The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Mai's P. O. V:

I froze, Mrs. Jokio's smile became wider, then she began to laugh. Then she walked towards us. Kirstie just sat there, tears falling down her face. Naru looked at me and Kirsti. I nodded my head. "Kirstie get behind me." I shouted. But Kirstie didn't move. She plugs her ears with her hands. I move in front of her. "Aww what's matter my dear daughter? You have no idea huh. We were born into a family that has been cursed with the gift to raise the dead!" Mrs. Jokio said. Kirstie stopped sobbing. Lin let out a whistle, suddenly we heard a cry of pain coming from the room where Elizabeth Bathory was. "No! My lady!" Mrs. Jokio shouted, then Lin's shikigami return to him. turn towards us. Her eye's become red. "How dare you injury my lady!" Mrs. Jokio shouted as she charged at us, she slipped out a knife. Quickly the police officers grabbed hold of her and the knife slipped out of her hands and hit the floor with a clang. I sighed in relief. "Monk set up a protective barrier around the police officers and Mrs. Jokio." Naru said. I felt a chill, I look behind and I saw a bunch of young female ghosts. I saw Helen, she wave and move towards me. Then everything went dark around me. "Mai I was summon by Kirstie we are going to act like a barrier, around Mrs. Jokio and the police officers. Elizabeth Bathory is gaining more strength as we are speaking, she won't stay injury very long, she is aiming at Mrs. Jokio because she had failed her. I must go." Helen said. "Wait monk is about to put up a barrier." I shouted. Helen stopped floating forward, "Tell Monk to stop." Helen said. Then the darkness fade and I had return to the secret passage way. "Monk! Don't set up the barrier!" I shouted. I must have shock Naru. "Mai what?" Monk said. "There is already a barrier!" I shouted. "What's going on Mai." Naru said. "She is right, there are many of the victims ghost surrounding Mrs. Jokio, they are forming a barrier around Mrs. Jokio and the police officers." Masako said. "They are being controlled by Kirstie," I said.

Naru's P. O. V:

"Wait how do you know that?" I said. "Helen contacted me. She told me she was summon by Kirstie." I said. Kirstie had stopped crying. "What's going on how come I can see so many spirits?" Kirstie said. "That's because you summon them." I said. "Eh? How? Why?" Kirstie said. Then Helen appeared in front of her. "Good evening my lady." Helen said as she bowed. Kirstie looked confused. "You are our master, you summon us to protect you're mother and the police officer. Since your mother failed to carry out her orders Elizabeth Bathory is going to kill her." Helen said. "Wait I summoned you! How?!" Kirstie said. "Kirstie you have a psychic powers." Mai said. "Now we must figure out how to get rid of Elizabeth Bathory. Lin continue attacking her with you're shikigami." I said. Lin nodded and whistle again. "Then we heard a scream of pain. Then a blast of cold air came and slammed us into the side of the wall. Except for Miss. Kirstie and the police officers and Mrs. Jokio. Lin whistle again and there was another scream of pain. Then we were dropped from the wall. "John now!" I shouted. He nodded his head. He open the bible and began. "In the beginning was the Word, and that Word was with god. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John said as he began to spread holy water. Then the cold wind stopped. "Is it over?" Mai asked. "No not quiet yet." I said. "Do you humans really think that would destroy my lady! Then you are fools!" Mrs. Jokio shouted and continue to laugh. I turn to Miss. Hara. "She is gone only for now. We should probably hurry and figure out how to get rid of her before she comes back." Miss. Hara said. "Does anyone know how to get rid of her?" Miss. Kirstie said. Mai stepped forward.

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