The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

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Mai's P. O. V:

Everyone was running around the room, trying to get ready for the seance. When it was time for the seance, Mrs. Jokio and Kirstie came in the room, I stood beside Monk and John. "Shall we comince with the seance now that everyone is here." Masako said. Everyone nodded. Naru, Lin, Kirstie, Mrs. Jokio, and Masako sat around a table. In the middle of the table was a candle burning. Which gave off a glow and made everything look creepy. Masako took a breath. "Is their any spirits here, please knock once for yes and no knock means no." Masako said. There was a knock. "You can invite you're self into my body to communicate with the living." Masako said. Masako eye's rolled up into her head. Then her head snap back up. She began to shiver. "Who are you?" Naru said. "My name is Helen." The spirit said. Masako's voice change to a kinder voice but not a shy voice. "Do you know that you're dead?" Naru asked. "Yes." Helen said. Masako's face change to a sad look and she had a small sad smile on her face. "Where are you?" Naru said. "I'm in the castle somewhere very dark." Masako said. I began to feel a chill. The hair on my neck began to stand up. I began to look around. But I didn't see anyone. I began to smell a small amount of blood. Masako's face changed it's expression. It turn to look in horror and fear. "She's here." Masako said. "Who's here?" Naru asked. Kirstie looked confused. Except for Mrs. Jokio. "It's her!" Masako shouted. Then I felt the Helen leave Masako's body. Masako opened her eye's. As soon as she did. She placed her sleve up to her mouth. "There is another spirit, she is much stronger than the other spirits here. All of the spirits feared her." Masako said. "Who is it?" Naru asked. "It's the spirit of Elizabeth Bathory. That spirit name Helen ran away because she is scared of her." Mrs. Jokio said. Her eye's were wide and had this creepy smile on her face. Then I heard a rumbling behind me. I turn around to find a hole in the castle's wall. A horrid smell came from the wall.

Naru's P. O. V:

Mai backed away from the wall. Monk and John step back. Holding there noises. Masako became very pale. "What a horrible smell." Masako said. Then she passed out. I grabbed my flashlight. "It smells like rotting flesh." Mai said. I nodded. I flashed my flashlight into the dark hole. Mai let out a scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" She covered her face and ran into my arms. In the hole showed two decomposed bodies. Monk and John back away. Disgust was written on there face. Kirstie face looked in horror. Mrs. Jokio stood still, letting the shadow cover her face. "Lin call the police." I said. Lin nodded, taking out his phone. He began to dial the polices number, which he asked Kirstie for. She told him. "I'm going back home with my mother." Kirstie said afterwards, I nodded. I hugged Mai intill she stopped crying.

... 20 minutes later...

The police arrived. I lead them to the hole near the tower. Their eye's became big from shock. They nodded each other. One grabbed his walkie talkie, he began talking into it. Then the police turn to us. "Why are you all here?" The police officer asked. "The Jokio family asked us to investigate this castle." I said. "What are you investigating?" The other police officer asked. "The supernatural." I said. The officers looked at each other. "Shouldn't you be trying to identify the bodies." I said. The police quickly went towards the wall and block the hole. Mai walked over to me. "Masako is not feeling good, so Ayako is taking her back to our room to lay down." She said. I looked at my watch. It read "12:22 A.M." I nodded my head. "Mai, go to bed." I said. She nodded and let out a yawn. I gave her a kissed on the forehead. She nodded her head. Monk and John went with her towards the base. I sighed. "Lin." I said. "Let's go to base, the reporters are coming soon." I said. Lin nodded. We walked down the step hill towards home base before the media showed up.

Normal P. O. V:

The police identify the bodies of Helen Scaker and the missing firefighter named Sam White, who went missing during the search party...

It ended up on the top of the news...

The word spreed fast...

Mrs. Jokio and her family were now surrounded by the media...

John's P. O. V:

Monk threw the newspaper onto the table. "It's in the front news." Ayako said. "I wonder when the funerals are?" Mai said. Then we heard a knock at the door. Mai quickly came to the door. Standing in the door way was Kirstie. "What's wrong?" Naru asked. "My mother has been acting really strange ever since the bodies were found." Kirstie said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well she has been mumbling strange words and she sometimes leaves the house for hours and sometime she doesn't come home right away. I beginning to worry about her." Kirstie said. She looked around the room. Naru put his hand to his chin. All you could hear was the sounds of Lin's keyboards clicking and clacking go on. Then Mai placed a cup of tea in front of Kirstie. "You say hours. How many hours?" Naru said. "Sometimes an hour or 4 hours at most." Kirstie said. "Thank you for you're information." Naru said. "Oh I almost forgot, I see her sometimes go to the tower and when I turn away for a second, she is gone." Kiristie said. We nodded, after she drank her tea, she left and quickly went home. "Do you supposed that she is possessed by one of the spirits?" I asked. "Maybe but is hard to tell. The first time we meet her she acted a little strange." Yasu said. "Naru what if Mrs. Jokio is the hooded figure from my dream!" Mai shouted. Everyone turn to look at her. "She did say that she see's her near the tower and when she turns her back for a couple seconds and looks back and finds that she is not there." Takigawa said. "But how?" I said. "Remember the Bloody Labyrinth where there was a secret room? What if there is a secret chamber near the tower!" Mai said. We looked at Naru. "It's a possibility." Naru said. "But where would the entrance be then?" I asked. "That's a good question." Naru said. "Naru, I'm picking up some knocking sounds." Lin said. Naru stood up. "Where?" Naru asked.

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