The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

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... Day 3 ...

... June 21/ 2014 ...

Masako's P. O. V:

Everyone stayed quiet . "It's coming from the tower." Lin said. Mai froze into place. Her eyes became dull. I place my sleeve up to cover my mouth. " A spirit has just possessed Mai." I said. "Wait, I believe it is Helen." I said. She smiled. "I am Helen, I came to warn you about something important. Her spirit is getting stronger by each day. There will be a new victim by tomorrow." With that I felt Helen leave Mai's body. Mai's body fell forward. Naru caught her, just as she was about to hit the floor. "Naru the knocking has stopped." Lin said. Naru placed Mai into a soft chair. Suddenly the door open quickly. Kirstie barged into the room. "My mother is gone!" Kirstie said. Everyone stopped and stared at her. "What do you mean you're mother disappeared?" Naru said. "Mother wasn't feeling well this morning, so I went into town to go get some headache medicine and do some grocery shopping, well mother rest in her room in till I get back. But as soon as I got home, I found the door open and my mother was nowhere to be found in the house." Kirstie said. Naru turned to the cameras. "Lin look through the video feeds. Miss. Matsuzaki, Miss. Hara, John, Takigawa I want you to go with Miss. Jokio to look for her mother. Mai, Lin, and I will stay here and Lin call the police. Everyone stay together." Naru said. We nodded. John and Takigawa (Monk) left the room. Me and Ayako followed after them, Kirstie.

Mai's P. O. V:

I woke up in the chair. Naru and Lin were looking at the video feeds. I looked around the room. "Where is everyone?" I said. Naru turned around. He smiled and he let out a sigh of relief. "They are out looking for Miss. Jokio's mother. She disappeared." Naru said. I suddenly felt a chill. It felt like we were being watch. I looked around the room. Naru twitch. Suddenly the room's tempter dropped down. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHHHHHHH!" A woman's laughter could be heard. I felt chills going down my spine. I grabbed onto Naru's arm. He placed his arm around me and pull me behind me. Lin let out a whistle. Then a cry of pain came. The room's temperature slowly became back to normal. I looked up at Naru, he had a grime look on his face. We began to watch the video feeds. Some movement caught my attention. "Naru back up this video." I said. Lin back up the video. "There!" I shouted and pointed towards the movement. Lin clicked and began to clean the image and make it focus. standing there was Mrs. Jokio, wearing a black cloak... My mouth dropped open. Then she pull the hood on and press her hand to the wall and began to chant something in Latin. Then a passage way opened up. She then walked towards the entrance.

What you are going to see in the next chapter!

Normal P. O. V:

Everyone stare in shock. Nobody moved. When Kirstie learn this she fell to her knees. She was in shocked. She began to repeat over and over and over again, "This has to be a lie" , nobody knew what to think or do...

Me: Well readers I am going to stop here.

Everyone: See you next time!

Next time in The Case Of Elizabeth Bathory!...

It was Mrs. Jokio who has been behind it the whole time...

But why?

What is Kirstie going to think when she finds out?

What are we going to do?!

Well find out in the next chapter and stay tune! :)

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