Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 9: Hotaru

The turtles along with Splinter, April and Casey were running along the rooftop of New York. Raph and Leo were leading the pack with Mikey, Don, Splinter and April not too far behind, Casey on the other hand was barely keeping up.

Everyone stopped once they reached the Brooklyn Bridge, while Casey and April took a seat near the edge to rest and Splinter was kneeling down beside them as they all watched the turtles spar with each other.

While Mikey and Don were goofing around and taking it easy, Leo was making it his duty to try and channel Raph’s anger onto himself as they fought each other. The sound of metal clashing against each other echoed between the two. Raph wanted nothing more than to go after the foot and show them why they shouldn’t mess with his family but Leo on the other hand saw that a direct revenge assault would only leave them with more troubles. As Leo and Raph continued to fight figures cloaked in black robes watched from afar.

One of the cloaked figures stood in front of all the other figures staring at the turtles through binoculars. The figure next to him turned his head and asked,

“Master, is it time?”

The one called master watched as Leo and Raph continued to clash, Don and Mikey finally stopped their little sparring match to sit near their friends and father and watch their two older brothers.

The one called master nodded his head, removing the binoculars from his face he pointed at the Hamato family and friends.

“Remember I need them alive. Hatake will soon remember why you can’t defy me.” Master said resting his hand on his chin.

The one next to master bowed his head and signaled for the other cloaked figures to follow. As the small army of cloaked figures jumped and started running to the unsuspecting family and friends did master remove his hood.

Master started rubbing a long scar across his face as if he was trying to relive the pain he went through. Master grinned as the scene flashed through his mind.


Raph and Leo were panting heavily, Leo was leaning against one of his katana blades heavily while Raph kneel on the ground with his sais still clenched tightly in his hands.

“Enough Raph this has been going on for hours you need to calm down.” Leo yelled.

Raph shook his head vigorously and spat back, “Shut the hell up Leo let me do as I please.”

Leo closed his eyes and shook his head. Leo knew Raph and that the only way to stop him was to physically drag him back home.
Raph and Leo charged at each other once again. But as their weapons were about to clash the cloaked figures made their move. The leader threw a knife between the two brothers fighting. Drawing their attention away from each other the leader made sure to show the Hamato family and their human friends the crest on his armor.

Everyone readied their weapons and watched as the group of cloaked figures surrounded them. The leader of the group step forward and said,

“Those who ally themselves with the one called Shadow will face an unpleasant end. Now if you give her to us then you will have a painless death. Choose now or I will choose for you.”

The leader stated signaling to his army. Every one of his army disrobed showing that they all wore the same armor as the one that attacked them earlier. While the leader wore a Japanese demon mask that stretch over his entire head.

“Just who do you think you are? You don’t have the right to tell us what to do or think that we would hand over our sister to a group of murders.” Raph yelled.

The leader’s shoulders were shaking until he could no longer contain his laughter at Raph’s statement.

“You call us murders I think you got us confused from Shadow. We are just peaceful creatures while Shadow is a coldblooded assassin. I don’t know what brainwashing you have gone under from being near her but I believe that we came at the right time to free you and spare your lives from that monster.

“I swore on my father’s grave that I would bring an end to anyone who opposed my father I will rid those that are the incarnation of demons. By the word of my father Yasha you all will leave this world in body bags for my name is Hotaru” Hotaru yelled.

Hotaru grabbed a sword from his back and charged at the Hamato family. The soldiers took this as a sign and join in with their leader.

“My sons, I know I have taught each of you that it will darken your soul if you take a life but now I want you to disregard that help make sure none of them leave here alive.” Splinter said.

“Hai sensei.”

The turtle said in unison. Raph was the happiest out of them because now he didn’t have to hold back.

Every charged at the incoming army, while Master Splinter and Leo dealt with Hotaru everyone else dealt with his army. Don and Mikey could see that Raph and Casey were both extremely pissed off. Body after body fell under there uncontrollable rage, as the blood splattered from each moment of the turtles to Casey’s style of bare knuckled fighting the large army started to diminish to only Hotaru and a few of his underlings.

Everyone was panting heavily as blood dripped off their bodies and weapons. At times Hotaru sacrificed one of his soldiers when either Leo or Master Splinter were about to make the kill shot.

This disgusted Leo and Splinter saying that he had no honor in the way he fought or treated his men. But every time Hotaru was reminded of this he would laugh at them say that they were his toys and that he could use them how he pleased.
Hotaru and his soldiers were surrounded as the turtles surround them, Casey, April, and Splinter stayed in back incase Hotaru tried something.

“You think you could stop us. Well you didn’t account to one thing.” Hotaru said.

“What the hell do you mean?” Raph yelled back.

“Never once did you why we were fighting so poorly. Maybe you should have asked yourselves is Hotaru just distracting us so that his other soldier have enough time to grab Shadow right from under their noses.” Hotaru mocked.

The turtles gripped their weapons tighter.

“Your lying Shadow is well hidden and you’ll never find her.” April stated.

Hotaru cocked his head to the side saying, “So she isn’t staying underground in that abandoned garage near the tram to Coney Island.”
Everyone backed away from Hotaru with a shocked face, breaking into a cold sweat everyone bolted away from the battle and started sprinting back to the lair. Hotaru was smirking under his mask knowing that even though he knew where Shadow was stay didn’t mean he could get to her but he didn’t have to anything but just state the facts he had and let fear do the rest. When everyone was about to jump off the ledge did the whole edge lit up and electrify everyone. Hotaru started to laugh and mock everyone as they yelled out in pain as the electricity coursed through their bodies.

“Just as I thought, your demise is all because of Shadow and your fear. I told you earlier that Shadow would be cause of your death and this proves it. As everyone was slowly being brought into unconscious Hotaru knelt down and whispered into Raph’s ear saying
“I knew all of this would happen that’s why I set one of my toys to go play with her. While watching Shadow I knew all of the places you would go to so I just had my men setup my little trap earlier and waited until you broke out into a rage. Just go and blame yourself for leading your family and friends into this. But all you have to is push this all onto the shoulder of Shadow because this is all her fault when she befriended you freaks. Now die with her.”

This was all Raph could hear before he fell into unconscious. Hotaru radioed in the rest of his men to help move the Hamato family and their friends to their headquarters. Hotaru on the other hand made sure to leave a clear message for Shadow to find when her family doesn’t return in to her.

Removing the mask he was wear Hotaru had one brown eye on his right side while the left side was pale with a slash mark diagonally a crossed his forehead to his ear. Another cut mark was on his lip to his chin. Hotaru had sleek black hair gelled back and smile that would make soldier’s break out into a cold sweat.

Hotaru placed his mask on the ground and took out a cloth draped object and placed it underneath the mask. Taking out a small knife Hotaru stuck the blade into his index finger and started to write out a small message for Shadow.

“Master it’s time to depart.”

Hotaru turned around to see one of the few soldiers that lived through the massacre was standing behind him. Hotaru stood up and cocked his head to the side asking

“What did you say?”

The soldier stood up straighter and started to repeat what he stated before.

“I said Master it’s time to-” But before the soldier could finish Hotaru used he used to prick his finger to embed it into the soldier’s neck. The soldier fell to the ground, gargling blood and clenching his throat as blood flooded out of his body and onto the ground. Hotaru stepped over the soldier’s body and without turning around told the soldier,

“You annoy me with your presence.”

Leaving the soldier to die Hotaru jumped off the pillar and relayed to the boat waiting for him at the bottom.
The soldier watched as the person he referred to Master disappear over the edge. Turning his head back to the mask and the message the last thing the soldier saw was the demonic mask staring back at him and the message to Shadow read,

Karma's a Bitch
You took what I loved away from me so I'm doing the same

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