The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hi readers, I am sorry for the long wait. I have been really busy! But I promise I will update as soon as I can. Okay lets get the show on the road! Oh yeah readers there might be some romance between Monk and Ayako in the story! :) Also we are going to learn more about Elizabeth Bathory.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ghost Hunt, I only own the story, the idea, and my oc's in the story. Now on with the Story!

Naru's P. O. V:

"Mai call the others. We will be needing them for this case also call Yasuhara and Modoka." I said. I headed to my office to think more about the case. I sat down in my chair. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I said. Mai walked in, "Masako will be coming. Also Naru, who was Elizabeth Bathory and why is she called The Blood Countess?" she asked. I sighed. "Mai, you are an idiot sometimes." I said. "I'M NOT AN IDIOT, NARU YOU BIG FAT JERK!" Mai shouted at me. "Please stop yelling and sit down, I will tell you about her." I said. Mai composed but sat down while pouting. "Elizabeth Bathory was known to be famous killer. She was a noble. She was born into a really noble family." I said. "So you are saying she was murder from a really rich family." Mai said.

Mai's P. O. V:

Naru sighed. "Not quite. She killed 650 young girls. She killed them through 1590 to 1610. But she was not put on trail." Naru said. He continued on. "She was placed under house arrest because her family had royal blood connections and they were really wealthy family." He said. I felt my blood boil. "Why did she kill them?" I asked. "People believe she wanted to attain her youth and beautiful skin so she would bathe in the young girls blood, she was also really very brutally. She would torture her victims in till they had died." Naru said. I felt my eyes began to water. Naru sawed this and he came over and hug me close to him.

Naru's P.O. V:

I hold Mai close to me. "We don't have to take this case. I can always cancel it." I said. "No, we must take this case! People are disappearing because of this monster!" Mai said. "Okay but you must not wander off by you're self. I don't want you to get hurt by what ever this thing is." I said. She nodded. We stayed a while holding each other. "Mai why don't you make some tea and go home early." I said. "Okay, but can I stay here for a little while." Mai said. I nodded and she smiled and tackle hug me. I hug her back and kiss the top of her head. She pulled back and looked at me. We lean towards each other nearly touching each others lips.

Mai's P. O. V:

BANG! Naru's door flew open. Standing there was Monk. I turned bright red. Naru and I pulled away from each other quickly. I saw Naru's face was light shade of pink but as soon as it appeared it disappeared from sight just to be replace by a annoyed look. "Yo, Naru." Monk shouted. Then he saw Naru's face. "Did I interrupt something." he said. "Yes you did Takigawa." Naru said. Naru sent a ice chill glare at Monk but Monk wasn't paying any attention to him. He gave me a bone crushing hug. "Mo-nk I-I ca-n-t br-ea-th!" I said. Then suddenly Monk was wacked over the head with a red purse. "Monk you trying to kill Mai!" Ayako shouted at him. "Ow what was that for!" Monk shouted. I took a big gulp of air. "If you guys are going to bicker, do it some where else." Naru said annoyed.

Naru's P.O. V:

I angry sat back down in my seat. Monk and Ayako stopped arguing with each other. "So we have a new case. It's been a while." Monk said. Mai nodded. Since are last case we didn't have a case for the past couple weeks. "So where is the new case at?" Ayako said. " It's in Slovakia." I said. "WHAT IN SLOVAKIA!" Monk shouted. "Yes, idiot it's in Slovakia, like Naru just said." Ayako said. "Hey I am not an idiot, you old hag." Monk shouted at Ayako. "Now, now lets focus back onto the matter now." Mai said as she place herself in between them. "We are going to be investigating a castle there." I said. "A castle. There are thousands of castles in Slovakia." Ayako said. "I know that but we are investigating the castle of Elizabeth Bathory." I said. Ayako and Monks face became serious.

Mai's P.O. V:

I felt the tension in the air. "Don't go any where by you're self." Naru said. Ayako and Monk nodded. "So when are we going to Slovakia?" Monk asked. "We are leaving on June 20th around 7:45 P.M." I said. "So we will arrived there at 10:54 P.M." Ayako said. "Now that is settle you must as well start packing you're bags." Naru said. Everyone nodded. "Naru I am going to go to my apartment and get started packing." I said. He nodded. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran out of his office. I grabbed my stuff and headed out into the warm June air.

Well I am going to stop here for now. Please review and see you in the next chapter.


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