The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

John's P. O. V:

I began chanting, while Lin whistle, his shikigami's attacking at Elizabeth Bathory. So far she hasn't notice Kirstie. Kirstie stood in the corner and began looking at the ritual circle. She had a small dagger in her hand but I couldn't make out the details on the dagger. Monk was queitly talking to her. She was noding her head. She was now standing in the middle of the circle, she was holding an ancient brown worn out book with a golden pentagram drawn onto it's cover. She was shaking a little bit. Suddenly a forceful wind, pushing us and Lin back into the wall. "Rin! Pyo! To! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!" Takigawa shouted. Elizabeth let out a shrill wail, then fading away into the wall. I fell to the floor and landed on my butt. "Thanks Takigawa." I said. He nodded. We watch as Kirstie began her performing the ritual. She took the dagger and cut her pointer finger, the blood began dripping down to the floor. She began to talk "霊私の叫びが聞こえますが、ここで設定するとされていた呪いリバースしてください... この土地に配置されている悪を元に戻すと、Deadフリーに設定してみましょう。 チェーンは魔女たちのこの本に彼女の魂しています... 死者の涙の叫びが聞こえてみましょう! それらを自由にしましょう。 それらをこのから離れた場所には不道徳なフライしてみましょう! 人生のバランスも脅かしていることを彼女は鬼が来た場所に戻りましょう! 彼女がページ内トラップ、決してもう一度見てみましょうにするこの本に戻りましょう。" (Spirits please hear my cry, reverse the curse that has been set upon here... Undo the evil that has been placed on this land, and let the dead to be set free... Chain her soul into this book of the witches... Let the cries of tears of the dead be heard! Let them be free! Let them fly away from this unholy place! Let the demon that has threaten the balance of life return to where she has come! Let her return to this book where she will be trap inside the pages, never to be let out again... Please take her soul and let the spirits go in peace! Have the evil spirit return to this book where she once came from! Now return to this book and never return again to bother the living ever again!) Suddenly a soft breeze began to blow. Her brown hair looked like it was floating in mid air... Her brown eyes were closed as she chant. "では、後から出た場所に戻って、これらの若い女の子に安心しています... その嘆願も聞いてみましょう。 それらを皆で見ることができる天に戻るにしてみましょう! 今では、鐘を鳴らすと、風とハウルは、満月ライトの距離でフェードをし始めたときにしています..." ( Come back to where you have once came from, let these young girls rest in peace... Let their pleas also be heard... Let them to return to heaven where they can watch over everybody! Now come as the bell rings and the wind howl, when the full moons lights began to fade in the distance...) Suddenly light came from the sand that made the protected circle around Kirstie. White hands began appearing from the white light, reaching, searching for something. Takigawa, Lin, and I stood there in awe. Kirstie opened her eye's, her eye's were glowing. She began ringing the bell. The ceiling began rumbling. Huge blocks of stone began falling, I dodge a piece of ceiling. The ceiling stopped rumbling, the white light hands stopped moving and began pulling something towards Kirstie. Then Elizabeth Bathory's spirit appeared shortly afterwards, the white light was wrapped around her. "NOOOOOO! I WON'T GO BACK THERE!" Elizabeth screamed. Her pale skin began sunken in, her eyes going smaller, and bits of her skin began peeling off of her face and her left hand. Kirstie didn't leave her spot. Elizabeth's brown eyes began to sink, until what was only left two black empty sockets staring at us. "YOU! YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR THIS! I WILL COME BACK AGAIN AND I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE IN YOU WHEN I AM FREE!" Elizabeth Bathory's spirit screamed at us, pointing her long Boney figure at us. Suddenly a blast of wind came towards us. "Kyata hanjasa hadaya sowaka!" Monk shouted, as the long blast of wind was heading straight towards us. The blast of wind disappeared into nothing. Lin whistle sending his shikigami's towards Elizabeth's spirit.

Takigawa's P. O. V:

The skikigami's hit Elizabeth Bathory's spirit, causing her to scream out in pain. Kirstie continue to ringing the bell. The bell's rings bonce off the wall. Elizabeth glared at her, her dark empty sockets were glowing with hatred and death. Even though she headed towards Kirstie, her body twisted around and headed towards Kirstie. "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS LITTLE GIRL! I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU, EVEN THAT SUPERNATURAL GIRL, SHE GOT IN THE WAY OF MY PLANS!" Elizabeth's spirit screamed. Kirstie didn't flinch as Elizabeth's enraged spirit came hurling towards her, her bony figures outstretched towards Kirstie. I move towards Kirstie, but suddenly we heard a scream of pain. Lightening flashed between Kirstie and Elizabeth's spirit. Elizabeth began to be dragged into the book faster. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Elisabeth screamed. Again Elizabeth tried to attack Kirstie but the lightening appeared and began frying Elizabeth. Her eye's began to become more enraged. "I WILL RETURN AGAIN AND I WILL GET YOU ALL FOR THIS!" Elizabeth's spirit screamed. She them was pulled back into the book, the smell of blood and the stoned bath with blood in it disappeared, only leaving the stone bath cracked and broken with moss and ivy began to return. Kirstie closed the door and sighed. "Is it over?" Kirstie asked, her brown eye's looking at us, hopefully we will say yes. Naru and Mai walked in, followed by the police. "Yes it is over now, this case is over." Naru said. Mai let out a sigh of relief and grabbed hold of Naru's hand. Naru looked down at Mai and kissed her head. Kirstie's mother enter the room followed by the police. She was in hand cuffs. "We will be collecting that book and be taking Mrs. Jokio to jail, also have her trail set up." The detective said. I nodded. Kirstie handed the officers the book, the dagger, and the bell. The officer thanked her and left, along with Mrs. Jokio. Mrs. Jokio stared backed at us, "I WILL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS! AND YOU TOO KIRSTIE! I WILL BE OUT OF JAIL SOON AND I CAN TAKE MY REVENGE!" Mrs. Jokio shouted. The police told Mrs. Jokio to be quiet, as they disappeared in the dark tunnel led the way with two flashlights. Kirstie sighed, with some tears in her eyes. Mai let go of Naru's hand and walked over to Kirstie. Nobody spoke, but then Helen and couple of other ghost appeared. Young girls of all ages appeared before Kirstie and us. "Thank you, we can now go in peace. Kirstie when ever you need us though will answer to any of your calls no matter how small the problem is or how big it is. I want you to take this bell." Helen said as she held out her small hand. Kirstie took the bell and let a few tears slip from her eye's. The ghost's had a light glow to them. All of them were smiling. Then Helen turn towards us. "Also I want to thank you all for that you've have done. Now it is time to say goodbye." She waved and went to Mai and whispered something into Mai's ear. Mai had some tears in her eyes as well but a small smile and nodded her head. Then one by one the ghost's disappeared and left us alone. In the dark room. "Well let's get out of here and begin cleaning up and packing up before we leave back to Japan." Naru said. Everyone nodded. Kirstie stayed with Mai and Masako. We walked down the narrow path way. Ayako was behind me, she grabbed my hand. I smirked and grabbed her hand tighter. She smiled up at me and I smiled back. "You were very brave." Ayako whispered and I nodded. We were finally climbing up the steps and now we were out in the sun light.

Mai's P. O. V:

Kirstie and I continued to talk. "Mai what did Helen say?" Kirstie asked. "She said she will come by sometime at some point. She will be at the trail too." I said. Kirstie nodded her smile now gone and her brown eyes were sad. "I wonder what will happen to my mother?" Kirstie said. I sighed and looked up at the sky, it's pure blue. The clouds were gathering far away. A storm was coming. "Me too. But's let not think about that way. Maybe when the trail is over. You can send the details to us. Also let's keep in touch." I said. Kirstie nodded. She let out a yawn. "I will do that." Kirstie said, suddenly there was bright flashes of camera's and reporters coming our way. "Miss. Jokio what do you think of this? Did you know you're mother was behind the kidnapping's and the killing's of these young girls? Are you involved with any of these. We were now surrounded by reporters. "Miss. Taniyama what do you have to say?" Another reported shouted. It became overwhelming. Suddenly the detective intervene. "That would be enough questions for Miss. Jokio and Miss. Taniyama. If you want answers then I will talk to you. "No Miss. Jokio didn't know that her mother was involved with the kidnapping's and the killing's of the young girls here." Detective said. He nodded to us saying you can leave and he will deal with the press. We ran towards the others who were in the protection of the police. As soon as we arrived, Naru grabbed hold of my hand and everyone enter Kirstie's house. We close the door. We all sat down in the living room. Exhaustion fell onto us like bricks. Monk let out a yawn. Ayako began checking everyone to see if there was any injuries. She sighed in relief. "Looks like none of them got injuries." Ayako said. "Now lets go get some sleep. Everyone nodded and agreed. Well except Naru and I. "Mai can you please make some tea for me." Naru said. I nodded and smiled and walked down the hall to the kitchen.

...Hours later...

Everyone awoke from their naps. We talked and made breakfast along with Kirstie. Everyone didn't talk about the events. "When we are done eating we should begin packing the equipment away in the van and pack our bags. We are leaving tomorrow. Everyone nodded. "Before you go here is you're payment." Kirstie said as she pass the check to Naru. Naru nodded. Kirstie and I went to the kitchen and began cleaning up and loading the dishes in the dishwasher. Kirstie left to go to her room and get more sleep. I wave goodbye and headed down the hall towards the room that I shared with Ayako and Masako, to pack my bags for tomorrow. I let out a yawn. I enter my room to see Masako taking a nap and Ayako heading towards the bathroom to take a shower. Ayako smiled at me then she disappeared in the bathroom. I open a drawers open and began packing my clothes into my small suitcase.

... Day Later...

Naru's P. O. V:

Takigawa shut the rental van shut, making a clicking sound. Everyone was ready to go to the airport. Kirstie stood outside her house, she was wearing a white blouse and a black pencil skirt. Her long brown hair was held up in a bun. She was heading to court right after we leave for the airport. Mai and Miss. Jokio were talking to each other. "Mai it is time to go." I shouted to be heard over everybody's talking. Mai's head turn around and nodded. She smiled and hug Miss. Jokio, then let go and wave to her after she got into the car. I sat in the back with Mai, while John sat in front in the passengers seat. Mai let out a yawn. I looked at her, "Are you tired?" I asked? Her chocolate brown eye's turn towards me, she nodded with a small smile on her face, which I found it cute. "Why don't you take a quick nap. I will wake you up when we get to the airport." I said. She nodded and let out another yawn out. She closed her eyes and lean her head onto my shoulder. I open my book and began reading. The ride to the airport was arrive to the airport an hour later. "Mai wake up, we are at the airport now." I said. I shook her gently, trying to wake up. Her chocolate brown eye's slowly open and stared up at me. She smiled and then let out a yawn. We got out and had our equipment transported to the plane as soon as we arrived. We went through the airport's security and waited for a couple of hours to board the plane that would take us back to airport. "356 Is now boarding first class passengers." Everyone stood up and began walking towards the the long narrow hallway that lead us to our plane. Mai looked still tired and was dead on her feet. I sighed. I grabbed hold and dragged her behind me. I had Lin trade his seat, so Mai could sit next to me. Lin was now sitting next to John. As soon as Mai took her seat and bucked her seat belt. As soon as that was secured, she closed her eyes and fell a sleep. I smiled, her head leaning against my shoulder. I notice that we had pillows and blankets. I grabbed her blanket and carefully put it over her so she didn't get a cold. Soon after, other passengers border the plane and began taking there seats. It didn't take long thought. The plane is now waiting its turn to take off. To take us home, in Japan. Until we have another case.

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