The Darker Times - Happy Feet


After a brief ten to thirty minutes, Gloria, Erik, Seymour and the Amigos (again, except form Rinaldo) arrived at Adélie Land, only to find it shattered and broken, possibly from an iceberg hitting the place.

“Okay guys, just steadily walk around the edge, and everything should be alright.” Gloria advised, with the other 6 following the advice, they eventually made it to the coast in search of Mumble, there was only one sound that stood out the most form all the natural sounds, and it was like some one crying.

“Christina! What are you doing?” Gloria asked.

“Nothing, just crying.” Christina said in tears.

“Wait, where's Mumble?” Seymour asked, only making Christina cry more.

“Mumble... Was taken away!” Christina said, before completely letting it out.

“Okay, easy there. Can you tell us specifically what happened.”

“Well... We were just walking along here, admiring the view... When... A human came, and took Mumble, he tried his best to get away form him but the Human held him tight, before leaving in a fast boat. It was too fast for me to catch up with.”

“Oh, well that is bad news. But don't worry Christina, I'm sure Mumble will be fine.”

“I don't know, just before he said that he got a hallucination or something. He described it to be a brown bear with blood-shot eyes or something.”

“Well, then we're going to go after him.” Gloria said, leaving everyone confused.

“But, how on Earth do we find him? he could be anywhere.” Erik asked, fortunately, Gloria knew how to answer that, by diving into the water. At first everyone started asking questions, but it was when Gloria dived out of the water, that things made sense, because after she came back out, Rojas also got to the coast.

“Everyone back away.” Seymour shouted, but Gloria was literately right next to Rojas.

“Do you really think I'm going to eat you?” Rojas asked.

“Well, you're a Leopard Seal.”

“But I'm Mumble's friend, and I want to help.” Rojas objected, leaving Gloria to smirk at Seymour, it was one of those Who's the scaredy cat now? Faces.

“We want to help too.” A group of four skuas (which Gloria recognised one of them to be the alpha skua) came down and landed on the ground.

“Okay, you guys can come too.”

“And we also want to help.” Norma Jean said as she and Memphis walked to the group.

“Okay, how can I say no to you guys, you're Mumble's parents.”


“Okay guys, even with all of you here, how are we going to find Mumble.”

“How about this?” Gloria said whilst holding one of Mumble's feathers.

“Okay, Rojas, Alpha Skua. See if you can use this to find him.” Only a few seconds afterwards, both Rojas and the Skuas found the direction of the scent. And with that, they all swam/flew to their destination (Erik being on Rojas).

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