Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 1: The Name is Shadow

Donnie let out another sigh as he look over at the still form that was laying on cot near my work bench. The turtles were out on patrol when we were ambushed by the foot. It was a third time that week and they were all getting annoyed but never the less they fought and won. But as Donnie, Leo, and Raph were gathering their weapons when they heard a shout.

"Look out!"

They all turned to see one of the foot looming over Mikey with a sword in his hands. Leo, Raph, and Donnie rushed over to Mikey but they all knew they weren't going to get there in time but just as the blade was about to come down on Mikey did the person how yelled out pull Mikey away from the sword, but at the cost of their own safety. The blade cut across the persons shoulder and chest causing a large amount of blood to pour out of their body. Donnie's main concern was Mikey and the person who saved him while Raph took his angry out on the foot soldier. Nothing made Raph madder than someone attacking their family or innocent civilians.

Donnie wanted to see the damage on the kid but the dog that probably came with the kid didn't want any of us near. The kid pulled the dog to their chest in a protective manner. Leo and Mikey both tried to get close to the kid but the dog refused any of our help only when the kid pulled the dog closer and whispered into its ear did the dog let its guard down.

With what little medical knowledge Donnie had he told his brothers the best thing we could do was to bring her to the hospital but on closer examination did he see that the kid wasn't human. Gold cat-like eyes stared back at him as he examined the kid for any more injuries, after he told his brothers about his discovery did they agree that a hospital wouldn't work.

Raph didn't want to bring the kid home but without any medical attention the kid was definitely going to die. Raph stated that whoever the kid was might be working with the foot. But Donnie argued that the kid saved Mikey. Both Mikey and Leo agreed with me and with help from Leo we were about to get the kid back the lair. Donnie called April and Casey on their way home to tell them they need help.
When the guys enter the lair did Master Splinter walk out of the shadows and see that we brought home someone did he demanded an answer. Leo handed the kid off to Donnie and entered chambers to talk to Master Splinter about what happened. Raph and Donnie decided to leave Mikey with the dog while they treated the kid. But when they brought the kid into Donnie's lab did they discover not only was the kid a girl but she had been through a lot more than we first thought. Donnie decided to just bandage her shoulder and chest and wait for April to finish the rest.

That was three hours ago.

After April came out from treating the girl did she gather all of everyone around in the living room. Mikey placed the dog on his lap while me and my brothers sat on the couch and listened to April. Master Splinter stood beside Leo who was standing behind us.
"So what ya find out, April?" Raph asked.

"Is she going to be alright?" Mikey asked with a concern in his voice. Even though we told him not to blame himself we all could see that the weight him what could have happened on the rooftop was weighing heavily on his shoulders.
"From what I can see guys is that she is very malnourish and underweight, she’s covered in dirt and has small cuts all in the palms of her hands there are other things on her that I don't think should be taken lightly." April stated.

"What do you mean?" Mikey asked.

April sighed very deeply and continued.

"From everything I could see and determine from taking X-rays is that this kid didn't start off on the streets but was more than likely forced there from someone that was...." April looked away for a moment then returned her gaze back to us.
"Someone has been abusing this kid for years. I think whoever she is escaped from her captors and has been living on the streets ever since. She must not trust humans because of her abuse."

Everyone was silent to this news. The thought of someone hurting someone is bad enough but when it’s on a child who can't even protect themselves makes it even worse. Donnie looked over at Raph to see he had a poker face on but if you looked down at his fist you could tell he was from how tightly shut his hands were that he was pissed. Mikey looked down at the little dog that slept on his lap with tears on the verge on spilling out.

"What happens now?" Leo asked.

April shook her head "I don't know. We'll have to see when she wakes up but all I know is that she could have been kidnapped. I found this around her neck when I was cleaning her wounds."

April pulled out a silver locket on a simple chain. She opened it up to show a picture of the kid from when she was younger with two people around her.

"Are those her parents Ms. O'Neil?" Master Splinter asked.
April shook her head.

"I don't know but maybe, she looks happy in this picture and a lot different from it. My guess is that something must have happened to them and that’s when she was taken away from them." April closed the locket and placed it on the table, she carefully took out another object from his back pocket and placed it on the table.

"She also had this on her. I think she used it as a weapon to protect herself." April stated. Everyone stared at the locket and the shard of glass that was neatly wrapped in cloth. Small flicks of blood was on one of edges of the glass meaning that not only was that where she was holding the glass but also the small cuts on her palms.

Everyone turned their attention to Donnie's lab when they heard a low moan. As everyone was getting up did the girl run out of the lab with scalpel in her hands.

The girl's entire torso was cover in bandages, along with both her hands her left arm was completely covered with bandages while her Raph, Donnie, Mikey and Casey went over to the girl; surrounding her in case she tried to hurt herself or them.

"Guys wait don't do that" April exclaimed. Everyone looked at the girl, she was now breathing heavily and her eyes were darting back and forth. Everyone could see that she was having a flashback to whatever happened to her. She took the scalpel in both hands and was about to stab herself when Leo in a flash grabbed the scalpel from her hands, at first she looked surprise but then anger quickly road over the fear.

"Just kill me already! Come on I know you want to, you're all the same after all, I'm just a freak to you so just finish what you started and kill me!" she exclaimed.

Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and Leo looked at each other. They all knew from previous experience what it feels like to be different from everyone.

Leo slowly raised his hands to the girl making sure she saw them before placing them on her shoulders. At first she flinched and closed her eyes but when she slowly opened them did she see all Leo just looking back at her. With shaking hands she slowly placed them on top of Leo.
"Yakusoku?" She asked, Leo nodded and pointed from his heart to hers. The girl nodded her head and asked,

"What now?"

Leo looked back at his brothers and friends and said,
"Why don't you go back into the room you were just in and wait for us?" She shook her head.

Everyone but Leo didn't understand why the girl didn't want to go back into Donnie's lab. Leo looked into her eyes, the girl's eyes were slightly darting back and forth while the hands that rested upon his own were trembling. Leo could tell that this was part of her trauma.

"I'll right do you want to try my room?" Leo asked.

"Wait Leo I don't-"

Leo raised his hand meaning he wasn't going to budge on this. Leo pointed to the room on the far right.

"That's room mine, you can rest in there for a while." Leo said.

The girl nodded her head she stood in front of the ledge to the second floor making everyone wonder what was happening.

"Kid the stairs are ovar there" Raph said with annoyed voice, pointing at the staircase at the other end of the room.

The girl made no sound, all she did was stare at Leo's room. She looked at the two pillars that were side by near Leo’s room and with a deep breathe she closed her eyes.

“What the shell is she doing?” Mikey asked.

Just as he finished his sentence everyone watched as the girl ran towards the left pillar. Gathering the speed and power from the run she was able to get scale up the pillar to about 5 feet off the ground then somehow was able to push herself off the pillar on to other. The gap between the two was ten feet. Everyone watched, wide eye as the girl jumped from pillar to pillar until she flipped herself onto the second floor and entered into Leo’s room. The door shut with a small bang but echoing into the silence room.

Everyone was both amazed and curious to how this child was able to perform something that no one could do without skills and practice in the martial arts. Donnie speculated that because she wasn’t human that’s the reason why. But still Master Splinter was adamant that even if she wasn’t human they still needed training in order to perform something like that with very little effort. The Hamato family just stared at the door wonder who the kid was.

While everyone returned to their respective rooms and Casey and April returned home did Leo slightly knocked on his bedroom door.
Leo slowly opened the door to his room to see no light was on nor was the girl on his futon. Looking around as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in his room, he finally found the girl curled up in the corner of the room with her back against the wall. The girl was fidgeting in place almost like she was both ready to attack anyone that came close to her and to run. The small dog that accompanied her entered Leo’s room, just as the dog walked into the room that it bolted to the girl. She opened her arms out to the little white dog, the dog’s tail was wagging back and forth and licking the girl’s face. Her bandaged hands held the dog at bay so that it wouldn’t touch her wounded shoulder and chest. Leo watched as the two reunion but jumped when the girl hissed and grabbed her wounded shoulder.
Leo would’ve normally ran over but he knew in this case that it would lead to disaster so he slowly walked over to the girl with both his hands up to show he didn’t have a weapon nor was a threat.

Bending down slowly Leo examined the girl, at first the girl was hesitate but showed little trust in Leo. A small speck of blood was showing through the bandages meaning she pulled a stich, guessing when it was from jumping up to his room Leo was about to go get Don when the girl grabbed his arm. She shook her head saying

“Please don’t leave. It’s very same and it was stop. Just don’t leave me now.”

Leo felt the girl’s hand trembling on his arm. He bent back down and nodded his head. The girl released Leo’s arm and nodded back. Leo sat on the floor in front of the girl while the little white dog trodden into her lap falling asleep instantly. Through it was very faint and quick Leo could see the girl smile, her amber eyes looked kind but behind them he could see sadness and distrust.

“My name is Hamato Leonardo and I am wondering who the two of you are.”

The girl looked up at Leo with a questionable look on her face.

“Do you not have a name?” he asked. The girl shook her head.

“No, it’s just…” she took a deep breath “No one has ever asked my name I’m usually called “it” you are the first to actually ask me that, it just surprised me.”

Why must this world be so cruel that they can’t even ask a simple question of someone’s name
The girl looked back at Leo when her amber eyes and his hazel met, Leo could see that she was starting to relax a little more.

“My name is Hatake Shadow and this is Haku.”

“Shadow that’s a nice name so is Haku. Can I assume you named him that because of his fur color?” Leo said jokingly. The girl nodded her head.

“You are of Japanese origin are you not?” Leo asked.

The girl was startled at first but nodded her head. Leo could see that the question made Shadow very uneasy, he didn’t want to push it so he left it alone.

“Can you sleep?” Leo asked. Shadow shook her head.

“No, you can never sleep on the streets especially at night”

Leo had a sad look on his face when Shadow explained why she wasn’t sleeping. From his experience it’s true that sometimes you had to watch your back from day to night.

Even though Leo was tired from patrol and the battle with the foot soldier he stayed awake for most of the night just talking to Shadow about his family and friends and what happened on the rooftop.

“So the one in the red mask is Raphael or Raph then the one that was patching me up and the one helping were Donatello or Donnie and April. The one that I saved was Michelangelo and the one with long blue hair was Casey. So who was the other one, the big rat in the kimono?” Shadow asked.

Leo chuckled, “That’s our father and sensei; Splinter. He was a little wiry about bringing you here but after I explained what happened on the rooftop with Mikey and your injury did he comply with allowing you to stay.”

Shadow nodded, “I could tell he was watching me closely and so was Raph. I think he doesn’t like me.”

Leo shook his head, “No he’s just being overprotective and on high alert when new people are around. Don’t worry about him he’ll calm down after a while.”

Shadow still looked unsure. Leo yawned and looked to his bed.

“I have a spare futon do you want to sleep on it?” Leo asked. Shadow shook her head

“Sorry but I think I’ll stay up, I’m just not use to sleeping at night yet.”

Leo could see that she wasn’t going to move on this, it would take time but hopefully she would come more out of her shell after some time with them. Leo walked over to his bed, removing all of his gear and placing all of them in his drawer and his weapons on the stand. Leo turned his back to Shadow to see she was still sitting and staring into space.

“Goodnight” Leo said

“Night” Shadow replied.

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