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Unexpected love with an Idol


Your name is Lee y/n and your dating MIn yoongi from bts also known as suga. But what you don't know is that your father has been looking for you. the reason you ran away from home was because your father was planning on marrying someone you don't know. So he can finally see you being queen. But what will your father do when he finds out that your in love with an idol and your and idol as well, will your father forbid it? Read to find out

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…Father: Y/n you will be a queen soon I have arranged a family dinner with Daniel so you can meet him.

Y/n: But Father I don’t want to get married just yet I’m just 17 it’s way to soon and I don’t want to marry someone I haven’t meet.

Father: That’s why I arranged a dinner with his family and ours so you can meet him.

Y/n: You don’t understand father I’m still young and I’m not the age to be a queen yet I have 3 years until I can be queen. Mother why can’t you say something to father tell him I can’t be queen .

Mother: Y/n your father just wants to plan everything so when you meet Daniel you’ll have time to know each other.

Y/n: Fine then just let me think about this please it’s a lot to take in so I’ll tell you tomorrow morning on what I think about this ok Father.

Father: Sure thing.

Author’s POV

What y/n’s parents don’t know is that y/n is escaping from the Palace she didn’t tell her parents where she was going. Y/n didn’t leave any note so she won’t be tracked she’s doing this because she doesn’t want to be queen. So y/n packs everything she’s gonna take and takes her money with her. She bought a plan ticket to Korea so her parents won’t find her easily and made it to the airport on time.

Y/n’s POV

Finally I don’t have to deal with them anymore now to leave England and move in the the house I bought in Korea a long time ago. This way my parents won’t find me and I can live a normal life. * 18 hours later*

Finally I’m here time to go home, once I my stuff I went and called taxi so they can take me to my house. Once I got home I unpacked and fixed everything in it’s place and looked online to get a job my money won’t last forever. Now that I’ve applied to multiple jobs it’s time to rest it’s been a long day.

*The next day*

I woke up early today to I can call jisoo and she if she can have some coffee with me. and probably go shopping.

*Calls jisoo*

Y/n: Hello is this jisoo

Jisoo: Who is this do I know you?

Y/n: It’s Y/n, Lee y/n.

Jisoo: No way you Lee y/n the one I know from England.

Y/n: That’s me jisoo so I was wondering if you can have coffee with me and catch up.

Jisoo: But y/n your in England that won’t be possible.

Y/n: Jisoo I’m in Korea I ran away from home.

Jisoo: Y/N why did you run away from home?

Y/n: I’ll explain everything meet me in 10 at Florte Flower Café.

Jisoo: OK see you there oh I’ll be bring my other friends as well.

Y/n: Ok don’t worry I’m dying to meet your friends.

*10 minutes later*

Jisoo: So y/n meet Jennie,rose and Lisa.

Y/n: Nice to me you Jennie,rose and Lisa I’m jisoo’s friend.

Jennie: Oh um I just want to let you know that were blackpink.

Y/n: Yea I know I’m a fan of yours and I wanted to meet you guys because jisoo talks about you guys so much. I just wanted to know who her friends where to do guys want anything to drink.

Lisa: Don’t worry about us we’ll get the drinks your the guest so what kind of drink want do you want?

Y/n: Can I get an earl grey tea.

Lisa: Ok we’ll come back with the drinks you and jisoo catch up.

Jisoo: So tell me why did you run away from home.

Y/n: Well my father told me that I’ll be queen soon but I’m not 20 yet and he wanted me to marry someone I don’t know or love.

Jisoo: Do your parents know you left home?

Y/n: No I left last night without telling anyone or leaving a note on where I will be I just want to live a normal life.

Jisoo: I’ll ask my company if they can have a solo artist and I’ll call you so you can take that spot.

Y/n: No jisoo you don’t have to do that I’ve already applied to some company additions and places to work you don’t need to worry about me.

Rose: Here y/n your earl grey tea so what were you guys talking about.

Jennie: I’m so sorry about that but you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to .

Y/n: No it’s fine so don’t worry bout it it’s just that I ran away from home and I did that because I want to be a normal person.

Lisa: What do you mean by that y/n?

Jisoo: She’s royalty.

Y/n: Promise me that you guys won’t tell anyone who I really am please if they find out they’ll tell my dad and I’ll have to get married.

Jennie: Oh I didn’t know we won’t tell anyone.

*End of Y/n’s POV*

*Jisoo’s POV*

Jisoo: Jennie I want y/n to work with us well not part of the group but as a solo artist.

Jennie: I don’t know Jisoo I see your motive but I have no idea if the company will be able to receive her. Maybe another company will beat us to get her and what else can we do she can decide for herself.

Jisoo: I know Jennie but she is my friend.

Jennie: Jisoo I understand but it’s y/n’s decision.

Lisa: I’m not gonna lie but the company put an audition but I have no idea if y/n applied.

Rose: It’ll just be easy and call her if she applied to our company?

Jisoo: Well she told me that she applied to a few company’s auditions and some jobs just in case it didn’t go to plan. But other than that I really don’t know if she applied to our company I’ll just giver her a call to see that other companies she applied to.

Rose: Well that’s easy said than done your the one that has her number so you call her jisoo none of us do but you.

Jisoo: Oh yea I forgot I’ll give her a call.

*Calls y/n*

Jisoo: Y/n I was wondering what companies did you applied for an audition?

Y/n: Well I’ve applied to YG Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, and stone Entertainment. Why do you ask?
Jisoo: Well one of those companies is ours so I was hoping that they let you start off right away.

Y/n: Look jisoo I appreciate the help and all but I want to be chosen from those companies if one chooses me then I’ll go to that one. But I want all of them to choose me and I’ll decide from there and that means I have to be a trainee.

Jisoo: I see y/n so whatever the results are I’ll be her to support you no all of us will be supporting you.

Y/n: Thank you jisoo but I have to rest I have and an audition tomorrow.

Jisoo: Ok I’ll leave you but do you want to go shopping with us tomorrow when your free?

Y/n: Yes I’d love to I’ll give you a call after my audition see you tomorrow bye.

Jisoo: Ok bye.

*Y/n hangs up the phone*

Lisa: So by guess and hearing you guys talk y/n applied to our company after all.

Jisoo: Well yes but she also applied for bighit the company of the famous boy group of all time BTS.


Rose: What is all the noise here?

Lisa: So y/n applied for an audition for BIGHIT.

Rose: WHAT no way.

Jennie: Well it’s up to y/n on what company pick her who knows she might get rejected.

Jisoo: You guys I’ve invited y/n to coming shopping with us tomorrow.

Rose: You what no way I love her she is like the one I want to be friends with.

Lisa: I know rose it’s not because she is royalty but she is a really nice person and she is a fan of us.

Jisoo: Oh she’s a fan of K-pop she has so many groups she likes.

Jennie: Oh really can you tell us who her favorite girl groups are?

Jisoo: Her favorite girl groups are blackpink which is us then twice, momland, mamamoo, and red velvet.

Lisa: Wow so how about boy groups?

Rose: I really want to know who her favorite boy group is.

Jisoo: You’ll be shocked on who it is I was shocked when she told me years ago.

Jennie: Just tell us already.

Jisoo: It’s BTS, EXO, Straykids, Got7, and MONSTA X and.

Lisa: Has she gone to one of our concerts or to any concert?

Jennie: She’s royalty how is she gonna go?

Jisoo: Actually she’s need to a few concerts and us being one of them.

Rose: What other concerts did she go to?

Jisoo: She went to a good amount of bts concerts and even bought some for other people and did the same thing with our concerts?

Lisa: Do you where she would sit?

Jisoo: I have no idea her being rich probably front row.

Jennie: Well who knows maybe even got VIP tickets.

Rose: Come on lets stop this nonsense.

*End of Jisoo’s POV*

*Y/n’s Parents POV*

Guard: Your majesty we can’t find princess y/n


Guard: We looked everywhere for her and she is nowhere to be found.

King: Well keep on looking for her.

Queen: Honey calm down y/n will appear soon.

King: What if they kidnapped her.

Queen: I don’t think so they would have called us to let us know that they have her.

King: What if she doesn’t come back.

Queen: She will don’t give up.

Guard: Your majesty princess y/n went to america.

King: I want you to call of the the guards and bodyguards.

Guard: Understood your majesty.

Queen: See I told you we’ll find her.

King: Yea I know but she is in big trouble.

Queen: Oh come one we’ll just talk to her.

King: I don’t know but she is in big trouble when I see her.

Steve: You wanted to see us your majesty.

King: Yes can you fly to america and get the princess.

Steve: Sure thing your majesty.

Queen: Oh and make sure she is the princess and take the private jet.

Steve: Yes your highness.

Queen: See our daughter will come home soon.

King: I know but why would she run away?

Queen: Did you ever think that you might be add to much pressure on her I mean didn’t you fell pressured by your parents?

King: Well yes and I don’t want to do that with Y/n she was next in line after Elizabeth died.

Queen: I know Elizabeth was gonna be crowned queen but she died in the car crash.

King: She was gonna be a good queen but it’s y/n’s turn and Daniel loved Elizabeth so much but I think Elizabeth’s death is getting to y/n.

Queen: Probably but she has to keep the royal bloodline.

Carl: Your majesty

King: Yes Carl what is it.

Carl: News got out about the princess y/n is missing.

King: What how did that happen?

Carl: I don’t know but there has to be a traitor in the palace.

Queen: How did you know about this?

Carl: I was on my way to open the door because someone rung the doorbell I was about to let prince Daniel in when. The news crew came and asked me question about the princess and there still outside the palace security is taking care of it.

King: Thank you for letting us know about this Carl we’ll have to talk to them.

*Outside the Palace*

Reporter 1: Your Majesty is it true that princess y/n is missing?

Reporter 2: How long has princess y/n been missing?

Reporter 3: Is princess y/n missing or has she been kidnapped?

Reporter 4: Please tell us your majesty.

Reporter 1: Your highness what are your thought about this?

King: Princess y/n is fine she is not missing or kidnapped.

Reporter 3: How do we know princess y/n is fine can you bring her outside.

Queen: I’m afraid not she is sleeping at the moment she needs to rest we have a big meeting tomorrow morning.

King: So with that said we need to rest as well and the princess won’t be able to see anyone she has a very busy schedule.

*Inside the Palace*

King: Listen who in here is the traitor I will question you guys if you don’t tell me who the traitor it.

Queen: But if the traitor decides to keep quiet it will be the end for him or her so you have until tomorrow morning to tell us who it is.

King: If you find the traitor there will be something waiting for you that’s if you turn in the traitor.

Queen: That will be all for today have a good night.

*End of y/n’s parents POV*

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