The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Mai's P. O. V:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blasting Katy Perry. I quickly got up and ran to my bathroom. I splash water onto my face so I could wake up. Then I ran to my closet, trying to find a outfit to wear. I saw my black shorts and a t-shirt with a blue owl on it. I grabbed it and then grab my favorite pair of sneakers. I finish changing. I heard my phone ringing. My ring tone was from my favorite song Fireworks by Katy Perry. I answered quickly. "Hello?" I said. "Mai." It was Naru. I look at the clock and realized it was almost time for me to go. "Yes Naru." I said. "I am standing outside of you apartment." He said. I blushed a bright shade of pink. "Coming, just give me a second." I said. I heard him say okay. I quickly turn off my phone. I ran to my bathroom to quickly brush my teeth and hair. Then I ran downstairs almost forgetting my bag that has some of my homework in it.

Naru's P. O. V:

I leaned onto my black car, waiting for Mai to come. I ignore the girls that who were staring at me with there love struck looks. Finally Mai open the door. Her face was red. I smirked. "Can you help me with my suitcase?" She called to me. I nodded. I pushed off of my car and made my way towards Mai. I look in the corner of my eye's to see a bunch of girls were still staring at me. I grabbed her suitcase and grabbed onto her hand. Mai blushed a brighter shade of pink. Then I lean in and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled at me. Then I saw the girls giving my girlfriend the evil glare. But I stared at them with my cold blue eye's. They stopped and hold onto each other in fear. "Where is Lin?" Mai ask. "Lin is going to meet us at the air port with the others." I said. She nodded. Then I open the trunk and place her bright pink suitcase. I open the door for her and she smiled. "Thank you Naru." she said. I nodded and quietly got into the drivers seat.

Masako's P. O. V:

I was wearing a orange kimono with dark blue flowers on it and a blue obi. My black hair has grown out a little bit longer. I stood silently near the air port's entrance. I saw Lin with Ayako, Monk, John, and Yasu coming towards me. "Good morning." I said. "Good morning Masako. Have you seen Mai or Naru?" Ayako said. I shook my head and cover my mouth with my sleeve. Then we heard foot steps. We saw Mai and Naru walking towards us. "Hi Masako." Mai said. I smiled and said "Hello Mai." Naru looked at me and nodded his greeting. We walked in the air port. "You guy's stay here, while we give are bags to the crew." Naru said. I watch as they go. "So Masako how was you're Tv interview?" Mai asked me. "Well they ask me all types of questions like how do I react to the feeling of a present of a spirit." I said. "Cool, so what do you think of this case?" Mai said. "I think it is going to be really dangerous. Also we are going to a historic place." I said. She nodded.

John's P. O. V:

I stood in line watching the girl's luggage. While Naru and Lin were talking to a worker. "John please hand him the luggage." Naru said. I nodded. I rolled over two suitcase at a time. The man thank me and I nodded. Then we hurry to the security check. There was only a short line. I took off my shoes, my belt, my bag with some books, wallet, and my phone in it into a those plastic buckets. A woman stood on the other said and motion me to walk through the metal detector. I was praying that it wouldn't go off. I sighed a relief when I was walking through and the alarms didn't go off. Next in line was Masako, then Ayako, Takigawa, Yasu, Mai, Naru, and lastly Lin. Then we collect are things and we hurried down to 7B to wait to board the plane. "John, you are sitting with Hara, Matsuzaki will be sitting with Takigawa, me and Mai will be sitting with each other, and Lin you will be sitting with Yasuhara." Naru said. I nodded.

Ayako's P. O. V:

"Boarding 7B flight to Slovakia will be boarding first class. Everyone stood up and headed towards the line of first class seating. I walk beside Takigawa (Monk) quietly. I looked behind me and saw Mai holding Naru's hand and talking to Masako. "You're still worried about Mai aren't you." Takigawa said. I nodded. "Don't be, Mai is strong and Naru won't let anything happen to her." He said. I smiled, "You're right. I shouldn't worry about her." I said. We enter the first class seating area. I quietly sat near the window. Monk sat down next to me. I buckled in. Seating across from us is Masako and John. Naru and Mai in front of us, and Lin and Yasu were across for them. Then the other passengers boarded the plane. I looked out of the window. "Hello, passengers, this you're caption speaking. We are ready to take off. So please be seated and do not smoke while on board. The weather is nice outside..." I blank out when he was finished talking Takigawa grabbed hold of my hand. I blushed.

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