The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Mai's P. O. V:

Our eye's stared at the mirror. The letters were crimson colored. Masako was crying hard and turn even more pale. I stared at the letters. Then I smell the faint smell of blood got stronger. We finally back away from the bathroom. Masako was still crying. She looked like she was about to faint. Ayako closed the door. Her brown eye's showed how worried she was. I led Masako towards her bed. She finally sat down on her bed. I sat next to her. "The ghost is getting stronger." Ayako said. I nodded. Masako crying stopped. "She is after one of us." Masako said. I looked at Ayako. She seem a little pale. Her eyes were roaming around the room. "I believe we should go to base and get out of here." I said. Masako nodded.

Naru's P. O. V:

"You said that she disappeared around the tower." I said. Anna nodded. "We search for 3 hours and there wasn't any sign of her. Then we decided to call the police." Anna said. I looked at Katie she became more pale. Anna notice this. "Katie saw something that night to." Anna said. "What did she see?" I asked. Katie looked at Anna and she nodded her head, as if she was giving her permission to talk about it. "Katie was being the look out for me, just in case if Helen comes back. While I called for the police." Anna said. I nodded waiting for her to continue.

Mai's P. O. V:

Masako finally calm down and we decided to go to base. I walked next to Masako and Ayako walked behind us. We walked in the room and saw two other girls. My eye's widen in shock. They were wearing the same school uniform that Helen was wearing. Naru looked up. The girls looked behind them and saw us. "Who are they?" The girl said with the blonde hair said. "This is my assistant and girlfriend Mai Taniyama, then we have Masako Hara a famous medium, and that is Ayako Matsuzaki a shrine maiden." Naru said. I waved.

Naru's P. O. V:

"Hi, I'm Anna Yashi and this is Katie Hanishodo." Anna said. "It's nice to meet you." Mai said and they shook hands. "Now where were we?" Anna said. "You told me that you were calling the police while Katie was looking out if Helen came back." I said. "Oh yes. Well when I was in the middle of the call, Katie screamed. I turn around to see why she was screaming. She was crying and pointing. I looked where she was pointing at. We saw a woman she has sunken skin and black orbs for eyes , and there was a horrible smell. She had some red liquid covered her." Anna said. I looked at Mai she shivered. She looked at me with her chocolate brown eyes. She mouthed some words and I nodded.

Masako's P. O. V:

I turn pale. They just described Elizabeth Bathory. "Did she have red hair?" Mai asked. "Yes and there was a strong smell of blood." Anna said. With that Mai and I shared a look. "We ran, and when we were down the hill the police arrived and are parents showed up to pick us up." Anna said. "Then there was searched but another person disappeared from the search." Anna said. "Thank you for the information." Naru said. The girls nodded. "Yasu would you please show these girls out." Naru said. Yasu nodded. They walked out. But Katie stopped and looked directly at me. Her dull blue eye's stared into mine. She had a pleading look. I nodded my head, understanding what she was saying. She nodded her head and then left.

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