The Case of Elizabeth Bathory!

Chapter 9

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Mai's P. O. V:

I walked outside. I found Kirstie's house. I knock on the door. The door swing open and reviled Mrs. Jokio. "Oh hello dear. Do you need anything?" She asked me. "Yes, can I borrow you're kitchen?" I asked. She smiled. "Of course." She said. She let me step inside. The house gave off a cozy feeling. She walked ahead of me. "Here's the kitchen, if you need anything let me know." Mrs. Jokio said. "Thank you." She left the kitchen and turned a right. I poured water into the tea pot. I place the tea pot on the stove. I manage to turn on the stove. I waited. I was in deep thought that the whistle from the tea pot made me jump. I sigh. I place a tea bag of Earl Grey. I place the tea cups on a tray. I walked out of the front door. "Thank you." I called behind me. I headed towards the castle.

Naru's P. O. V:

I stood over the map of the castle. Mai enter the base with a tray of tea. The sent of Earl Grey filled the air. She place a cup in front of me. "Thank you Mai." I said. She smiled and nodded. She sat down in a chair. Masako was laying down and Ayako was watching her. I continued to study the map. "Yo Naru." Takigawa said as he enter the base. With John behind him. "Did you find anything?" I said. "No nothing." Takigawa said. "Well I want you to go to the wall near the tower." I said. "Naru, may I ask why?" John said. "Masako said she smelled a weak scent of blood there." I said.

Ayako's P. O. V:

Masako was sleeping in her bed. She was still pale. I sighed. Mai came in the room. "Hi Ayako. How is Masako?" Mai said. "She is sleeping now, but she still a little bit pale." I said. Mai nodded. She sat down in the chair the opposite to me. "Monk and John didn't find anything yet. Naru sent them to the wall near the tower." Mai said. I nodded. She let out a yawn. "Mai get some sleep you look tired." I said. She nodded. She closed her eye's. Then she was now sleeping. I stiffle a yawn, trying not to fall a sleep. My eye lids began to get heavy. I smack my cheeks, trying to stay awake.

Mai's P. O. V:

I fell a sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I open my eye's. I was now in the spirit plane. Orbs were floating around. I sat up and saw Gene. He had that smile that I sometimes see on Naru. He extended his hand. I took it and he helped me up to my feet. The scene changed. I was now standing in the middle of the castle. I got a chill. There were two figures in cloacks, hiding their faces. They were making a circle with a star. I got a chill. They were doing some sort of ritual. I looked at Gene. He was frowning. Candles were in a perfect circle. They began to chant. The wind began to blow. The chanting got louder and louder. Then standing in the circle was a woman in a fancy gown.

Naru's P. O. V:

I stared at the monitors. Mai was sleeping. Ayako was keeping an eye on them. "Naru, I got the information you wanted." Yasu said. He smiled. I nodded. "The girl that disappeared three months ago was name Helen Scaker, her friends said they went up to the castle at dark to contact any ghost, but in the middle of contacting the ghost, she got up and walked away towards the castle. Then she disappeared in the dark. Her friends chased after her, but they couldn't find her." He said. I nodded. "What else." I said. "Well the girls go to this privite school, from the discription from their uniform. The school's name is Angel Arch School." Yasuhara said. I continue to look over the paper.

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