The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Hello readers, sorry for the long wait! I've been so busy lately with school! But I will be updating really soon. DarknessEclipse342

Mai's P.O. V:

I walked into my apartment. I ran to my room. I found my suit case in the back of my closet. I mange to get it out with out having boxes falling on top of me. I open my drawers and began to grab random clothes. I grabbed a rain jacket and some sweat shirts. I sighed because I still had to do my summer homework. I've already had gotten my math finished, but then there is English homework. I sighed again. I heard my cell beeping. I dug through my pockets, to find it not there. Then I realized that my cell is in my bag. I dump my bags contents on top of my bright pink bed. I shifted the papers and the book around so I can see where my stuff was. I finally located my cell phone. Naru sent me a text.

Naru's P.O. V:

I sent a quick text to Mai. Then I went back to my computer typing a entry log for are new case. "Lin." I shouted. He quietly enter my office. "What is it Naru?" he said. "I want you to look up Elizabeth Bathory and print her crime profile. (Yup I just found out that there is a crime file on her and it talks about how she got caught it was really interesting.) and also can you find a lot more about the history of the Castle." I said. Lin nodded. My cell phone beeped in my pocket. It was from Mai. "You don't need to worry Naru, I got home safely and thank you, I would like more information about Elizabeth Bathory. My English teacher is making me write a assignment on a famous person. So I guess I will write the assignment on Elizabeth Bathory. Thank you. Love Mai." I read the text over and over again before I responded.

Monk's P. O. V:

I walked into my house and sat down on the couch. My phone vibrated. I open up to see Ayako was calling. "Hey Ayako," I said. "Monk we need to talk meet me at the park." She said in the phone. Then she hang up before I could say anything else. I got up. "I am guessing it is at the New park that they built." I said. I slowly got up and left the house. Locking the door. I walked towards the park. "Wonder what Ayako wants." I thought to myself. I continue to walk towards the park. I slowly began to see the park come into view. I saw Ayako standing in there. I slowly made my way towards her. "Hey." I said. I grabbed her hand and she looked up at me with a worry expression. "What's wrong?" I said.

Ayako's P.O. V:

"I'm worried about Mai. This case is going to be really dangerous. Besides that she was at the hospital for weeks when we had are last case." I said. Monk looked at me and looked up at the sky. "I'm worried about her too, but knowing Naru, he won't let her out of his sights. Since they started dating and everything." He said. I nodded. "That is true, but Takigawa what if something bad happens to Mai?" I said. He looked down at me and pull me into his arms. "No worry's, Mai is strong and she will be fine we have Naru and Gene looking after her. She will be okay." he said. I nodded. I closed my eyes and lean on his chest for a while.'

Mai's P.O. V:

Naru sent me a text message. "Okay Mai, I've asked Lin to print out some information on Elizabeth for you. Make sure you pack you're bag and bring you're homework we have a long plane ride. Love you too. Naru." I smiled at his text message. I looked at my bed and sighed. I place everything neatly in my bag and went down stairs to get my lab top. I also decided to make peppermint tea. I turn on the my lab top and then filled the tea kettle on the stove. I sign into Facebook to see that my friends from school sent messages to me. I smiled and told them that SPR finally got a case. The tea kettle whistle startled me. I turn off the stove and pour the water into a tea cup and then I place the tea bag into the cup. I talked to my friends for a while.

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