Shadow in the Breeze - TMNT Fanfiction

Chapter 4: Forgotten Past

Later that night Shadow and her brothers decided to take out her new armor out for a test. There were plenty of Purple Dragons and Foot soldiers to find and teach them a lesson. For most of the night, Shadow, the turtles, and Casey travelled all across Manhattan jumping from rooftop to rooftop even throwing in a game of ninja tag which Casey lost in 5 minutes. Laughter traveled through the sewer tunnels as everyone made their way back to the lair.

“That was so cool. Shadow that move you did when Raph was about to tag you was sweet, you need to show me how to do it.” Mikey exclaimed slapping Shadow lightly on the back.

Shadow and Mikey were the only ones that couldn’t be caught ending in a draw.

“Mikey, that move was something you guys practice all the time I just had more power and high than you. I can show you but it will take practice and you actually listening to someone for more than 5 seconds.” Shadow said with a chuckle.

While Mikey started pouting everyone broke out in laughter.

“Hey Shadow I forgot to ask how were the glasses?” Donnie asked calming himself down.

“Yeah at times I was concern that you couldn’t see.” Leo added.

Shadow shook her head, “No, they were fine I could see a lot better than I normally would. I really am indebted to you Donnie for giving me my sight back.”

Donnie shook his head, “Shadow don’t worry about it. I would’ve done the same thing for anyone in your situation.”

Raph snaked his arm around Shadow’s shoulders saying, “Yeah kiddo and next time you and me need to go riding so you better help me shake them.”

Shadow laughed at that statement while Mikey started throwing a fit about Raph taking Shadow all to himself.
All the way to the lair everyone was in high spirits. Just as they made it back to the lair doors did Shadow stop and stare at the sewer water that was passing by.

“Something wrong Shadow?” Leo asked.

“I don’t know.” Shadow stated. Shadow walked closer to edge and bent down. No one knew what was going on but they stood there waiting for Shadow’s answer.

“I guess I’m just imagining things.” Shadow said with a shrug, turning her back to the water.

As Shadow was about to get up a shadowy figure shot up from the water and pulled her in.

“SHADOW!” Everyone exclaimed.

Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey didn’t wait a second and jumped into the water. In the water they could see Shadow was being pulled down by three figures dressed in all black with oxygen tanks strapped to their backs. Shadow had her mask on but she was still struggling to breathe as one of the figures snaked their arm around her neck and was squeezing it tight.
Raph and Leo jump into action and went after the shadowy figures after their sister while Mikey and Donnie battled the other figures that were surrounding them. Casey finally jumped in when he was able to find the oxygen mask Donnie built for him.
Leo and Raph pulled the shadowy figures off Shadow and started to battle with them. They tried to get Shadow to leave but she refused stating,

“I’m not leaving you guys alone! This is our fight and I’m not abandoning my family!”

Everyone could see that Shadow was not going to budge on the issue.
The battle raged on with neither side budging. While each turtle went to take a breath of air Shadow and Casey covered their backs.
When it looked like the battle was never going to end did one of the soldiers shout

“We’ve made our point, she knows now.”

The soldier started to make their escape but not without Raph ripping off a logo on one of the uniforms.
Everyone swam back to the top taking in many deep breathes. Shadow shut her eyes and took off her glasses. Donnie looked over to Shadow and took out her temporary glass and handed them to her. Shadow nodded her head and placed them over her eyes. Shadow looked at the glasses that were now in need of repair. Raph looked at the logo he ripped off and handed to Donnie asking,

“Have you seen anything like this Don?”

Donnie shook his head, “No any of you?”

Everyone shook their head except for Shadow. Shadow was breathing heavily and started to back away slowly from it. Donnie quickly hid it in his bag, Leo step forwards towards Shadow trying to get her to calm down. Even with her glass on they could tell her eyes were darting back and forth.
When Leo placed his hand on Shadow’s shoulder she yelped out in fear and started to try and run away shouting,

“No, no, no! Stay away, stay away from me!”

Everyone could see Shadow was freaking out and having a flashback. Leo and Raph held her arms and legs so that she couldn’t hurt herself or any of them while Mikey held her head since she was started to bash it into the concrete floor when her legs and arms were pinned.

“Shadow its us, your brothers no one is here to hurt you!” Leo shouted.

But Shadow wasn’t listen she continued to struggle as tears started to leak out from the corner of her eyes.

“You lie! You always lie! Never trust them, never trust a human!” Shadow shouted by now Splinter and April came running out of the lair when they hear Shadow shouting.

“What has happened, my sons?” Splinter asked.

“Shadow’s having a flashback and we can’t get her out of it.” Donnie stated.

Splinter walked over to Shadow slowly bending down Splinter removed the glasses that were covering Shadows eyes relieving, they weren’t their normal amber color while her left eye was cat eye and gold her right eye was completely blood red. Shadow glared at Splinter as she continued to struggle under the weight of her brothers. Splinter stared in Shadow’s eyes and said,

“My sons, we need to break her out of her trance because I fear something bad is about to happen.”

“What do you mean sensei?” Leo asked.

Splinter pointed at Shadow’s eyes once again. Shadow’s one gold eye was starting to be taken over and changing to blood red.

“Master what can we do? We need to help her!” Mikey pleaded.

April bent down beside Splinter and pulled the locket around Shadow’s neck off and held it in front of her.

“Shadow I need you to focus, remember who you are, not who you are told you were. We need you to be you don’t let whoever did this to you to win. I know you are a survivor show me that strength you have. Don’t cling to those memory your trying to suppress, look at this locket remember those memory of your parents the memories you cherish.”

Shadow struggled trying to look away from the locket but Mikey held her head firmly, trying to get her to look. The locket shined brightly in the dim sewer tunnel. Shadow stared at the locket for a while, her eyes started to revert back to gold then her normal amber color. Finally becoming still. When it looked like Shadow had fallen asleep did everyone back off and release her. April stared at the locket in her hands

“This little thing really is the only thing that can keep her sane.” April muttered.

The locket started to glow brightly in the tunnel forcing everyone to cover their eyes. When everyone uncovered their eyes they saw that they weren’t in the sewer tunnel anymore and Shadow was no were to be seen.
Looking around they could see they were surrounded by snow on top of a hill two meters away from an old house that was on the verge of collapsing, down the hill was a small village that was just nestling into the night.

“What the hell is going on?” Raph shouted.

“I do not know my son.” Splinter stated.

Everyone turned around when they hear the sound of a child laughing coming closer to them.
A little girl around the age of five with her hair loosely pulled into a ponytail with rags sowed into clothing and dirt on her cheeks came running from the house and started running around in the snow. At first everyone wanted to run and hid but they saw that they were going unnoticed. What also surprised everyone was the fact Shadow’s eyes were grey not amber.

“My sons, I believe we are somehow looking into Shadow’s past. This must be the village she grew up in.” Splinter said.

Everyone watched in silence as Shadow was running around in the snow. Two figures merged from the house, one man with silver hair that was short on the top and pulled into a ponytail in the back, he had grey eyes and a scar that ran across his right cheek. The man had a light long white shirt with a tattered black vest and pants. The women hand long black hair and amber eyes, she was wearing a dirty grey dress that fell loosely against the women’s body.

“Be careful Shadow.” The woman shouted.

“Oh come on Yuri let her have some fun today, she had a lot of training this week and besides I know you’re having fun watching her smiling” the man said placing his arm around the woman’s shoulder and pulling her closer.

“Maybe but still she needs to be careful, Sado” Yuri said. Sado shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch Shadow playing in the snow.

“Mommy, Daddy look at what I can do.” Shadow exclaimed loudly.

Raising her hands in the air Shadow started to manipulate the snow in the ground and moving it around into wave like patterns.

“That’s nice Shadow just be careful not to make it too big.” Yuri stated.

Shadow nodded her head and placed the snow back on the ground.

“Hey daddy can we go back to training I want to get better at the long range.” Shadow said looking at Sado.

Sado looked at Yuri looking for an answer, Yuri shrugged her shoulders and handed Sado a kunai that she was hiding by the door. Sado grinned ear to ear and ran over to Shadow.
“Let’s show mommy what you have learned now.” Sado said handing Shadow the kunai and grabbing his own that was hidden on his waist.

Shadow and Sado stood 2 meters away from each other, Shadow placed the kunai in her left hand with the blade behind her while Sado held his in his right hand with the point of the blade pointing towards Shadow.

“Let’s go Shadow” Sado shouted running towards Shadow.

“Yeah” Shadow said running towards Sado.

The clash of the metal on metal of the kunai blades were the only thing that could be seen and hear. Sado and Shadow battled each other as if their lives depended on it, though Sado was going a little easy on Shadow both Sado and Yuri knew that Shadow was talented but if they let off too much then Shadow would unintentionally hurt someone. They were training Shadow in the ways of controlling her powers and ninjutsu.

The Hamato family, Casey and April watched as Sado and Shadow for what felt like an eternity, but what truly amazed them was the laughter and smile coming from Shadow. For the Shadow of their time may have laughed and smiled but they were always clouds of darkness and sadness behind them. But what they saw next showed why Shadow changed from who was then to who she was now.
Sado and Shadow walked back to Yuri with Shadow sitting on Sado shoulders, they were both breathing heavily but still smiling and laughing about what would happen tomorrow. Just as Sado and Shadow made it back to Yuri did the house behind them explode. Yuri was pushed towards Sado and Shadow falling and rolling away from the house while Sado and Shadow also flew from the blast, Sado grabbed and covered Shadow as they all flew away from the house.

Everyone looked towards the forest where another blast came flying at Sado, Shadow, and Yuri. But this thing they were ready, Sado and Yuri used their powers to control the elements and used the snow and earth under them and raised them like a shield to protect themselves. Bullets and shadowy figures emerged from the forest and started firing upon the unarmed family.
“Yuri get Shadow out of here!” Sado cried, pushing the shield towards the forest. Yuri tried to get up but a sharp pain from her leg forced her back on the ground. As Yuri tried to get back up did she noticed the blood pool under her chest, Yuri felt around towards her back to feel a piece of wood was stuck in her back and when she went to remove it Yuri could see that no matter what she did; it would be fatal. Yuri looked over to Shadow and Sado as they continued to hold up the shield, with tears in her eyes she pulled off the locket around her neck and held it tightly in her right hand and with her left she focused what little power she had and forced the wooden piece out of her back.

“MOMMY!” Shadow cried.

“YURI!” Sado added running towards his injured wife.

Sado grabbed Shadow and with little time Sado created an earth dome around himself, Shadow, and Yuri and pushed themselves under ground.

The Hamato family, April and Casey were transported to where the Hatake’s were hiding. Sado was holding his wife in his arms as Shadow hid behind him. The rumbling from above as the people who were attacking them tried to get to them underground.

“Mommy?” Shadow said in a whisper.

Yuri raised her hands towards Sado and Shadow placing both of their hands together with hers.

“Shadow, my little girl it’s time for you to receive two gifts that your father and I have been waiting until you were ready for. The gift of the phoenix of the eternal flame from me and the two dragons; Timaeus and Saphira, the guardians of the Orichalcos Seal. Please take this my child and remember I will always be watching over you and your father.”

Yuri with the last of her strength focused everything she had into a flame that once removed from herself glowed in a small phoenix and then back into the flame. Yuri placed the flame into Shadow’s chest and the locket into Sado’s hands.

“G-goodbye my l-love, I pray we don’t meet u-until you are o-old and grey. Shadow l-look a-after your f-father for me.” Yuri looked at her husband and daughter for the last time as her vision started to blur and darken.

“I..l-love…y-you with all…m-my heart”

Yuri’s hand fell to her side as she gave up her last breath and words to her husband and daughter.
Tears flowed off Shadow’s face and onto her mother’s body, Sado held Shadow closely with his right arm and buried her face into the crook of his neck and with his left hand he clutch Yuri’s locket. Sado pulled Shadow’s face away from the crook of his neck and stared at her saying,

“Shadow listen to me now, you will run away from here and will not turn back. I will hold them off as long as I can but you need to get out of here.” Shadow shook her head.

“Shadow, look at me. I love you so much it hurts, your mother and I love you will all our hearts and now I need you to go. Take the locket that your mother has left as a reminder that you are always love. Never take it off and never give up on who you are.” Sado said placing the locket around Shadow’s neck.

Shadow looked at the locket around her neck then back at her father.

“I give you everything.” Sado said kissing Shadow’s forehead.

Light shined off of the area where Sado kissed Shadow, Shadow’s eyes changed from grey to blue at the top and green at the bottom, they both then mixed in the middle. As her eyes changed color the seal of the Orichalcos over her eyes entirely.
Sado smiled sadly at Shadow as he knew it would be his last time. Sado touched the locket around Shadow’s neck marking it with the Hatake clan seal.

Sado stepped away from Shadow and gathered his wife in his arms. Shadow stood at his side as he raised them back to the surface.

“Now Shadow run!” Sado focused his power to control the earth and air and created a tunnel of rocks around them. Shadow started to run away but then three shadowy figures ran towards her.

Shadow battle them just as she battle her father and was able to defeat them but when she turned around to see her father did everything change.

Sado had taken a bullet to his chest. Shadow ran over to her father as he fell to the ground. Shadow pulled her father into her arms as blood started to pour out of body and onto the snowy ground.

“Daddy?” Shadow whispered.

Sado could tell that he was at his end, he felt no pain but while his vision blurred and darken he was able to raise his hands and hold Shadow’s face. Sado smiled sadly at Shadow saying in a horsed voice

“Just like your mother…I will always be with you. Remember this and take…. what little I can still give you. Your mother and I told you that there were only the powers of fire, water, air, and earth but…. there is one more that I must bare onto you. The power of lightening is a powerful tool that you must only use under one condition; never use it to protect your life but the lives you have sworn to love and protect. Take this Shadow…. and find yourself new people that you can call family.” Sado’s eyes changed from grey to gold cat eye, as the power from Sado flowed into Shadow did her eyes once again change.

“With this you will be able to understand the world in a different away. My little dove I am deeply sorry for this but I-I….l-love-e…y-you” Sado’s eyes closed as the last of his power flowed into Shadow, his hands fell to his sides as Shadow’s eyes reverted back to normal. Shadow shook her father’s body trying to wake him up but nothing worked.

Shadow grabbed her head with both hands and cried out in anguish. The earth around her started to crumble as the air too started to whip around her and the figures that now forced her to become an orphan. Shadow’s eyes weren’t grey, gold, nor blueish green they were blood red as tear flowed off her face. Shadow looked at the figures that were pointing guns at her but she didn’t care.
Focusing her mind Shadow said,

“I control water and do you know what?” The soldiers didn’t respond but could tell what she meant. They started to step back with their guns still raised at her head.

Shadow shouted raising her hands in the air she started to clench her fingers together. The soldier all around her started to float and scream out in agony, all they could do was float and claw in the air around them as their bodies started to become deformed. Their bones in their bodies broke slowly and painfully, all Shadow could think was to make them pay. The soldier’s scream finally died out, their faces were contort in pain as their lifeless eyes stared back into the snowy sky.

Shadow fell down to the ground, tears flowed off her face and onto the ground. The Hamato family, Casey and April couldn’t truly grasp what just happened but they saw what changed Shadow.

The sound of Shadow crying out for her dead mother and father as she clutched the locket around her neck. Shadow dragged herself towards them, with what little power she had left Shadow was able to gather her mother and father and in case them in two indestructible glass coffins made of the rocks around her and the power of the fire that had greatly increased thanks to the phoenix were now set near the top of the hill that looked over the village. Shadow looked over the coffins and made a marker out of the same glass as the coffins and craved into it the Hatake family seal and her message;

Here lies Sado Hatake and Yuri Hatake:
Two people who gave their lives now lay here as protectors of the land
May God have mercy on their tortured souls that were taken too soon
Loved and honored by their only living relative, their daughter
Shadow Hatake

Shadow slowly placed the marker between her parents along with the kunai knives her mother and father gave her. Shadow slowly started walking away from her use to be home when the sound of clapping caught both her and everyone’s attention. A man in a gas mask and hood stepped out of the forest and started walking towards her. Shadow started to run away from the man but was stopped when she felt something cold around her neck. The man in the gas mask shot a collar around Shadow’s neck.

“Now I see that you are truly a great specimen and now that I have seen what you are able to do, you will now become part of my how do you say, collection?”

Shadow struggled to get the collar off as the man made his way towards her. The man in the gas mask took out a remote from her back and pointed at her.

“Now, all I need to do is stop your heart with that collar but don’t be alarmed I’ll restart it, after all you are my new toy and I can’t have you breaking on me just yet.”

With a push of the button Shadow started to scream out in agony as electric started to flow from the collar and into her body. The man in the gas mask singled for more of his man to come over and hold Shadows’ limbs as she flailed them all around. As the soldier held her done the man in the gas mask started laughing uncontrollably until finally Shadow stopped moving. With another press of the button the collar stop sending electricity into her body. Shadow moaned slightly indicating she was still alive.

“Take her to the others we must leave immediately so that I can now start to have some fun.”

The soldier roughly grabbed Shadow by the arms and dragged her into the forest where a large container with the symbol of Wendigo, the same symbol the turtles pulled off the soldiers that attack them. Looking inside everyone could see that Shadow was thrown into van with eight other kids; five boys and three girls, the oldest was boy who looking around the age of ten.
Everything was starting to get darker and darker as the doors to the container were closing, as everyone was being pushed out the pass did they hear the noise of one of the children in there whispering,

“Please…kill us”

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