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Chapter 7: More to Come

Shadow looked at everyone but no one could look at her. The images of what they just saw were still fresh and every time one of them glanced at Shadow did some memory of what happened to Shadow and her family replay in front of their eyes. All Shadow did was stare at them. When she could see that nothing was going to change, Shadow turned her back to them and started to walk back into her room. But before she left, Shadow left some parting words she thought would help them out a bit,

“You know, you just watched the worst parts of my life if there is any consolation is that after that it gets a bit better but really meeting all of you have been the best 6 months of my entire life.” Shadow said with a wry smile.

“Oh yeah, don’t ask about any of marks. Visible or not I still feel the sting of each one.” Shadow added before she jump kicked her way into her room.

As the door slowly shut to her room, did everything once again change.

~One Week Later~

While everyone was still trying to understand and get over what they saw from Shadow’s past, Shadow was doing everything she could to avoid them. From locking herself in her room to stating she found a job and that she was going to be gone all day. It was as if everyone was walking on egg shells and no one wanted to talk about it.

It was late Friday when something happened.

The Hamato family was getting ready for dinner. Leo and Don were setting the table while Mikey was cooking dinner. Splinter was mediating in his room while Raph was watching the news on the television while twirling his sai between his fingers. The table was set for six even though Shadow would just take her plate into her room and eat.

But this time they were going to make Shadow stay so they could talk to her about everything, they didn’t like how things were going and that their unity as a family was starting to break. Donnie looked at the time.

“Hmm, she’s late.” Donnie muttered.

Leo looked at the time on his shell cell, it read 7:45. Shadow would work from 9-5 but even if she worked late she would still come home around 6:30. This worried Leo because Shadow never did this sort of stunt.

“Maybe I should call her.” Leo stated looking at his shell cell.

But Donnie shook his head, “Don’t she’s probably running late because something happened at work or there was an accident somewhere and she’s stuck in traffic.”

Leo looked at Donnie then back at his shell cell, shrugging his shoulders he placed his shell cell back onto his belt and went back to setting the table.

No one knew what or where Shadow got a job and even how but they all trusted her and they knew if she needed help she would talk to them.

The clock finally stuck 8:30 and there was still no sign of Shadow. The food was cold and untouched and everyone was getting antsy after sitting at the table for almost an hour.

Raph roughly stood up from his seat, his chair hit the floor the same time his fist hit the table.

“That’s it I’m calling the kid and when she gets home I’m gonna strangle her.” Raph yelled grabbing his shell cell and dialing Shadow’s number.

No one wanted to really argue with Raph about calling Shadow but they were going to stop him from killing her.
Three rings and still no answer, Shadow’s shell cell went to voice mail.

“That little brat better have a good explanation for this. Donnie use one of your machines and find her for me.” Raph stated closing his shell cell and slamming it on the table.

Donnie walked over to his computer, his fingers moved quickly over the keyboard as he started to use the GPS in Shadow’s shell cell to find her.

“That’s strange.” Donnie muttered.

“What is it my son?” Splinter asked.

Donnie turned his head from the computer screen and answered,

“Well from the GPS on Shadow’s shell cell it’s telling me that she’s outside the garage and from the look of it she’s been there a while”
Everyone looked at each other then walked over to the elevator to take them up to the garage.

“That kid is toasted when I get to her.” Raph muttered under his breathe.

“Come on Raphie don’t be mad at Shadow, she probably has a good reason for no coming in and not answering her phone.” Mikey said.
Mikey quickly ducked under Raph’s fist.

“Don’t call me Raphie you idiot.” Raph roared.

“Leo help!” Mikey exclaimed as he ran around the garage with Raph on his tail.

Leo and Donnie rolled their eyes, Leo walked over to the garage switch and pressed it.
The garage doors started to hum and opened. Everyone stepped out to look for Shadow.
Mikey pointed to a silhouette slumped against the wall of the garage.
Every walked over to the silhouette when Mikey exclaimed,

“Eww, I stepped in something squishy.”

Mikey groaned at this trying to see what he stepped in. Donnie took out a flashlight from his bag and shined it on Mikey’s foot.
Everyone gasped at what they saw.

“It’s blood. Donnie shine your light over there.” Leo stated pointing at the figure covered by darkness.

Donnie shined his light onto the figure. When the light hit the figure, Donnie dropped his flash light into the blood. The light still shined onto the figure and that was what scared everyone.

“Shadow” Donnie muttered.

Shadow was slumped over against the wall of the garage, one hand was holding onto her shell cell while the other was holding a kunai. She was pale and had blood splatter across her face and her glasses were barely hanging together on her face. Shadow’s left shoulder looked funny and out of place. Everyone raced over to her, Donnie carefully turned her body onto her back to see the damage.
Shadow’s entire torso was soaked in blood but the only good thing was that from all the cut marks on her shirt they could tell that none of them were fatal. But what was killing her was blood loss.

“We need to get her back into the lair.” Donnie stated.

Raph took Shadow from Donnie’s arms and carried her princess-style into the lair. Everyone followed Raph as they ran back into the garage and into the lair. No one noticed the shadowy figure watching them from the rooftop across from them
The shadowy figure picked up the radio attached to his vest, the radio made a clicking noise when he pressed one of the buttons on the side. The shadowy figure spoke into the radio saying,

“They found her. Should we move onto phase three, Master?” there was a bit of static until a gravelly voice spoke,

“Wait until my signal then process.” The shadowy figure acknowledged the command and backed slowly away from the ledge of the roof top.

Back in the lair.

Donnie had called April and Casey for some help with Shadow.
While April tended to Shadow’s wounds, Donnie started her transfusion from Casey.

“Donnie there’s so many here.” April stamper out.

Donnie looked over to Shadow, at first April and Donnie counted how many open cuts Shadow had but after a while they just stopped counting.

“What the hell happened to her?” Donnie muttered.

~3 hours later~

Donnie and April walked out of the lab with a wobbly Casey. Casey was leaning against the lab door when Raph walked over to his friend and helped him onto the couch. While Casey rested his head, everyone gathered around April and Donnie to hear the news.

“What have you determined my son?” Splinter asked.

Donnie took a deep breath and answered,

“From what April and I examined we can only tell you that Shadow was attacked my multiple assailants and the only reason she didn’t bleed out from her wounds was because of the cold. But what trouble me more was that because none of these wounds would have killed her. I mean yes after a while the blood loss would have but that would have taken a long time. Someone wanted her to not to die but to suffer.” April placed a hand on Donnie’s shoulder and continued.

“There are over a dozen small cuts on Shadow’s torso, she has a dislocated shoulder and a fracture to her left ankle. There is also a possibility that she has a head injury and that’s why she hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Is she going to be okay?” Mikey asked.

April nodded, “She’s going to need rest but she should make a full recovery but now we need to talk about what happened.”

“Agreed. We need to figure out why Shadow was targeted and by whom.” Leo said.

“Yeah and when I get my hands on who did this they’ll regret bein’ born” Raph said smacking his fist into his hand.

“If only we knew what happened, then we could go off that.” Donnie said.

Everyone turned to the doors to the lab. Shadow could show them what happened to her just like she did in the past but Shadow only agreed to do show them. But with what happened Shadow would more than likely do anything to protect them from the truth.

“My sons, there is a way to see into the past but I am afraid what it will do to your relationship with your sister.” Splinter said. Leo, Raph, Mikey, Donnie, and April turned to Splinter as he explained.

“When we first entered the mind of your sister she told us of a saying that would transport us out of the realm but in during so she also told of another way to enter back into the realm. In order to reenter the realm we must clear our minds while one of us says these words, Tu fui, ego Eris.”

“What does that mean sensei?” Mikey asked.

“It means, what you are, I was what I am, you will be, my son. Now come my sons we are about to enter your sister’s mind. Just before warned that after doing this things will change with your sister. Miss O’Neil and Mr. Jones will stay here and watch over your sister.”

“Sensei I don’t really understand what’s gonna happen to Shadow that is gonna change her.” Raph asked.

“How would you feel if someone barged into your mind and memory without your permission?” Leo stated.

“Oh, yeah” Raph answered.

“Come my sons we need to work quickly.” Splinter ordered.

Everyone sat in lotus position and started to clear their minds, Splinter muttered under his breath,

“Tu Fui, Ego Eris”

In a shroud of darkness everyone entered a deep mediation. When everyone opened their eyes they were surrounded by darkness instead of light.

“What going on?” Mikey asked.

“My sons, this is what Shadow’s mind truly looks like. When we first entered her mind did you not notice it was almost forced?”

Raph, Donnie, and Mikey shook their heads no but Leo remained unchanged from the question. Splinter acknowledged his eldest son’s silence as his answer. Looking around Splinter pointed at the portal at the far end of the room.

“There my sons.”

Everyone started to walk towards the portal when they were forced to stop when a black mist appeared in front of it. At first everyone reached for their weapons but when they saw who stopped them they immediately stopped.

“Shadow?” Donnie said in a questionable tone.

Shadow looked like she did when she still lived in the cell. Her clothes were somewhat tattered and blood covered her face, shirt and pants. Shadow looked at them with a questionable face mouthing the words


“Shadow you must move and let us enter.” Splinter said.

But all Shadow did was shake her head no. Shadow looked at her family and pointed towards the portal next to her, mouthing the word,


Everyone looked at each other thinking that in their minds they had to move Shadow but in their gut they were being told to trust in their sister. Everyone nodded and entered the portal next to them.
But the portal closed, Shadow stood in front of the portal mouthing the word,


Everyone opened their eyes not the streets of New York but the hills and mountains of Japan. Turning in circles they could see that they entered the time period when Shadow was being recused by the Ancient One. With little arguments about Shadow playing them, everyone watched the story unfold of Shadow and the Ancient One living together.

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