The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 5

Me: Hello readers, sorry for the long late.

Mai: *making tea* D-chan do you want some tea?

Me: Yes please, okay now who is going to do the disclaimer today. *Pull's a hat out of nowhere. Shuffles the hat and grab a piece of paper* Today the person who is doing the disclaimer is Masako!

Masako: D-chan does not own Ghost Hunt. She owns the story and the idea.

Me: -_-" Okay on with the story.

Takigawa's (Monk) P. O. V:

Ayako fell a sleep and I put my arm around her, not caring who saw us. A woman with bright green eyes and blonde hair came over and ask "What would you like to drink?" She asked. "I will have 2 waters for me and for her." I said. She nodded and skittered off. I suddenly felt really tired. I tired to make my seat comfortable. I lean and fell asleep as soon as i got comfortable.

Mai's P. O. V:

I turn around to see Monk and Ayako sleeping. I smiled. I lean onto Naru, feeling really tired. I closed my eye's. I open my eyes to find myself in the spirit plane. I stood up, then I saw Gene. He was smiling. He motion me to follow him. I ran after him. Then we are in a different place. We were standing outside a castle. I saw a young woman walking up and knocking on the door. The door open and the young woman enter the castle. I felt a chill run down my spine. I try to reach out to the young girl but Gene shook his head. I stopped at stared at the creepy castle.

Naru's P. O. V:

I felt Mai's head landing on my shoulder. She feel a sleep. I put my arm around her. I went back to the book. "What would you like to drink?" a young girl asked. She was blushing. "I would like some water." I said. The girl nodded. She ran off somewhere. I looked across to see Yusu typing away on his computer. I went back to my book, the book was on how they discover the many body's of young girls in Elizabeth Bathory's castle. I continued to read. Learning more and more. They counted the number of dead, which was a lot. More than 650 young girls were killed. I began to think about the case. I began to think. "Maybe taking this case was not a good idea. It just sounds like the Bloody Labyrinth." I thought. I continued to think.

John's P. O. V:

I sat next to Masako. She didn't say much. I began reading one of Mary Higgins Clark book. My favorite Daddy's Little Girl. I looked up to catch Masako staring. She was looking at the book with interested. Then she saw me looking she turn her head quickly. "Do you want me to lend you a book?" I asked her. "What's the book you're reading?" She ask. She brought her sleeve of her kimono up, covering her mouth. "This is one of my favorite Mary Higgins Clark books, Daddy's Little Girl. It is a mystery and thriller story and suspense." I said. She nodded. sounding interest. "I can lend you one of her books." I said. I bend down and grabbed my backpack. I pulled out my second favorite book.

Masako's P. O. V:

John pulled out a book. He hold it up to me. It read "Let Me Call You Sweet Heart." By Mary Higgins Clark. "This one is really good to." he said. He handed it to me. "Thank you." I said. I open and began reading the book slowly. "Excuse me. Here is you're waters." The young lady said. "Thank you." I said. John said thank you and we went back to reading are books.

Mai's P. O. V:

Then the scene change, now we are inside the massive castle. the whole tire castle is dark, all except for the glowing torches. The young girl walked up a circler staircase. The science change again. We are now standing a greatly lit hallway. The walls covered with a massive portraits. One was a man and a woman with a little boy on the right side of the man and then there was a little girl standing next to the woman. "This is a family portrait." Gene said. I nodded. "It is time for you to wake up." Gene said, before I could say anything I was startled awake. The air plane ride became really bumpy.

Naru's P. O. V:

Mai woke up with a yelp. I sighed. "Hello passengers, the seat belt sign is on, we are getting some turbulence. So please do not leave your seat. Thank you very much." Then the announcement stopped. Mai sighed. "I had one of those dreams." Mai said. "Tell me about you're dream?" I said. " Well I was standing outside of a castle and it was really dark. They only way I could tell that I was standing in front of a castle it was because of the moon and there were a lot of torches hanging from the wall. Well there is a young woman or a teenager around my and Masako's age. She was standing in front of the wooden door." Mai said.

Masako's P. O. V:

"Then the scene changed and we are now inside of the castle because inside was really dark and there was torches. I saw the young girl again. She was climbing a circler staircase. The scene change again. This time I was in a brightly lit hallway and there is a family portrait. There was a young man and woman in the picture. Also there was two little kids." Mai said. "What happen next?" Naru said. "I saw the young girl in the corner of my eye but I couldn't follow her because I woke up from my dream when we inter the turbulence." she said. "I wonder who were in those portraits?" John said. Mai shrugged her shoulders. "It could possible be the Bathory family portrait." I said. "That can be true." Naru said.

Takigawa's P. O. V:

I woke up when I felt someone shaken me. "Monk wake up." I heard someone say. I open my eyes to look up to see Ayako's face. "Were about to land." Ayako said. I nodded. I rubbed my eyes. I looked out side to see we are coming closer to the ground. I nodded my head. I grabbed hold of Ayako's hand and smile. She smiled back. Then we landed. "Hello passengers welcome to Slovakia, Eastern Europe. When you get inside please go into custom services. Thank you and hope to see you on another flight soon." Then the seatbelt sign was taken off. I stood and grab my back pack.

I'm going to stop here readers! But if anyone wants to appear in the story and do the disclaimer just send in reviews or PM me! Please review! Thank you.


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