up in my arms, ignoring her prick of her claws as she kneeded my arm and purred. I cuddled her, "I just might have to take you home!" I said making Nathaniel laugh.

Sitting crosslegged I put the kitten in my lap and pulled the pan over to me, filling it with a water bottle that Nathaniel had bought from the Dollar Store on the way here. The kitten purred even louder as she began to lap up the cool water. Nathaniel sat down beside me and spread the cat food out for the three other kittens to eat. A calico jumped up on his shoulder and nudged his pink nose in my ear, making me squeak and jerk away, rubbing at my ear. Nathaniel gave me a questioning look and I smiled sheepishly, "My ears are very ticklish." He shook his head and patted the calico's head before feeding it pieces of cat food one by one. The orange tabby ignored us, turning his back on us as he ate, but the solid black kitten walked from between Nathaniel and I, looking for affection. The charcoal jumped down to join the tabby and the calico climbed into my lap. Nathaniel handed me a handful of dried cat food saying, "He won't eat unless you give it to him." I laughed and tickled the cat under his chin, "Spoiled aren't you?" He only meowed. I laughed and cuddled him closer, making him squirm.


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