Dating My Brother's Arch-enemy

Chapter 7

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I sighed and checked my watch again: 7:03. Castiel said he would be done at five! I glared at my clock's face and turned back to my sketchpad. I still couldn't believe that Castiel was making me wait for him after school so he could practice. I had offered to walk home myself, but Castiel told me that if I did I might as well walk all the way back to our parents house. Personally I think he just made me wait as a lookout in case anyone who actually thought breaking into the school's basement at night was wrong.

I shoved the thoughts out of my mind and concentrated on my latest project. A series of different kinds of fish as mermaids. Iris's, who said her favorite mythological creature was the mermaid, birthday was around the corner and I had decided to draw her a collage of mermaids. So far I had two, a large 11 by 14 of a normal mermaid clutching an overturned boat, and an 8.5 by 11 Angler mermaid in the shadows of the deep, waiting for her next meal. My fingers were coated with graphite trying to depictate the murky depths of the bottom of the ocean in the Angler picture, and my blender was black as coal from shading. I tilted my head, something just wasn't right about the Angler. I had the light evened out so that it looked like her little lure that came from her head like a real Angler fish was the only source of light. Her body was propotional and the tail faded into the dark like it was supposed to. Her hair floated around her head to show that she was really underwater, but something was just... wrong, and I couldn't figure it out.

"What are you doing here?!" A voice startled me. I was just lucky that I hadn't been holding a pencil, because I would have ruined my drawing. I looked up into the stormy grey eyes of the Crying Girl, as I had secretly dubbed her until I found out her name. I smiled in spite of my racing heart, "Waiting for someone. What are you doing?" The girl cast me a suspicious look and brought out a camera, "Someone's been wondering around the school at night. I'm going to find out who." She paused and gave me another suspicious look, "It's not you, is it?" I laughed and shook my head, "No. How do you know someone's here?" Could she have somehow found out about Castiel and Lysander's band practices? And if so, how?

The girl blushed, "I was caught getting revenge on Amber and was ordered to clean up the graffiti. Something jumped out at me and when I came back here the next night it happened again. This time I'm going to take a picture of the culprit and settle this." I giggled, earning a glare from the girl. I waved my hand, "No, I'm not laughing at you. You just sounded like Peggy just then." The girl's face twisted in confusion, "Who?" I shook my head, "The girl in charge of the school's newspaper. She's always doing things like this." "Ah." The girl glanced down the hallway towards the stairs then back at me, shifting awkwardly. I could tell that she wanted to get on with her investigation. I smiled and leaned back in my chair, "Go ahead, I don't mind. Tell me who it is when you capture them!" She nodded and disappeared.

I took out my sketchpad again and flipped it open too quickly. A loose folded paper came fluttering out and landed on the floor under my chair. I sighed and bent over to retrieve it, but before I could there was a bright flash from the end of the hall and a shout of surprise. I guess the Crying Girl had found her culprit. I stood and walked towards the comotion, completely forgetting about the paper underneathe the chair. I flicked on the hall lights to see Castiel, Nathaniel and Lysander surrounding the Crying Girl. Nathaniel kept blinking and rubbing at his eyes, I guess he was the unfortunate one to get a surprise picture. Everyone looked at me when I turned on the lights, I smiled and leaned against the wall, waiting for the events to unfold.

The Crying Girl turned to my brother, "I don't see why you couldn't have told me." The red head frowned, but it was Nathaniel who answered, "We were going to. That's what you saw us talking about earlier." She bit her lip, a small blush creeping up her neck, "Oh..." When no one said anything else I spoke up, "Now that that's taken care of, can we go home now?" Castiel glared at me, "Shut up, Kori. You can wait a little longer. Besides we still have to take care of this problem..." He directed the last sentence to the poor blonde in front of him. I frowned at him, "Don't take it out on her, she didn't know about your little afternoon adventures." "Butt out, or else..." Castiel warned. I gave him a look, "Did you really say 'or else' to me? The one person in the world who knows every dirty little secret about you?" Nathaniel and Lysander shared an amused grin while the Crying Girl just looked between us.

Castiel shoved a finger in my face, "You forget that I know ever secret about you as well." I smiled and held up my hands in surrender, "It seems we are at an impasse. Stop bothering her, and we'll forget this ever happened. And give me the car keys so I can drive home." Castiel sighed and turned away, "No, and I've got to clean up. Go ahead and walk home." I stuck my tongue out at his back, earning laughter from everyone else, and returned down the hall to pick up my stuff. Nathaniel and the Crying Girl followed me.

"I'm sorry again for blinding you." The girl said, Nathaniel waved away her concerns and took my shoulder bag without a word. I flashed him a brief smile of 'thank you and looked at the Crying Girl, "Hey, what's your name? I told you mine, but if you told me yours I must have forgotten it." The girl laughed, her personality so different from the one I had found yesterday, "My name is Penelope Ross, but please call me Penni. I hate my name!" I laughed, "Only if you call me Kori. What about you, Nathaniel? Do you prefer 'Nathaniel' or some nickname?" He shrugged, "Whatever you wish to call me." I grinned, "So... can I call you Castiel's best friend?" Nathaniel shot my a dark look, "Anything but that." He retorted and I laughed. Penni looked between us, her eyes questioning, but she didn't say anything.

We reached the doors and Nathaniel held it open for us to walk through. Penni smiled and thanked him politly. I took the bold step and poked him in the side, making him twitch. I grinned, "Ticklish, Nathaniel?" I asked sweetly. He pointedly ignored the question, rubbing at the spot where I had poked him. Nathaniel looked down at poor short Penni, "Going this way?" He asked, nodding the way towards my house. Penni saddly shook her head, "No I go the opposite. Um... It's been nice meeting you?" She ended it as a question, making me giggle, "Yeah, it has. See ya tomorrow, I guess!" She smiled more brightly then I had seen before and waved good-bye.

Nathaniel shited my bookbag to his other shoulder so it wouldn't get tangled between us as we walked. "I feel sorry for her." He said suddenly. I turned to look at him, "Really? How so?" He shrugged, "When she first moved here everyone was teasing her about Ken, and then he moved away." "Who?" I asked confused. I had moved to Sweet Amoris about the same time Penni did, so I didn't know much of her. Nathaniel chuckled, "The dorky kid that was always around her? That was Ken. His father transfered him to a military school because my sister kept harrassing him." I blinked, "And who is your sister?" Nathaniel raised an eyebrow, "You'll get mad at me about not knowing you and Castiel are related and you don't even know my sister?"

I blushed, "I didn't even know you had a sister. At least you know that Castiel's sister did move here, you just didn't know who it was. Will you tell me her name or not?" Nathaniel laughed and shook his head, making his golden hair flop over his eyes, "It's Amber." I blinked again, I hadn't been expecting that. The class bully and the class president siblings? I bit my lip to keep my thought to myself. Of course Nathaniel saw what I was thinking anyway, "Surprised? Most people are." I laughed sheepishly, "Sorry..." We were silent for a while, walking peacefully. I tried to think of ways to get him to talk some more, but I couldn't think of any. Finally I blurted out, "Okay, why were you at the school so late? I mean, I know about Castiel and his band practice, but why are you in it?" Nathaniel chuckled, "I got involved when your brother stole the keys from me. To keep myself out of trouble I had to cover for them as well. I'm surprised Penni was so determined with both me and Castiel trying to dissuade her from investigating." For some reason I laughed, and after a moment Nathaniel joined me.


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