The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Mai's P. O. V:

Her long red hair was pulled high into a bun, her fancy gown was dark red. She open her eye's. Her dark brown eye's send chill's down my spine. The figure in the clock knell down. "My lady." The person said. The woman looked down at the knelling figure. The woman gave a loud laugh. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH! I AM FINALLY FREE!" It send chills down my spine. She floated around. She began to flicker. "AHHHH, I AM WEAK FOR BEING TRAP HERE FOR SO MANY YEARS!" She said. The knelling figure spoke. "The castle has become a tourist attraction and a lot of young girls come." The clocked figure said. The woman turn towards the knelling figure. Her mouth inch towards a creepy smile. She looked boney and sunken skin. Her eye's were no longer dark brown but deep black orbs. "PERFECT." She said. She gave one last grin and then she faded away. Next thing I knew I was standing in spirit plane.
Gene put a hand on my shoulder. "It's time for you to wake up." He said. I open my eye's and saw Ayako sleeping. Masako was sitting up right in bed. She looked over and saw that I was awake. "So you are finally awake." Masako said. I nodded. "You had a dream?" She asked. "Yes, it was a dream of a hooded clock figure and the person was doing some sort of ritual and then this woman appeared and she was wearing a fancy dress. She had long red hair and dark brown eye's." I said. Masako turn pale. "Are you okay?" I asked. " I had the same dream." She quietly said.

Naru's P. O. V:

I looked at the paper's. "There is also a newspaper article's about the disappearance of Helen Scaker." Yasu said as he handed me a piece of paper. I began to skim through the papers. "Also a 26 year old girl name Sam White disappeared a day later in the search party for Helen. They put the search on hold." Yasu said. I put the paper down. "I want you to bring the girls that were involved. We need to interview them." I said. Yasu nodded. John and Takigawa enter the room. I looked at them. "We didn't find anything strange near the wall. When we did are exoristims, nothing happen." Takigawa said. I nodded. "Naru, there is a weird sound down the hallway near the girls room." Lin said. "What is the sound?" I asked. "It's a knocking sound. I am also hearing a woman's voice. It's saying "Come to me, come to me, come to me!" Over and over again." Lin said. I bolted out of the door towards the girl's room.

Mai's P. O. V:

I gasp. We had the same dream. All of sudden I felt a chill. Masako became really pale. There began to hear knocking sounds. They were coming outside of the room. I began to feel another chill. I smelled a musky and really faint scent of blood. Masako grabbed my arm. I heard a voice. "Come to me, come to me, come to me!" It was familiar. I began to feel another chill. It suddenly stop. Naru was standing the door way. I sigh of relief. "Are you okay?" He asked, he looked really worried. I nodded. "We are okay." I said. Ayako woke up in a couple minutes later. We headed towards the base. "Tomorrow we are going to bring the girls that are friends to Helen Scaker." Naru said. I nodded. We headed towards are rooms. I gave Naru a kiss and a hug. "Good night Naru." I said. He smiled and hug me and said. "Good night Mai." Then he left with Lin. They headed towards their room. I followed Ayako and Masako back to are room. Day 1 is over.

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