The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 16

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Mai's P. O. V:

We called everyone back to base. Kirstie walked into the room with Ayako. "Okay now that everyone is here we can start the video." Naru said. "What does this have to do with finding my mom?" Kirstie said. "Miss. Jokio what you are going to see is going to shock you and you may not believe this. But you're mother had summon Elizabeth Bathory. She is responsible for the disappearance of Helen and many other innocent people." Naru said. "That has to be a lie. My mother would never do anything like this!" Kirstie shouted. "Sigh I knew you wouldn't believe me, but if I show you this video." Naru said. I looked down. I was in shock but it makes all sense, she said her mother has been acting strangely lately." I thought to myself. Kirstie nodded, crossing her arms around her chest. Naru and Lin begin to replay the video.

...3 minutes later...

Kirstie had many tears going down her face. She placed her hands to her face. "This has to be a lie!" Kirstie said. I looked down, I couldn't help it, but I felt really somber. "It's not a lie. She has been disappearing lately." Naru said. Then the door opened and standing in the door way was the detectives and police officers. "I heard that you solve the mystery behind the disappearances of the towns people." Detective said. "Yes and we need to get moving. We only have 24 hours before another person disappears." Naru said. "Takigawa, Matsuzaki you are staying her to protect Miss. Jokio." Naru said. "NO! I want to come!" Kirstie shouted. Naru stopped to think about it. "Fine but don't get in the way." Naru said. I ran after them and we came closer to the tower, I shivered. I felt as someone was watching us. I grabbed hold of Naru hand. He squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. We saw the hole of the tower began to crumble away, letting a cold air rush out, hitting us. It chilled me to the bone. I began to shiver. Inside the hole there was a tunnel. It was dark bit it gave off a light glow. We walked in together. The tunnel was long and cold. Kirstie grabbed hold of me. She looked scared, I squeezed her hand to let her know it is okay. Another light cold breeze hit us. I shivered again and we came to a cross road.

Naru's P. O. V:

We stopped, we were in front of two cross roads. Mai then pointed towards one of the paths to the left. "Naru it is the left passaged way." Mai said. I nodded. "She is right that is where the chill is coming from." Miss. Hara said. We began walking again. The police officers followed behind along with the others. We walked down the pathway in silence, then we began to hear voices. "HHHAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA Perfect, you've done very well, and soon I will be alive and can continue to live forever." Mai and Masako froze in their spots. "What's wrong?" I asked. "That's the voice of Elizabeth Bathory." Mai whispered. "Yes my lady." Mrs. Jokio said. Miss. Jokio froze into place and slid down to the ground, tears began to drip from her eyes. "No way, mother is the cause of this and the murders of innocent people." Mai and Miss. Hara put their hands on her shoulder. "Ah, Jane would you welcome are guests they have arrived a little bit early." Elizabeth said. "Yes of course my lady?" Mrs. Jokio said. Miss Jokio froze and grabbed holed of Mai. We could hear footsteps against the stone floors. Mai grabbed hold of the back of my shirt. Her hands were deadly cold. I grabbed hold of her hands and squeezed it. Then the footsteps became louder and louder and standing there was Mrs. Jokio. Her cloak's hood was down and reveling her face. She looked like she was 20 again, the grey hair that once was there but now gone. "MOTHER, PLEASE TELL ME THAT THIS IS ALL A LIE! YOU AREN'T INVOLVED IN THE MISSING GIRLS OR THEIR DEATHS!" Miss. Jokio said. Tears streaming down her face. "AHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! You naive child, of course I am! I only serve one master and that is Elizabeth Bathory, her alone and only her! I've been waiting for years for this!" Mrs. Jokio said. A creepy smile appeared on her face.

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