Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 11: Goodbye

Shadow stood in front of the hole in the wall alarms were blaring throughout the facility alerting to everyone of an enemy but Shadow didn’t care all she wanted to do was get her friends and family out even if it cost her life.
Armed guards charged at Shadow with their weapons pointed at her, from swords to guns they were not going to take any chance when it came to her but Shadow just stared at everyone and watched as they ran too her like bees to flowers. Shadow smirked under her mask before pressing the buttons on her glasses to help her see where soldiers were hidden and how many floors were left before she got to her family and friends.

Shadow to a deep breath before whispering to herself,

Let’s do this

Shadow grasped her sword in her right and focused her concentration into her left hand. She watched in the corner of her eye until finally a ball of electricity formed and bolts of the electricity flowed through her hand and covered her forearm. Shadow peered back to the incoming fleet of soldiers jumping down from the hole Shadow started to take on the waves of soldiers that continued to fight her.
Slashing with the sword in her right hand and using the electricity in her left hand everyone that ran into Shadow was either stabbed or sliced by her sword or electrocuted to death. Blood covered the walls, floor, ceiling and Shadow as she raced down the long brightly lit hallways and entered each room to kill anyone and everyone in them. Shadow didn’t let anyone leave that floor alive and made sure that there was no signs of life with both her eyes and glasses before jumping down to the next floor.

This process continued as Shadow battled her way to the depths of facility. As Shadow got deeper into the facility Shadow switched her blades to the ones on her back but continued to us her powers. Since she was deep enough in the earth she would slash the walls and jump kick away from the wall waiting for a good amount of soldiers to arrive at the wall before commanding the wall to collapse and the earth to bury the soldiers alive or to crush them to death. Shadow even removed her mask to take a deep breath and blow out a large flame at the soldiers.

Shadow didn’t waste her time and would wall jump over the dead bodies or the soldiers that were near death and were moaning and crying out in pain. Shadow grew up in this type of environment so nothing fazed her. Panting heavily and wiping the sweat from her brow Shadow continued to massacre everyone until she finally made it to the finally floor with her family.

Shadow took off her mask and placed it in her bag, taking the swords on her back and tighten her grip on the handles. Shadow looked at herself in the reflection of the metal doors, blood was spatter all across herself and on her face. The blood on her face dripped off and cascade down to the floor. Breathing heavily Shadow first check that her family and friends weren’t by the door. Everyone was to the side of the room so Shadow took that as a sign and jumped kicked the door off the hinges. The door flew off and landed 15 feet away from the door, Shadow landed on top of the door and looked around for everyone.

Thank God I found you guys

Shadow turned to the person hiding in the shadows clapping their hands.

“Well, well Shadow Hatake daughter of Sado and Yuri Hatake you have finally returned home. Care to give me a hug?”

Shadow could feel her blood boiling but didn’t have the same fear she had to Yasha, this was worse.

“Who the hell are you, where’s Yasha?” Shadow demanded.

“Sorry but father will not be joining us today, he’s a little under the weather.”

The person Shadow was talking too walked out into the light.

“I am Hotaru son of Yasha. You will die here and when you do I will kill your family and friends slowly like my father did to you freaks all those years ago.”

Hotaru pointed to the screens on the wall showing Shadow that he was watching her the moment she arrived to when she breached and killed everyone that was above them. Hotaru then pointed at the area with everyone in it.
Clapping his hands the light in the cell turned on. Shadow watched as the lights in the cell turned on to show her family and friends cuffed and sitting in the cell.

“Guys!” Shadow exclaimed. Shadow ran over to everyone but stopped when she saw the look on their eyes.


They were all trying not to show it but she could tell that they all were scared of her and feared her. Shadow looked deeper into the cell to see it was the same exact one that she was forced to live in and have all her friends die in.

“What did you do?” Shadow yelled out turning her attention back to Hotaru.

Hotaru smirked, “I did not, and this is all you. Now they know what you truly are.”

Hotaru gestured to the screens and replayed parts of the massacre upstairs.


Shadow turned her attention to and from the screens to her family with wide eyes. With each cry from the soldiers or battle roar from Shadow everyone was cringing. Hearing people die was one thing but watching it and then knowing the person responsible made everything worse. The one thing Shadow didn’t want to happen happened. Now they all knew that what she could do if she was pushed too far. No one made eye contact or looked in her direction.

Mikey had his back turned and was hiding behind his father, Don was trying to look up at Shadow but every time he tried to look at her his eyes fell to the concrete floor. Casey was trying to be strong but even couldn’t look at Shadow and kept his focus on April who buried her face in his chest. Raph stared at the wall without even attempting to look at Shadow and even Leo and Splinter kept their eyes to the ground.

Shadow placed her swords back into their sleeves on her back, took off her glasses, and reverted her eyes back to normal.

“Please just look at me.” Shadow pleaded.

Grasping the bars to the cell between her fingers she pressed her forehead into the gap between the bars and pleaded again with her family and friends.

“Just look at me even if it’s just for a second.”

No one looked at Shadow because the memories of what happened were all too fresh in their minds. Mikey was the only one that looked up at Shadow and he made a shocked response.


Everyone turned to look at Shadow and their once fear of her disappeared to sadness. Tears flowed from Shadow’s eyes and off her face to the ground. The blood that was on her face was slowly running off with her tears.

Shadow wasn’t looking up at the time to see everyone was looking at her with regret on their face. Shadow placed her glasses back on to cover the nothingness in her eyes now before turning her attention back to Hotaru.

“What do you want?” Shadow asked turning away from everyone.

“Your death.” Hotaru said.

Hotaru had cold dead eyes that only came from years of nothing but death. They were the same as Shadow’s but for her she still had a small spark of love that she got from her family and friends. But the moment she saw fear in their eyes from her that all changed.

“Fine” Shadow said.

Walking over to Hotaru.

“Shadow don’t” Mikey yelled out

“You can’t do this you need to fight.” Raph added.

But Shadow didn’t hear them, all she could do was walk to Hotaru. He took out a knife from behind him and pointed at Shadow’s throat.
Shadow continued to come closer and closer to Hotaru until the blade nicked her throat a bit and embedded a small amount of the blade in her throat. It wasn’t it enough to kill her or cause her any real damage but she didn’t care and this made Hotaru smile.
Whenever Hotaru did this to one of his men they would run in fear and coward in a corner before he killed them without a second thought. Shadow on the other hand didn’t hesitate or move away from the blade. She just kept moving even as the blade started to embed itself in her neck.

“Good. Let’s go.” Hotaru said walking out of the room into the hallway that lead to the arena.

Shadow nodded and without turning back or hearing the cries of her family and friends pleading for her to not go she left them.
Shadow swore to herself that she would protect her family and friends from anyone that included herself. When Shadow saw the fear in their eyes and the way they treated her differently she knew that she made the right choice to go with Hotaru and die in the same place where everyone else from the Imperial Dragons did.

Shadow didn’t know that Hotaru had arranged a way for the Hamato family and friends to watch in person from the box seat of the fight. They were freed of their cuffs but stuck in a cage that was made of one way mirrors. Raph and Leo tried to break out the glass was reinforced with 3 in tempered glass an only either enough force or something to cut the glass so that the stress would be on one point and then they could break it. While the turtles and Casey tried to find a way to get out of the glass case April and Splinter had their attention on the arena.

The arena was still an earth terrain with boulders and rocks scattered around. But the sad part was the areas on the ground and walls with blood spatter and pools of blood from past fights in the arena. Time stopped in the arena and after years trying to stay away from it Shadow was returning back to the hell hole and into the fire.

Hotaru and Shadow both arrived in the arena Shadow stood by the door they just entered while Hotaru walked over to the other side.

“Are you ready?” Hotaru asked grabbing the knives in his back pocket.

Shadow nodded and grab both her swords. They both took their stance and readied for one of them to make the first move.
In a drop of a pin Hotaru and Shadow both clashed. Metal on metal they both sliced and dodged each other blades. There was only a few moments when they both were able to make contact with their blades but they were all superficial wounds. Shadow had a small cut on her cheek with blood flowing down her cheek and one on her right arm. Hotaru had a small nick on his neck and one on his right arm.
Hotaru was laughing saying,

“No one has ever come close to hurting him and that’s what exciting about this battle.”

Pointing at the scar over his eye he asked Shadow,

“Do you know how I got this?”

Shadow shook her head but she got a bad feeling about it.

“My father gave it to me when I was created. He wanted me to share the same pain that he was going through so he took my vision away from me as you did to him.”

“What do you mean created?” Shadow asked.

Hotaru’s shoulders were shaking as he tried to keep his laughter in.

“My father created me here, I was made from the blood of those who lost their lives here. Get the picture?” Hotaru pointed at his head.
Shadow was visibly shaken over this news but that still didn’t explain his birth.

“How about this, father found a poor woman in the village near here and promised to take her away from that life only to take her in and make her his toy. After she found out she was pregnant with me she tried to kill herself so that she wouldn’t have to carry father’s child. Father caught her just in time and chained her to a bed where she laid for the nine months until I was born. Father gave her the nutrients to give me life and when I was born he casted the whore aside.

He took my blood and would circulate the blood of all of those freaks that lost their lives here into my body. But nothing happened and father blamed me for it. After training under him for year and being abused I took the knife that took both our sights and stabbed him with it. I killed my father and took over the second he breathed out his last bloody breath. Now you will suffer the same fate. It’s all your fault that father never loved me I will kill you and prove to him I am a great son and he should have appreciated me and worshiped me.” Hotaru yelled.

Hotaru used the shock from his origin against Shadow and attacked her.

Shadow was able to dodge the first attack but was pinned under Hotaru. Hotaru took one of his knives and stabbed Shadow in the left shoulder.

“ARGH!” Shadow cried. Hotaru took the sword out of her left hand and placed her palm facing up and asked,

“So you still want to protect those that fear you? Do you still love them?”

Shadow looked up at the glass cage outside the arena and used her eyes to see into it. Throw the glass she could see the worry on their face and fear but this fear was different from before now. They didn’t fear her but they feared losing her.

“Yeah I still love them with all my heart and there is nothing you could do to stop me.” Shadow said glaring Hotaru in the eye.
Hotaru shrugged his shoulders said

“Wrong answer”

Hotaru took a knife out and impaled Shadow’s left hand into the ground until the hilt hit her the skin of her hand.


“You should have been selfish now look what did.” Hotaru whispered into Shadow’s ear.
Shadow was breathing heavily trying to free her hand but the sharp pains of her hand and her shoulder kept her pinned down to the ground.

“Now I have to go play with my other toys and have you watch as I break them.”

Hotaru said as he was getting off Shadow. Hotaru took Shadow’s swords and threw them to the other side of the arena leaving the one he took from her when he stabbed her hand earlier.
Shadow watched helplessly was Hotaru took her sword in hand and started walking over to the edge of the arena towards the glass cage with everyone in it.

Don’t you dare go near them!

Shadow reach over to the blade in her shoulder taking a deep breath Shadow pulled the knife out of her shoulder. Blood poured out of her shoulder down her arm and pooled under her. Taking the knife Shadow through the knife at Hotaru it impaled itself into his back. Hotaru fell to the ground and moved his hands around searching for the blade.

Shadow took this as her last chance and got up on one knee grabbing her left wrist Shadow pulled with all her strength her hand out of the ground with the knife still embedded in her hand. The blade was pointing outside the top of her hand with blood dripping off the tip.
Shadow panted heavily as Hotaru was able to find the knife she threw at his and pulled it out. Throwing it to the side Hotaru was now enraged at her. Charging at her Shadow took the knife that was still in her hand and her locket into her mouth and clenched down on the metal as she pulled the knife out.


Shadow shouted taking the knife she just pulled out and gripped the bloody handle tightly in her right hand Shadow’s eyes were gold and cat eye filled with rage and adrenaline. Shadow charging at Hotaru they both clashed with Shadow’s sword and Hotaru knife.
Hotaru and Shadow both held their ground as their blades clashed with each other. Jumping away from each other Shadow’s vision started to blur and get fuzzy the blood lost was starting to get to her but she didn’t give up. Hotaru on the other hand looked like he was perfectly fine he charged at Shadow once again and as Shadow’s energy depleted Hotaru’s increased.

Hotaru was able to throw Shadow into the ground and as a last effort to rid himself of the vain of his existence took Shadow’s sword and stabbed her in the chest and towards her heart.

Hotaru cocked his head when he removed the blade looking down he saw that Shadow stabbed him in the stomach. Hotaru winced as he started to remove the blade from his stomach and throw it away. Hotaru stared at the blank expression on Shadow’s face, her hands were clenched and stretched out to her sides.

Not understanding what was wrong with what he did Hotaru took his last knife out of the holder on his leg and started walking over to the glass cage.

Shadow on the other hand was coughing up blood now registering what happened to her. Looking over to her side she could see the blade of darkness she created with the Ancient One just in her grasp. Shadow through painful breaths and waves of pain throughout her body grasped the handle of the blade and pointed the tip at Hotaru.

This is it

Shadow gathered the last of her strength to stand up. Wobbling in place Shadow stood up pointing the blade at Hotaru Shadow charged him.

Hotaru turn around just as Shadow was able to stab him. Hotaru took the knife in his hand and as both bodies came in contact with each other Shadow stabbed Hotaru in the heart and twisted the handle of the blade as it entered Hotaru’s body. Hotaru last act against Shadow was to leave the knife he was going to use on her friends and family and stab her in the lung.

Hotaru and Shadow both fell on top of each other. Shadow rolled off Hotaru and they both stared at each other.
Hotaru died still curing Shadow and her family as the reasons why his life was terrible.

Shadow closed her eyes but with each breath it was like she swallowed an ice pick. Shadow looked at the knife that was still impaled in her chest the moment she removed it blood would fill her throat and slowly kill her. On the other hand if she didn’t remove it how was she going to get her family out and die at the same time.

Shadow looked at the glass cage and even without her eyes changed she could see that they were trouble over what happened and were crying tears. Still Shadow could only think that their lives would be better without her. Without a second thought with both hands Shadow pulled the knife out, standing up and wobbling Shadow aimed the knife at the glass cage. Her vision blurry and going dark Shadow threw with all her might at the glass cage.

The blade now in embedded in the glass and causing stress cracks Shadow fell to the ground on her stomach with her vision how darkening and blood starting to accumulating in her throat. Shadow started coughing blood onto the ground. The sound of glass breaking her name being called out filled her ears but she was too weak to get up or to response.

Slowly Shadow started closing her eyes, blurred figures ran over to her calling out her name but still Shadow didn’t response. Shadow could feel her body being lifted and small drops on her cheek rolling off onto her chest.

Another coughing fit Shadow tried to focus her vision to see who it was but nothing. Shadow reach out with her left hand and asked,


The blurred figure grasped her hand tightly in his own and pulled it to his chest and said,

“Shadow it’s me Leo you need to foucs on my voice.”

Shadow smirked.

You’re here

“Shadow keep your eyes opened and talk to me. Don’s here and we’re going to get you home.” Leo said.

Leo was trying not to panic as Don had the turtles take off their gear and wrap it around Shadow. They all knew they had to get her out of there and into a hospital but what place would take her without asking questions.

“My cousin is a doctor if I call him and explain things to him he might be able to get Shadow emitted under a false name and we just have to say it a gang attacked her. What’s the situation with her eyes?” April asked.

Leo peered into Shadow’s eyes.

“We’re good there just amber.” Leo stated.

“But how are we going to get back to New York she won’t make the trip.” Raph said.

No one knew the answer and slowly Shadow started to once again shut her eyes.
Everyone shouted at Shadow to keep them open but their voices could no longer reach her ears. Shadow slowly succumbed to the darkness around her. Leaving herself to the darkness a voice made Shadow turn around with wide eyes.


“M-mom d-dad?”

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