Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 10: It Ends Today

Shadow woke up like normal the next day but as she was getting ready to leave her room she could tell that something was wrong. Opening her door Shadow walked out into the lair and closed her eyes.

Something is wrong, why is it so quiet?

Usually in the morning Shadow could hear the sounds of snoring coming from Raph, Don, and Mikey’s rooms and when it came to Leo he was getting ready to practice his katas while Splinter was getting the water boiling for their morning tea.
Shadow rushed around the lair looking everywhere for her family.

This isn’t right

Panicking a bit Shadow quickly checked her shell cell to see if they called.


Shadow quickly changed out of her workout clothes and into her everyday wear. Feeding Haku and leaving him some extra encase she didn’t return Shadow ran out of the lair and up the elevator.

Shadow road the elevator to the top, reaching the streets of New York Shadow grabbed her bike and drove it April’s apartment.
When Shadow arrived at the apartment she quickly hide her bike under the fire escape to her apartment and started climbing until she was greeted with her window. Shadow peered into the apartment through the glass.

There was no signs of life.

Shadow slowly undid the lock to the window and the alarm Donnie installed.
“April?” Shadow said. Removing her helmet Shadow placed it under her arm and looked around the apartment.
From the look of the apartment it seemed like no one has touched the place since last night. Even the store underneath was in no condition to be opened for business under April’s strict eye.

Shadow tried to remember where everyone would be but nothing came to her. An eerie silent flowed through the room until the sound of a phone rung through the apartment. Shadow quickly scambled for her shell cell to find out it was the wrong phone. Shaking her head side to side Shadow move to the phone she used to work. Looking at the caller id Shadow deeply sighed before answering.
An angry voice filled Shadow’s ears when she answered,

“Hatake where the fuck are you?”

Shadow pinched her furrowed brow and answered,

“Sir today is my day off.” But that answer didn’t please the angry man on the other line.

“I don’t give a fuck if you have a day off or not you have to come in now or you can kiss your job goodbye.”

At the time Shadow really didn’t care if she lost her job or not, finding her family and friends was the only thing she cared about but she also knew that April and Casey worked extremely hard for her to find a job that would be willing to hire someone under the working age plus she couldn’t really look for clues in board daylight.

“Yes sir it was my fault I will come in immediately.” Shadow answered.

“Oh, that’s good get here as soon and come find me when you do.” The sound of the other end clicking signaled for Shadow to return the phone to her pocket.

I guess he didn’t think I would agree

Shadow shook her head placing the helmet back on her head Shadow returned to her bike and started to drive to her place of work.
Shadow arrived at her place of work and placed her bike behind the building. Shadow didn’t tell her family where she got a job but as long as she came home in one piece they didn’t ask.

Walking into the building, Shadow took out a badge she hid in the inside of her pocket and showed it to the security guard. Nodding heads Shadow placed the badge clip on the front of her jacket and grabbed the nearest elevator to the 5th floor.
When the elevator opened Shadow walked into the foyer and was greeted with her coworkers huddled around in a circle in the middle of the room.

“Hey Shadow you got called in too?”

“Hey Daichi yeah just when I thought I had a break.” Shadow jokingly said.

Daichi was 5 ft. 8in, 15 year boy with a fine face and fiery grey eyes. He had short black hair with his bangs flowing to the right of his face and two silver earrings in his left. He was wearing a white graphic shirt, stone blue jeans, and blue grey sneakers with a silver watch on his left wrist.

To his left was the Kenshi a 5ft 6in, 13 year old with chiseled face and dark brown eyes. He had short black hair and brown highlights with both his ears pierced with silver gold earrings. Wearing a brown leather jacket and white V-neck t-shirt and silver dog tags hanging on his neck. Black baggy jeans and all black sneakers he was tapping his foot on the ground with a very annoyed face.

“I can’t believe he called us in on our day off. We get one day off and he has to take it away because of what stupid reason.”
Kenshi was annoyed but the others jumped up to stop him.

One was Ren a boy that was the same age as Kenshi but two inches shorter with a thin face and blue eyes. While Ren’s hair was originally brown he lost a bet during the week and had to dye it blonde. Ren had jagged short hair and a small gold hooped earring in his left ear. Wearing a graphic red shirt with dark blue jeans that were on the verge of falling off if not for the belt tightly fasten around his waist and blue and white sneakers was trying to calm down an angry Kenshi with the help of his brother Aaron.

Aaron also had a thin face and short brown hair but he had brown eyes and no piercings. He had a white V-neck shirt with blue stone jeans with his black blazer tied around his waist and worn black work boots. Aaron stepped in between his brother and Kenshi yelling

“Calm down Kenshi we all are pissed off but blowing up and throwing a tantrum like a five year old won’t make it any better so sit you ass down and shut up already.”

Kenshi huffed and puff but followed Aaron’s directions. Being both the oldest and tallest out of merry group helped with Kenshi got mad. Aaron was 17 and just peaked at 6ft was almost like the leader but we all knew that he was the most carefree and childlike out of all of them.

Shadow smile and shook her head being with the group of misfits gave her the same calmness as it did with her family. At the beginning Shadow was very wary of them and wouldn’t talk to them unless she had to. But after a while Shadow started to open up and started to have fun and even laughed with them. Now after a year Shadow saw them as people she could trust even though they were humans they earned her trust.

Shadow walked over to the group before turning around to see the reason why they were all there.
Mr. Satoshi was a grumpy old man in his late 50s he walked into the room leaning heavily on his cane. He was a dignified man but very stern when it came down to work people thought that the knitted brow and fiery green eyes was his natural look.

“Alright you idiot I bet you’re all asking why I called you in and you know what I’ll give you an answer.”

Shadow and her friends may have looked like they were paying attention but were all mentally rolling their eyes.

“Two days ago you lot worked on that set for the new theater that’s opening next week. Well, I got a call from the theater manger saying now he wants to change the entire set from a village to and underground carven. Now I tried to negotiate out of doing this but the manger will not bug on it so now you lot have to now redo the entire set by tomorrow.”

“WHAT!” Everyone exclaimed.

Everyone was extremely pissed about what happened they all worked hard on the original set for three weeks now the manager of the theater was calling off the set and making them change everything. Even though everyone knew it wasn’t Satoshi fault they wished he could have tried to at least get them more time to work on the set.

Satoshi breathed out heavily he knew that it wasn’t possible for them to redo the entire set even if they all worked overtime and taking out his aggression on Shadow and her friends wasn’t helping.

“Let me make a phone call to see if I can negotiate something out of this ass. You lot start planning on what you’re going to do while I’m gone.” Satoshi said taking out his phone and walking out the door.

Kenshi started ranting about what just happened while Ren once again tried to calm him down. Shadow and Daichi left to grab some books and sketch pads to start working because they knew all the moaning and yelling coming from Kenshi wasn’t going to make the problem leave. Aaron on the other hand was watching his brother and waiting for Daichi and Shadow to return, Aaron could do much because he strain muscles in his back and had to sit out on lifting heavy things.

After an hour of planning and reading books on underground cities and cravens Satoshi returned looking depleted of all energy.

“Well do you want to hear the good news or the bad?” Satoshi said with a heavy sigh.

“Just talk” Kenshi spat. Shadow reached over and did want Raph taught her to do when Mikey says something stupid and slapped him on the back of the head.

“Hey” Kenshi yelled rubbing the back of his head.

“Don’t be a baby Kenshi it was a light tap.” Shadow stated. “What’s the news Satoshi?”

“You guys better get me a good present for my birthday next month because I was able to get the guy to not change the entire set but a small part at the end. Now you guys still have to create something for the underground carven but at least it’s not the entire set. Now if you excuse me I have to make more phone calls to make up the money for this.”

And with that Satoshi left with his head held high and skip in his step but if you looked at him closer you could tell he worked hard to get the manager of the theater to change his mind.

“I’ll right guys Satoshi worked hard to get us out of that jam now it’s our turn to return the favor.” Aaron said.

From ten in the morning until eight at night with a lunch break at three and dinner break at seven everyone was able to complete the set. At the end the set looked like a snapshot taken from the plot of Phantom of the Opera where the Phantom arrives in his underground lair under the opera house.

Everyone parted ways when they exited the building, Daichi left to go home, Kenshi wanted to live the rest of the day and went to visit his girlfriend while Ren and Aaron went left to visit their parents at the hospital. Shadow on the other hand had the whole day to think about what happened to her family and friends. While placing the worse thing in the back of her mind Shadow ran to her bike and rode it to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shadow hid her bike near the bridge before using the shadows of the night to climb the bridge to the top of the pillar.
Using her powers Shadow scanned the pillar for any sign of life or anything that could show where her family and friends where.

What the hell

Shadow focused to see something slumped over on the adjacent pillar. Using the connecting ropes to each pillar Shadow crossed to the other side only to sink to her knees when she arrived.

The body with a knife sticking out of his neck with his eyes glassy and wide open staring at the sky. The blood from the body formed a puddle under the body but what got to Shadow the most was the mask. Shadow tried to stand up but her knees quickly gave out from under her, her breathing was labored and heavy but she needed to know.

Normally it would have taken Shadow just moment to walk over to the mask but at that moment it took her ten minutes to crawl over to the mask. Shadow looked down to the cloth draped object. Slowly removing the cloth Shadow gasped at the object before quickly crawling over to the edge of the pillar where the water met the bridge and threw up.

Clammy and pale Shadow crawled back over to the mask and took the object into her hand. A knife with dried blood flaking off the blade stared back at her. The object was enough to tell her who this was but the message and mask confirmed it.

Yasha is back. Though at the time Shadow didn’t know that it wasn’t Yasha but it didn’t matter to her. Her family and friends were taken and it was all her fault.

Shadow gulped before throwing the knife to the ground. As the knife embedded itself into the ground Shadow rested her head into her hands rubbing her left hand over the left side of her face asking herself why, why did this have to happen?
But there was no time to worry or blame Shadow quickly gathered herself before running and jumping off the bridge.

Humans only see what they want to see

Without a care in the world Shadow leap off the pillar and onto the sideway of the bridge. Bolting as soon as she touched the ground Shadow grabbed her bike and drove it back to the lair at break neck speed.

Shadow threw the bike on the ground and road the elevator down. It may have taken moments to get down to the lair but to Shadow it seemed like eternity. Shadow ran pass the drowsy Haku and without a second glance Shadow started to take out the armor that Don and her made. Removing the clothes she was wearing and replaced it with tight fitting all black shirt with long sleeves and neck and pants.
Shadow was about to start to change into her armor when a thought came to her.

I may not get out of this alive

Shadow looked down at Haku who was upset and whimpering at Shadow. Shadow bent down and stroked Haku’s head.

“Sorry Haku but this needs to end.”

Shadow whispered before placing Haku in his bed and stroking his head until he fell to sleep.
Shadow stood up and walked over to her laptop, turning it on Shadow started to type out a message to her family and friends in the event of her death.

The message replayed in her head as she started to gather her armor and weapons.

To whom it concerns:

Today I write so that those who find this will understand my choices in the event of my death. Please don't blame yourselves if this comes true, it was my choice to give my life to the only reasons why I still walk this earth.
Shadow placed the armor she made with Donnie and attached everything carefully on her body. Turning herself towards the mirror Shadow slowly placed the glasses Donnie had to fix after they found her beaten and batter from her encounter with Hotaru’s soldiers.
Never forget I'll always love you and that would never change even in death, my brothers. To understand why I choice to give my life up tonight for you, let me retell the tale of how our paths crossed that one faithful night.

Looking at the swords she made with Leo and the ones she made with the Ancient One and the Ninja Tribunal. Carefully choosing her weapons Shadow decided to take the ones she made with the Ancient One rather than tainting the ones she made with Leo. This battle would show her family what she was truly capable of doing and she didn’t want to bring the Hamato name through the mud. The only thing she did take of the Hamato family was a spare picture of everyone she would take out and unfold repeatedly when she needed their strength.

My name is Shadow Hatake Hamato and this is a story about how my life changed when I met four unique individuals that I can proudly call my brothers; Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Along with our father, Splinter, I hope that what I write will give your guys peace of mind that if I were to perish in this battle is that I did it with the mindset that my life is meaningless compared to your lives.
Looking over everything Shadow said her final goodbyes to Haku and left the lair. Running to an abandon open field Shadow scan the area for any signs of life before continuing with her plan to get to Japan.

I could never again live in the darkness that I once lived in without you guys. Forgive me for my selfish actions but just as I stated before my life is nothing and I am here to protect those I love and care about.

“I need your strength by the Order of the Orichalcos I summon you here aid me in my quest and forget me for my soul will now hold no purity and that your power will leave me. But I will not stop until they are free and this world is rid of the demon.
I call upon your power Saphira.”

Shadow shouted in the air before slamming her hands into the ground. Shadow’s eyes changed from amber to cat eye and gold reveling that her powers were now activated and ready for battle

The Orichalcos seal appear under Shadow. It was a six pointed star encased by a circle with an ancient language imprinted on it. The middle of the star had a smaller circle with a depiction of a dragon’s head.

Saphira a gigantic dragon with dark blue scales and blue cat eye eyes flew out of the seal and landed in front of Shadow.

‘I know why you called me human but do you know the consequences of this?’ Saphira said. Though all of this was through telekinesis so that no one could hear them speak.

‘Yes I know my life will be shorten and I could die at any moment but this is worse than any death. My life is meaningless compared to them. I will risk everything just so there safe. To my dying breath no even if the Reaper himself comes to take my soul to hell I will save them.’ Shadow shouted.

Saphira looked into Shadow’s eyes and could see a spark that was once lost burning fierily in her eyes. There was no turning back now, Saphira bowed her head and Shadow took that as a sign. Tying her swords tighter to her body and the ones on her back Shadow signaled for Saphira to fly.

Saphira flapped her wings and soared into the air. Flying away from New York Saphira started to ask questions to Shadow.

‘So where are we going?’ Saphira asked.

‘Japan’ Shadow said.

‘I know that but I need to know the specific place.’ Saphira demanded

‘Fukuoka. We were held in Fukuoka along the border to the sea near Hiroshima.’ Shadow said.

‘How do you know?’ Saphira asked.

‘It took me some time but I remember how long it took me to find the Ancient One and the village he found me in. After calculating the distance from the village entrance to any place big enough and in an area where no one would go to I found a large abandoned facility that was once used for research in the 70s before it was abandoned because of funds.’ Shadow stated.

‘Really’ Saphira asked sounding shocked at Shadow’s explanation.

‘No, I placed a GPS in the wall while I was still there encase I need to go back there because of Yasha. I just never thought I would really need to.’ Shadow said looking down at her watch.

Saphira decided not to ask any more questions and flew to Fukuoka, Japan in silence while Shadow mediated and readied herself for the battle.

Goodbye my one and only family

Saphira landed twenty yards away from the facility, while Saphira disappeared back into the seal Shadow stood in the shadows and watched as trucks drove in and out. Shadow focused her eyes into the building to get the layout and how many people were there.
Over two hundred heavily armed soldiers were in the building but that didn’t matter to Shadow. Shadow looked into the ground but her eyes couldn’t see past all the layers of earth to see where everyone was being held.

Crap looks like I have to do this the old fashion way
Shadow took off her gloves and place her hands on the ground, focusing her mind Shadow used her abilities with the earth to look into the underground facility.

There you are

Shadow finally found the Hamato family, Casey, and April twenty feet under the earth but what disgusted Shadow the most was that they were being held in the same exact cell that we grew up in and lost her friends.
This will end today

Shadow grabbed the middle size sword on her waist and pointed the blade behind her, taking the mask April, Casey, and Splinter made for her and placed it over her face and the glasses Donnie made for her.

In 3…2…1

At the same time everyone was waking up from there encounter with the electric fence. Groaning and holding their heads everyone looked around to their unfamiliar surroundings. They were stripped of their weapons with their hands cuffed in front of them.

“Where the hell are we?” Raph said.

“Um….guys I think I know who this place.” Donnie said pointing his cuffed hands at the wall behind them.

Through the blinking fluorescent light above them everyone looked with wide eyes.

“Dear God” April whispered.

The wall read the oath of the Imperial Dragons and the names of the lives lost in the hell hole they were thrown in.

“So you finally wake up.”

Everyone turned to see Hotaru sitting in front of a wall of screens used to monitor the building and grounds. Without his mask on everyone could see that he was no more than 13 making him the same age as Shadow. But when you looked into his one good eye there was nothing but cold darkness with no remorse for life.

“You ask why I brought you here well I thought that the finally battle should be held where it all began now if you excuse me spectators I’m waiting for my opponent.” Hotaru said before turning his attention back to the monitors.

“What ta fuck does he mean?” Casey demanded.

But in just a few seconds his question was answered. A big bang and the building shaking alarmed everyone to the monitors. Everyone watched as all the screens focused on the hole in the wall and a shadowy smoky figure stepping into the building.

“Finally it ends today.” Hotaru said leaning back in his chair.

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