Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 12: A New Purpose

Shadow turned around to see both of her mother and father standing behind her with their hands clasped together. Neither of them looked like they were killed the night Shadow’s life changed. Shadow slowly reached out with a shaking hand towards them but stopped short and pulled her hand back. Turning it over Shadow looked down to discover she was changed back to being a five year old.

“What the hell?” Shadow whispered.

“Shadow you need to let go.” Yuri said.

Shadow looked at them with a confused face.

What do you mean let go?
“Shadow its time for us to be a family again.” Sado added.

Deep in the back of Shadow’s head she could faintly hear


Looking back at her parents they reached out a hand towards her saying.

“Sweetheart you have been fighting so long its time.” Sado said.

“Come on isn’t this what you always wanted?” Yuri asked.

The sound was getting a bit louder but still Shadow couldn’t understand what that meant.

“I don’t get it aren’t I dead?” Shadow asked.

Yuri and Sado shrugged their shoulders and looked at each other. Shadow was getting more and more confused with their constant let go and come with them talk. Never once did her parents ever say something like this. The last time they ever spoke was when they told her to find something to live for.

“You’re not my parents.” Shadow stated.

Yuri and Sado looked at each other but smiled.

“Smart kid” Sado said.

Yuri and Sado morphed into a blob of darkness. Shadow instinctively for her sword but remembered she was five and had nothing at the time.

“Who are you?” Shadow demanded.

“No one to worry about child just remember who you really are” the creature responded.


Shadow covered her ears with her hands the voice was getting stronger and louder but she still didn’t understand what was happening.

“Who are you?” the creature asked.

“A monster” Shadow said.

“Who are you?” the creature asked once again.

“A cold hearted murder”

Take a-

The voice was covered up by the creatures question “Who are you?”

Shadow getting frustrated and her head pounding from the constant yelling from the voice yelled back,


Shadow closed her eyes tightly trying to do what she did when she got too frustrated; blocked out the world until it disappeared.

“If you don’t know who you are how can others know you” the creature asked.

Shadow opened her eyes and uncovered her ears. Looking back at the creature she whispered


The creature transformed back into its true form; Hamato Yoshi.

Shadow learned of Yoshi through the Ancient One during her time with him. One day Yoshi came back to Japan for anniversary of Tang Shen’s death. Shadow and Yoshi met and talked while he visited. Yoshi gave Shadow advice on what to do after the death of a love one. Both of them were still grieving but for Yoshi he seemed to be trying to hold something back. Yoshi asked Shadow who she was before he left to go back to New York. Shadow at the time didn’t know and would just say “nothing”. Yoshi bent down and rustled her hair leaving her with a big impact and a question she still hasn’t found the answer to.

“If you don’t know who you are how can others know you”

“Hello Shadow”

“What’s going on Yoshi?” Shadow demanded.

Yoshi walked over to Shadow and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“You’re in limbo right now and you have to decide to either continue living for come with me to the other side.”

Shadow’s eyes moved rapidly back and forth.

“I’m dying?” Shadow asked.

Yoshi shook his head. “No your brothers and friends are trying to keep you alive. Listen”


Take a breath

Shadow understood now what was going on the voice of Donnie yelling at her to breathe.

“But do I really deserve to live?” Shadow asked.

Looking down at her hands Shadow was thinking about all the blood that covered her hands over the years and all the lives she had taken.

“That’s for you to decided Shadow I can’t make that decision for you.” Yoshi said.

The pounding sound must be the guys trying to restart her heart.

“Shadow you need to decide now.” Yoshi said.

Shadow looked at him in the eyes. Yoshi could see a burning passion that was lost for years behind her eyes.

“Shadow who are you?” Yoshi asked.

Shadow smiled and said, “Shadow Hatake Hamato daughter of Yuri and Sado Hatake. Student and adopted daughter of Splinter Hamato and the Ancient One. Sister of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo Hamato.”

Yoshi smiled as the world around us started disappearing saying

“You finally found who you are.”

Shadow slowly opened her eyes to find herself somewhere she never thought she would return to the Ancient One’s house. The doors to her room slide opened to reveal the Ancient One with a towel and wash basin. The Ancient One quickly ran over to Shadow and bent down to assess her. Shadow tried to sit up but a sharp pain from her chest ran through her body.

“Stay still kumquat you have been through a great ordeal and your body needs to rest.”

The Ancient One helped Shadow drink some water for her throat.

“What happened?” Shadow asked.

The Ancient One told Shadow about what happened after she passed out from blood loss.
Everyone was beside themselves trying to save Shadow. Donnie was pumping her chest while ordering his brothers for their pads and belts to tie around her body to stop the bleeding. Raph was shouting for Shadow to breathe but nothing was happening. Everyone feared that they could lose Shadow that day but something happened.

The Ninja Tribunal came in disguise and stepped in to intervene. Protectively the turtles and their human friends were on the defensive of these creatures but Splinter stopped them. At the time Splinter didn’t explain who they were because they weren’t ready to know that kind of information but he said they could trust them. The Tribunal took her away to heal in their rejuvenating pond in the temple. Shadow was encased in ice capsule and lowered into the pool to heal her body. Shadow had to stay with the Tribunal for a month until they were satisfied with her recovery. After this the Ancient One took Shadow back to his home until she woke up. They never explained why they saved her nor did anyone ask. Shadow’s armor was sent home with her family and friends.

“You have been missing for almost two months Shadow and I’m afraid you’re going to apart for longer.”

Shadow had to stay with the Ancient One for another month to finish recovering and moving her body. With no contact with anyone besides the Ancient One Shadow feared at times that her family believed her dead and they were starting to forget her. But the Ancient One reassured him that he was in contact with Splinter and they were waiting for her arrival.

The Ancient One explained the conversation he had the day she left and they reconciled both agreeing to stay in contact while she was living in New York. Parting ways Shadow jumped onto the next plane to New York. Shadow didn’t call anyone to tell them she was returning but she had a good idea where everyone was.

Creeping into the sewers Shadow undid the security lock to the lair and enter through the cover of darkness. Everyone was distracted with Raph and Casey wrestling and arguing over from what Shadow could piece together the better wrestler. April and Splinter were watching from couch while the others were crowded around Raph and Casey beating each other on the ground.

Splinter’s ears perked up and he raised a paw in the air.

“My sons I believe we have a visitor.”

The boys stopped what they were doing immediately and stood in their fighter stance with their arms hovering over their weapons.
“Whoever you are its better to come now than for us to find you” Raph yelled.

Shadow rolled her eyes but gave up on the waiting game. Shadow walked out of the darkness and into the light. Everyone was shocked and dropped to the floor.

“What’s wrong you haven’t forgotten me already?” Shadow joked.

Before Shadow knew it she was on the ground with Mikey clinging to her like life depended on it. Some so could feel the extra weight on her other brothers on her and Casey.

“Um guys I think you’re crushing me” Shadow stampeded out.

Everyone got off Shadow quickly but Mikey refused to let go. Raph and Donnie had to pry him off her so she could get up and walk over to Splinter and April. April threw her arms around Shadow and burst into tears sobbing on my shoulder.

“Welcome home Shadow.” Splinter said placing a paw on my back

I looked around with April still on my shoulders to see everyone smiling at me. Some had tears in their eyes.

“Yeah it’s good to be home.” I answered.

I didn’t have much of a memory of my recovery so I couldn’t answer anything about it but everyone was happy that I was home. I had to leave for a bit to go to work and explain my absent but April and Casey made sure to call them to give me a leave of absent.
Leaving the lair threw the garage I got onto my bike and rode it until I arrived at work. I was about to go to into the building when the sound of fighting caught my attention. I peeked into the hallway between work and another building to see my coworkers arguing over something.

Daichi and Kenshi were arguing with Ren and Aaron about something that must have happened while I was gone. The argument was very heated but something changed during the fight. Kenshi took a knife out of his back pocket and threw it at Aaron. Shadow jumped out to stop him but what shocked about what happened. The knife was floating in the air just inches away from Aaron’s face. Aaron took the knife and threw it with great force back at Kenshi. The blade impacted the ground an created a small crater in the ground. Kenshi jumped away and landed on the side of the building. Kenshi stood up on the side of the building with his hands in his pockets.

“Oh crap” Kenshi muttered.

The guys turned their attention to Shadow who was standing there dumbfounded at what just happened.

“Shadow it’s not what you think-” Ren stampeded out.

But Shadow raised her hands in the air placing her left out in the air Shadow focused her powers into the palm of her hand until a ball of electricity formed and cascaded off onto her forehead.

“I’m just like you.” Shadow said.

The guys looked at each other. Kenshi jumped down from the wall and nodded with the others. They nodded back and gestured for Shadow to follow.

Daichi explained that they were born with these gifts; Kenshi had telekinesis and was a telepath, Kenshi had great speed and agility and a vast knowledge of weapons, Ren was a genius with electronics and was a high ranking hacker under several alias, and Daichi was also able to use water and electricity like me at his own will.

The place we were all working at was actually a front. Mr. Satoshi was actually their handler and the place was their headquarters. The guys would work for the government behind the scenes solving problems that legally the government couldn’t do. From kidnappings and ransoms to infiltrations and recon they were working to help better the country and their relations to others. But they did have one rule about work given to them; the person hiring them had to upfront and could not lie to them. If they tried to trick them not only would all contact be broken off but they would be exposed of their evil crimes. They may be young but they were highly skilled and trained with weapons and hand to hand combat. Satoshi came out and the guys explained that I was just like them. Satoshi put me in the ring to prove that I was just like the others. From hand to hand combat to weapons and the use of powers I had them impressed.

“We would like to ask you to join our team and help bring those who escaped their underhanded legal ways to justice.” Satoshi asked Shadow.

Shadow didn’t understand at first but then got the idea after the guys turned and stared at her.

Shadow started thinking about her family and the problems they have and thought of an idea.

“Under one condition” Shadow said.

“Anything” Satoshi said.

“My family can’t travel above ground because they are different like us. So I want the technology to make it so they can travel above ground and see the world like we do.” Shadow stated.

Shadow explained that her family was a group of mutants living underground and they could only travel at night but they helped crime and keep the streets clean from Purple Dragons and the Foot.

“Fine but they can’t know about this or your involvement.” Sato said.

Shadow nodded.

“What’s it called anyway” Shadow asked

The guys looked at each other and nodded.

Daichi stood up and said.

“The organization itself is called the Order of Dragons but we each called under the code name of a dragon. I’m Ryujin after the dragon god of the seas and ocean.”

Ren stood up and said, “I’m Shenlong after the thunder god who controls weather.”

“Fucanglong after the underworld guardian of metals and jewels” Kenshi stated.

“And I’m Shen after the shape shifting dragon that was believed to create mirages. Together we’re the Imperial Dragons.” Aaron said.

Shadow looked up at them and was shocked.

Is this my second chance. Can I really do something with them?
“So Shadow who are?” Daichi asked.

Shadow stood up straight and said, “I’m Zhulong creator of night and day.”

Everyone nodded.

“Ok stand in attention in front of me.”

Shadow and the guys quickly stood in front of Satoshi with their heads raised high and their arms behind them.

“Starting from today Shadow is a part of team so let’s get her ready and in the system because we’re starting in a few days get ready because there’s no turning back.”

Satoshi shuffled his feet together and pressed his right hand into a fist and placed it against his heart and his other in a fist behind his back.

Shadow and the guys did the same signaling the start of new member and a new reason for Shadow to fight for life.

Today was the start of new things for everyone. Shadow had started to work for an organization that help better relations with others countries but under the table and would be always labeled black ops. The Hamato family has welcomed her with opened arms and Shadow started to feel at home.

But happiness doesn’t last forever but to Shadow as long as she was breathing those called family would continue living now even if she wasn’t standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the end.

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